10 Best Discord Servers to Join

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10 Best Discord Servers to Join

Discord’s server community is one of the most expansive you’ll ever come across. If something exists, then there’s probably a Discord server for it.

Music, gaming, anime, movies, crypto, anything you can think of – there’s a server for it.

And in this article, I’ll talk about the 10 most popular Discord servers you can join right now. They’re public and maybe they’re up your alley.

I invite you to take a look through my list below and who knows, perhaps you’ll find one you like!

10 Best Discord Servers to Join

1. Dank Daily

Dank Daily Discord
Dank Daily Discord

Dank Daily is a fun place to be in. This place holds all the great memes you want to see. And some of those you don’t want to see, too.

There are discussions about gaming, and overall, it’s a vibrant community with friendly people.

2. Wolves of Alt Street

Wolves of Alt Street Discord
Wolves of Alt Street Discord

This is an open platform about cryptocurrency, including altcoins. Especially altcoins, judging by the name of the group.

Here, you’ll find many undiscovered gems that few people know about (some are good, some are bad).

There are many investment opportunities to be had if you’re paying attention, and all in all, the people here are a tight-knit community that offers good advice.

3. Study Together!

Study Together! Discord
Study Together! Discord

This is a great group for studying together with other students.

If you’re dealing with a lack of focus or motivation, this is the server for you!

You’ll make great friendships if you stick long enough, too. You can post session goals, join a study called, and study with other people.

It’s an excellent server for those looking for motivation to study.

4. Lofi Girl

Lofi Girl Discord
Lofi Girl Discord

Lofi Girl is a radio Discord server that offers users great music for study, relaxation, and chilling.

The lo-fi hip-hop community is at its strongest here, so if you’re part of it, you’ll feel at home.

You can talk to people, listen to good music, make new friends, and have fun overall.

At the moment, Lofi Girl is at the top of all Discord servers!

5. PlayRoom

PlayRoom Discord
PlayRoom Discord

PlayRoom is the biggest dating server on Discord.

Here, you’ll meet men and women looking for a date, one-night stands, or a lifelong partner. You never know (until you do)!

People post selfies and profiles; you can flirt with anyone, send DMs to each other, and so on. Let’s just say that this is an adult-only server.

You also don’t need to verify yourself to chat, which makes this quite unusual and, at times, weird.

6. Anime Soul Discord

Anime Soul Discord
Anime Soul Discord

Anime Soul Discord is right up your alley for those passionate about anime.

Various social groups here talk about different anime like Attack on Titan, One Piece, Fate, etc.

There are also voice channels if you want to get up close and personal.

The channel has over 600,000 members and is one of the largest Discord servers ever.

7. Sinful18+

Sinful18+ Discord
Sinful18+ Discord

As you might have guessed, Sinful18+ is an adult Discord server.

It’s the largest adult server on Discord, with over 200,000 members.

It requires you to verify yourself with several pics or a video.

If you don’t want to verify yourself, you’ll only have access to the safe-for-work areas.

You can chat with people, send selfies, go into chatrooms, and more. It’s also NSFW if you verify your identity, so watch out for that 😀

8. CryptoCurrency

CryptoCurrency Discord
CryptoCurrency Discord

If you know about the super-popular CryptoCurrency subreddit, this is its Discord channel.

The only official one!

Here, you can monitor crypto prices, chat with other traders, and find opportunities with them.

You’ll get great advice from some people and learn from others’ mistakes. Suffice to say that this server never sits still!

9. The Car Community

The Car Community Discord
The Car Community Discord

People are always talking about cars here. Whether you want to get a new car, verify your car, or look for solutions to car problems, this is the place to find them.

People are very friendly here and will help whenever possible.

There are plenty of car enthusiasts, even gamers among them.

10. ChillZone

ChillZone Discord
ChillZone Discord

ChillZone discussions are diverse and very fun to participate in. This is an eclectic community of people from all walks of life.

Various topics like sports, gaming, movies, music, food, and more are debated.

The server has over 290,000 members, and it’s still growing by the day.

There’s no commitment, just a safe space to talk!

To summarize, I think you may have found a few servers you like among this list. Leave a comment below if you have any experience with any of them!

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