Are Discord Calls Recorded?

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Are Discord Calls Recorded?

Are you afraid that Discord is secretly recording your calls on the app? That’s highly unlikely, but technically, you never know.

Think of it this way – if this were ever found out, Discord would be in a world of trouble, legally speaking. Why would they risk it?

But don’t think that no one can just because Discord doesn’t record calls. The other party can record the call using a third-party tool or bots.

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Discord Has No Recording Feature Yet

For the record, Discord has no recording feature implemented yet, so no one can record a call using Discord. However, they can use other tools like Craig Bot or vMaker.

Discord hasn’t shown any intention of implementing a recording feature, either. Even though many users have asked for one (with privacy safeguards in effect), they haven’t added it.

Likely, they won’t add it because of the privacy implications. They don’t want all that headache, so they’d rather not implement the feature.

Plus, it’s illegal to record calls without the other party’s consent in many parts of the world. Discord doesn’t see this feature as important enough to devise privacy safeguards and implement them.

One Discord employee once said on Reddit that “We do not monitor voice or video chat. I am unaware if it’s physically possible to or not, but there is literally no reason we would ever do so.

And this is technically right. Why would they record all the Discord calls and sift through endless hours of useless talk about gaming and other unimportant things?

How Can Others Record Discord Calls?

There are several ways you can record a Discord call, and they either involve bots or third-party applications that you install.

Some of these tools are:

  • Craig Bot – this is a bot that you can install on the server, and it’ll record the voice channels, leaving voice files behind
  • FonePaw screen recorder
  • Audacity
  • OBS

These tools are not illegal, but how you use them may be. In some countries, it’s illegal to record calls without the consent of the other parties.

None of these tools will ask for your consent and will record the call without your knowledge, so I advise against using them.

However, these tools can also be used for fun, like recording a friendly gaming session and reviewing your reactions.


In short, Discord does not record your calls, most likely. It’s as private as possible because it has no reason to record calls.

However, users can record Discord calls using Craig Bot or other tools such as Audacity, OBS, or FonePaw screen recorder.

They may be immoral and used illegally, and it’s good to know they exist. As always, remember that nothing on the internet is 100% private.

If you have questions about this topic or anything Discord-related, leave a comment below, and I’ll try to help!

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