100 Great Discord Server Names

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100 Great Discord Server Names

Are you thinking of creating a Discord server but can’t come up with a good name?

A name is essential to a Discord Server. It tells people what you’re all about.

If you don’t have good ideas, this article is for you.

We have 100 great Discord server names ready for you.

The names below are diverse and split into gaming, social, and chilling categories.

Read below the list of server names!

100 Great Discord Server Names

100 Great Discord Server Names – The List!

  1. Gaming Area
  2. Chill City
  3. Peaceful Cottage
  4. Dreamy Space
  5. The Basement
  6. Good Friends
  7. Friendship Skies
  8. Ugly Club
  9. Gossip Town
  10. No Drama
  11. Psych Ward
  12. Ghost Town
  13. The Clowns
  14. Slayer’s Abode
  15. Black Widow
  16. Game Changers
  17. An Army
  18. Clash Clan
  19. Astro Men
  20. Night Wolves
  21. Squad Club
  22. The Horsemen
  23. Slumber Party
  24. Happy House
  25. Anime Universe
  26. Safe Space
  27. Cottage Home
  28. Lofi Town
  29. Club Monke
  30. Netflix and Chill
  31. Borne Digital
  32. Aiming High
  33. Gangs Here
  34. Great Leaders
  35. Rise Hosting
  36. Crunchy Group
  37. Pretzel Gang
  38. Nightmare Lovers
  39. Blue Castle
  40. Savage Escapees
  41. Chatterbox
  42. Echo Chamber
  43. Lurkers Den
  44. Butter Host
  45. Four Seasons
  46. Daring Cuties
  47. Last Minute Crafts
  48. Paramore Digital
  49. Lost Appetite
  50. Meme World
  51. Meme Mastery
  52. Infinity Zone
  53. Twilight’s Demise
  54. Dark Dome
  55. The Higgins
  56. Ha Ha Ha
  57. Leather Hats
  58. Hyper Dope
  59. Mystic King
  60. Trust Corps
  61. Just Perfect
  62. Premium Content
  63. Gamer’s Abode
  64. Dragon’s Keep
  65. Deeper and Deeper
  66. The Sleepers
  67. Desi Town
  68. Elevated Individuals
  69. Jurassic Park
  70. Zen Masters
  71. Just Emotes
  72. Lemon’s Lemonade
  73. Fitness Universe
  74. Confessional Paradise
  75. Dating Sim
  76. Hangouts
  77. Mental People
  78. Banana Split
  79. Brains and Brawns
  80. Mary Puppins
  81. Poppies and Puppies
  82. Quasi Dead
  83. Hostile Space
  84. Apex Convex
  85. Quantum Speed
  86. Just Talking
  87. Fashionada
  88. Cookie Monsters
  89. Favorites World
  90. Chatterade
  91. Vibes Heavens
  92. Fictional Town
  93. Wonderland Paradise
  94. Strawberry Patches
  95. Pepe Memes
  96. Billionaires
  97. Obelisk Mythos
  98. Electro Sense
  99. Dank Vibes
  100. Crypto Sims


All the names on this list are free to be used.

If you like any of them, take them and wear them proudly!

Or you could adapt some of these names to make a unique name for your server.

The possibilities are endless. In any case, you can change the server’s name whenever you want to.

So, you’re not committing to anything if you choose one of these server names and decide it’s not for you later.

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