How to Fix “Your Account is Temporarily Locked” on Facebook?

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How to Fix “Your Account is Temporarily Locked” on Facebook?

Are you having problems with Facebook’s “Your Account is Temporarily Locked” error?

This happens because Facebook detected suspicious activity on your account.

More on that later.

Many users are getting this error by mistake, though. This article will teach you how to bypass this error and unlock your account.

You need to solve this problem if you want your account back.

How to fix “Your Account is Temporarily Locked” on Facebook?

  1. Wait for some time and clear your cache
  2. Complete the “Verify your information” form
  3. Complete the “My account was disabled” form

Please read below to see how you can do it!

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How to Fix “Your Account is Temporarily Locked” on Facebook?

Why Does Facebook Lock My Account?

Security reasons, that’s the official reason.

When you act suspiciously on Facebook, the algorithm might flag your account for bot behavior or hacking.

Some of the reasons that may get your Facebook account locked are:

  • Spam advertising on the platform
  • Sending too many DMs or friend requests in a short time
  • Engaging in activities that violate the community standards or Terms of Service
  • Using a fake name or impersonating someone
  • Joining too many groups in a short time
  • Using Facebook from an unfamiliar device and location
  • Using bots and other automated software
  • Suddenly starting to post much more frequently
  • Requesting a lot of authentication and recovery codes

Facebook might start believing your account was hacked if you’re spam-advertising or suddenly sent friend requests left and right.

Any behavior that’s out of the norm with your normal behavior is considered suspicious.

And Facebook might temporarily lock your account.

How Can You Fix “Your Account is Temporarily Locked” on Facebook?

We’ll start with the simplest solutions and move on to more time-consuming ones.

If the first few solutions don’t work, you’ll need to complete a contact form for Facebook support.

For now, let’s start with:

1. Wait for some time and clear your cache

Sometimes, clearing the cache will fix the issue. Facebook remembers things about your account based on the cache files.

If you delete the cache files, Facebook’s memory might also disappear.

It won’t remember your odd behavior a couple of moments ago.

For Computer

Clearing your cache on a computer browser is done by going to the three-dot menu – More Tools – Clear Browsing Data.

Clear browsing data
Clear browsing data

Then, you’ll be redirected to a new window on your browser.

Clear data
Clear data

Select what you want to delete and click “Clear Data”.

The “Cached images and files” are what you’re looking for. But you can clear all the other data as well.

For Mobile Devices

Clearing your Facebook cache on a mobile device is a lengthier process but simple enough.

Go to your phone’s settings (gear icon) and look for the “Apps” option.

Apps on your mobile device
Apps on your mobile device

You may have to scroll down until you see the “Apps” option.

It should have the same name on most mobile devices.

For you, it may be the “Applications” option. It’s all the same.

Then, tap on “Manage Apps”.

Manage apps
Manage apps

For many users, there’s another step before reaching their app list.

In our case, it’s the “Manage Apps” option. Tap on it to go to your app list.

After you get to your app list, search for Facebook.

Search for Facebook
Search for Facebook

You’ll have a search bar at the top. Type in “Facebook,” and you’ll find the app immediately.

This is faster than scrolling through the list and manually searching for Facebook.

When you find it, tap on it.

This will take you to the app’s settings page.

Clear data
Clear data

Once you get here, scroll to the bottom and look for the “Clear data” option.

That’s how you can clear the cache.

First, tap on “Clear data”. This will open a new pop-up asking you what to delete.

Clear cache
Clear cache

Select “Clear cache” instead of “Clear all data”. You don’t need to delete all associated data with Facebook.

Only the cache holds the memories you want to be deleted.

After you clear the Facebook app cache, wait for a few minutes, and then try logging in to Facebook.

If this doesn’t work, they move on to another solution

2. Complete the “Verify your information” form

A helpful form you can try is the “Verify your information” form.

Generally, it lets Facebook understand that you’re not underage and can use their platform.

But it can also help you with the “Your Account is Temporarily Locked” error.

To find the form, search for “verify your information” on Facebook, and you’ll find the form.

“verify your information” on Facebook
“verify your information” on Facebook

Facebook has various forms for different issues, and this one should help you.

Once you get to the form, you’ll see several fields you can complete.

Once you get to the form, you’ll see several fields you can complete
Once you get to the form, you’ll see several fields you can complete

The “First Name” and “Last Name” fields should be evident. Please enter your first and last name in them.

Below, you’ll need to enter your email address or mobile phone number so Facebook can contact you afterward.

Enter your real date of birth and a photo of your ID. The information should be clear in the photo!

Scroll down until you get to the “Additional info” field.

Scroll down until you get to the “Additional info” field
Scroll down until you get to the “Additional info” field

In that field, you can describe your current issue.

Tell them something like, “Hey, I can’t access my account because it’s temporarily locked. I haven’t violated community guidelines, and my account hasn’t been hacked. Can you verify my identity so I can recover my account?”

After you’re done, tap on “Send” to send the form to Facebook support.

You’ll need to wait for 1-5 days before receiving a reply from Facebook.

3. Complete the “My account was disabled” form

You can try another form if the first one doesn’t help you.

Sending more forms to Facebook is no harm. It only speeds things up, if anything.

The form you’re looking for is the “My account was disabled” form. You can find it on Google if you search for “my account was disabled Facebook”.

“my account was disabled Facebook”.
“my account was disabled, Facebook”.

Tap on the first link to find the form.

my account was disabled Facebook”.
“my account was disabled, Facebook”.

Once you get to the form, complete it with your information.

In the email address/phone number field, enter one of your contact methods: your email or phone number.

It’s better if the email you enter is also associated with your Facebook account.

It’ll make the account recovery process easier since you’ll also prove you’re the account owner.

Enter your full name in the appropriate field and then upload your ID photo.

This helps Facebook acknowledge that the account is yours.

Please ensure the ID photo is clear and the information on it is legible.

Then, tap on “Send” to send the form to Facebook.

That’s it!


Temporary bans are very common on Facebook. Usually, Facebook temporarily locks accounts that have been found suspicious.

But it might not be your fault. The algorithm has made a mistake, and now your account is locked.

Not a problem if you follow this guide! First, you should clear your cache and see if that works.

If it doesn’t, complete the “Verify your information or “My account was disabled” forms.

For faster results, complete them both!


How long is the temporary lock on my Facebook account?

Usually, a temporary lock lasts for 24-48 hours on Facebook.

So, even if you don’t do anything, the lock will disappear.

But if you want your account earlier, you should try the solutions in this guide.

There’s another possibility – if you’ve committed repeated offenses against the community guidelines, the lock on your account may be longer.

You should contact support if your account is locked out and you haven’t received a security code to unlock it.

Sometimes, if you don’t unlock your disabled account, it’ll be permanently disabled.

How can I stop my account from being temporarily locked?

You should verify your identity first. Facebook needs to know you’re not a bot but a real person.

Verify your email and phone number, and send them a photo of your ID if necessary.

You can add personal interests, the college you’ve attended, and other personal information on your Facebook account.

Bots don’t fill out this type of information for obvious reasons. And individuals interested in malicious activities don’t waste their time with it.

You should also use strong passwords that can’t be guessed. If you don’t, your account may be hacked.

Lastly, you should understand that newly-made accounts are generally less trustworthy for the Facebook algorithm.

The older your account is, the more trustworthy it becomes. Spammers don’t have a long lifespan on the platform.

If your account is old, chances are you’re not a spammer.

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