What Does BHM Mean on YouTube?

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What Does BHM Mean on YouTube?

Did you notice that YouTube changed its logo in 2021? It was temporary, only during February, and then the logo changed back to the classic YouTube.

If you don’t know what “BHM” means, it means “Black History Month”. YouTube was celebrating Black History Month in February last year.

They hadn’t announced this beforehand, so users were scared and confused about the logo change.

Some even thought YouTube might have been hacked, or their own devices had been hacked, and they’d ended up on a weird copy of YouTube.

Keep reading to find out more about BHM on YouTube!

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What Does BHM Mean on YouTube?

Why Did YouTube Change its Logo?

Back in February 2021, YouTube decided to celebrate Black History Month, so it changed its logo to “BHM.”

However, they didn’t announce that they’d be doing this. So, many users were both scared and confused because they didn’t know what was going on.

Many Reddit users were asking if YouTube had been hacked or if they thought that their devices had been hacked.

They had every right to believe this since YouTube hadn’t announced they’d celebrate Black History Month by changing their logo to BHM for an entire month.

YouTube wanted to celebrate Black History Month to support the many black creators on YouTube who create great content.

Plus, they wanted to celebrate all black people from everywhere!

Who Came Up With the Black History Month?

Since 1976, American presidents have designated February as Black History Month, and the tradition continues until now.

As for who created the BHM logo, it was the Brazilian artist Leandro Assis. He’s well-known in the community for creating banners, logos, and content for events tied to the black culture and the LGTBQ+ rights.

At one point, YouTube released a video with Leandro Assis showcasing the BHM logo and discussing various traditions tied to black people.

The video was entitled “Celebrating Black History Month,” It can still be found on YouTube if you’re looking for it.


To summarize, “BHM” stands for “Black History Month” on YouTube. The company replaced its usual logo with the BHM logo in February of 2021.

This change lasted for the entire month, and it wasn’t announced for anything.

Many users thought they’d accessed a hacked version of YouTube, or something had happened to YouTube, and they were confused.

It was just a celebration that YouTube wanted to partake in, though!

If you have any questions, post a comment below, and I’ll try to help you as much as possible.

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