How to Appear Offline on Instagram?

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How to Appear Offline on Instagram?

To appear offline on Instagram, you’ll have to disable your Activity Status so your friends can’t see it. Here’s how to do that, in case you were wondering:

  1. Open Instagram on your phone
  2. Tap on your profile picture
  3. Select the Hamburger icon in the top right corner
  4. Go to “Settings
  5. Select “Privacy
  6. Go to “Activity Status
  7. Disable the “Show Activity Status” option

This will let you become invisible on Instagram, so if you wanted some peace and quiet, you’ll have loads of it now.

Are you confused about any of the steps above? Read below, as I’ve prepared a thorough guide with screenshots to help you out!

1. Tap on your profile picture

Begin by opening the Instagram app on your phone and then go to your profile page (tap the profile picture in the bottom-right corner).

Consult the screenshot above if you can’t find it!

2. Select the Hamburger icon

Select the Hamburger icon

After opening your profile page, find the Hamburger icon (three horizontal lines) located in the top-right corner and give it a tap.

This will open a menu at the bottom of the page, so keep reading to see what to do next!

3. Select “Settings

Select "Settings"

The menu that opens at the bottom of the page contains several options like “Archive“, “Saved“, “Close Friends“, “Settings“, and so on.

Tap the “Settings” option on this list to go to the app settings. That’s where you’ll find your Activity Status, among other nifty settings.

4. Select “Privacy

Select "Privacy"

As you might’ve guessed it, the “Settings” option will take you to the Instagram settings. This is where you can control your Activity Status – select the “Privacy” option to do that.

5. Tap on “Activity Status

Tap on "Activity Status"

Once you get to the “Privacy” tab, you’ll see a long list of options like “Private account“, “Story“, “Comments“, “Live“, and so on.

What you need is the “Activity Status” option, which you’ll find under the “Interactions” tab. See the screenshot above for additional help locating it!

6. Disable the “Show Activity Status” option

Disable the "Show Activity Status" option

On this page, you’ll only have one option – “Show Activity Status“. Make sure this option is disabled (the marker is greyed out, not blue).

Doing this will prevent your followers and people you message from seeing when you were last online, effectively making you invisible on Instagram.

That’s it, really…


To summarize, you’ll have to disable your Activity Status if you want to appear offline on Instagram. And to do that, you need to:

  • Open Instagram on your phone
  • Tap on your profile picture
  • Select the Hamburger icon in the top right corner
  • Go to “Settings
  • Select “Privacy
  • Go to “Activity Status
  • Disable the “Show Activity Status” option

I hope this article has been helpful but if you run into any troubles with this guide, let me know in the comments below, and I’ll try to troubleshoot your issue!

Can I send messages while offline on Instagram?

Yep, you can. Disabling the “Show activity status” option on Instagram doesn’t stop you from sending messages.

In fact, with the “Activity Status” disabled, you can do everything you could do with it enabled (send messages, upload stories, share stories, etc).

Interestingly, the person you’re talking to won’t know that you’re online, even if you’re sending them messages. Your Activity Status is disabled, remember?

In other words, the “online status” doesn’t appear when you send messages on Instagram.

It will only appear when you enable the “Show Activity Status” option (see guide above).

Can I see other people’s statuses on Instagram when I am offline?

No, you can’t. That’s the downside of disabling your Activity Status. While others can’t see when you’re online, you won’t be able to see when your friends are online either.

That’s Instagram for you…

The only way to start seeing other people’s active statuses is to reenable your “Show activity status” option.

Until then, no matter what you do, you won’t be able to see it. You can try:

– Texting someone
– Sending them a photo or video
– Posting something on Instagram
– Uploading a story
– Sharing a story

None of these things will make you see other people’s active statuses.

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