100 Great Instagram Comments in 2022 – Guide to Find Inspiration!

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100 Great Instagram Comments in 2022 – Guide to Find Inspiration!

Were you ever in a situation where you didn’t know what to comment on an Instagram post?

You wanted to sound cool or applaud the other person, but you didn’t find the right words.

Whether it was your friend, a female friend, or a boss, you felt like you wanted to say something important but didn’t know how to.

If that’s you, then this article is for you. You’ll learn 100+ great Instagram comments you can use for any situation.

Whether it’s a guy or a woman, you can use these comments (with the appropriate emojis) to create a strong impression.

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100 Great Instagram Comments in 2022 - Guide to Find Inspiration!

Should You Comment Different Things for Men and Women?

Men and women react differently to certain comments and emojis.

Guys would appreciate the comment “Rock on, bro!” much more than women.

With emojis, there aren’t too many differences, but your attitude is what matters.

Women love emotional responses that are cute and nice. Men may find other types of comments and emojis more appealing.

Below you’ll find 100 examples of great Instagram comments for any situation and post!

  1. You’re a blast
  2. Gimme some love
  3. Out of this world
  4. Keep on hustling
  5. So dreamy!
  6. Rock on bro
  7. Super cool, sweety
  8. Sick outfit bro!
  9. Stunning picture
  10. You’re an angel
  11. This is wonderful
  12. It’s lit!
  13. Looking good!
  14. Hot stuff
  15. That’s a nice shot, man
  16. Hard work always pays off
  17. Keep at it
  18. Amazing brother
  19. Always dripping with enthusiasm
  20. Badass photo
  21. Gorgeous pic
  22. Classy and stylish
  23. I love it so much
  24. Gimme a High 5
  25. Cool style
  26. Shocking and sexy!
  27. You look so cute!
  28. Love your vibe
  29. Keep doing what you’re doing because it’s great!
  30. Looking up to you
  31. Always surprising
  32. Keeping me on my toes
  33. Absolute beauty right here!
  34. There we go
  35. You’re on a roll, brother
  36. You’re a freaking beast
  37. Slaying as always
  38. Giving me the shivers
  39. You’re unreal now
  40. You’re right on point with the outfit
  41. Omg I love your looks
  42. Immaculate pic
  43. I’m obsessing over your outfit
  44. Fresh look!
  45. My role model!
  46. My poor heart
  47. You never fail to impress
  48. Damn, girl, yours is a great body goal
  49. Smoking hot!
  50. Greatest you’ve ever been
  51. Insane looks, bro!
  52. You’re the man
  53. Full-on goofy
  54. So sick
  55. You destroyed it!
  56. This is incredible, really
  57. Let them see your amazing looks, babe!
  58. Everyone be jealous now
  59. My spirit animal
  60. You’re flaming today
  61. Call me impressed
  62. You’re better than ever
  63. Marry be rn!
  64. Are you single? Because I’m available right now
  65. You’re at the top of your game
  66. Today is a great day, and you just made it better
  67. Your style is amazing
  68. Vibes on point!
  69. This is mood
  70. I adore you
  71. Love it so much
  72. This pic brightened my day
  73. Passionate and beautiful!
  74. Straight like that!
  75. Full on goofy
  76. Now that’s what I call a great pic
  77. Have a great weekend!
  78. Keep grinding!
  79. Stunning looks
  80. You are so adorbs!
  81. You’re magical
  82. Put me under a spell with your pic
  83. You’re one handsome young fella
  84. Dream physique!
  85. My heart is melting
  86. You’re killing it now
  87. Prime looks, bro
  88. Nice look!
  89. Lord, have mercy on my heart
  90. Good vibes only!
  91. What’s up with you today? So much awesomeness!
  92. These are hard!
  93. Fiery looks, my man
  94. Dope shot!
  95. Share your secrets with me
  96. What a babe
  97. Beautiful and sexy
  98. My everything!
  99. You’re the goat
  100. Oh hello handsome


Saying the right things at the right moment can be difficult.

Coming up with a killer reply that will amaze the other person is not easy.

Hopefully, you’ve learned some things after going through this article.

Make sure you use the right emojis for the right job!

Sometimes, an emoji is much more useful in conveying your feelings than words.

I don’t think you need to say complex things to make someone happy.

People often feel good after reading a simple comment like “Looking good!”

All the comments above are yours to use if you feel like it!


What is the best Instagram comment for friends?

When commenting on a friend’s post, you want to be encouraging and friendly.
You want them to know you appreciate them.

Some of the things you could say to them include – You look great today / You have the most beautiful smile, / You are one of the strongest people I know.

You could also say, ” Your outlook on life is great / I like how you are / You make me want to be a better person.

It’s enough to let them know you’re there for them and happy for their success.

Do comments boost Instagram posts?

When you comment on a post, it’ll remain on that post forever.

Unless the poster decides to delete your comment.

If you like the post, it’ll similarly boost its popularity.

You’ll gain many followers by simply liking and commenting on other posts.

The more people like and comment on your posts without using hashtags even, the more engagement you’ll have.

You’ll have great engagement if you create good content and promote it properly.

Should I comment back on Instagram?

Replying to comments on your Instagram posts isn’t just about being polite.

You’re putting yourself out there by interacting with your followers or random people.

People get to know who you are, what you believe in, what products you’re promoting, and what you’re all about.

You’re increasing engagement and boosting yourself by simply replying to comments on your posts.

You don’t even need to send complex replies. A simple “Thank you so much for the compliment” is often enough to make a good impression.

In other words, replying to comments incentivizes people to interact with you more.

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