How Can I Cancel an OnlyFans Subscription?

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How Can I Cancel an OnlyFans Subscription?

Did you make a subscription on OnlyFans that you’re not satisfied with, and you want to cancel it? Not a problem!

Do these to cancel an OnlyFand subscription:

  1. Open OnlyFans on your computer/mobile device
  2. Find the account of the creator you’ve subscribed to
  3. Click on the “Subscribed” button
  4. Disable auto-billing
  5. Select “Yes

And you’re done. Five steps are all it takes to cancel an OnlyFans subscription. If you’re not sure you can follow these steps, read below!

1. Use the search bar to find the content creator

Use the search bar to find the content creator
Use the search bar to find the content creator

Open OnlyFans on your browser and find the content creator you want to unsubscribe from. I recommend using the search bar in the top-right corner to find them.

Once you find them, click on their names to open their profiles.

2. Select the “Subscribed” button

Select the "Subscribed" button
Select the “Subscribed” button

Once you find the content creator, look for the “Subscribed – Free” button on their profile. That button will tell you that you’re subscribed to them.

Click on it and turn off the Auto-Renew switch when you find it.

3. Disable auto-billing

Disable auto-billing
Disable auto-billing

Once you turn off the “Auto-Renew” option, you’ll get a notification where OnlyFans asks you if you wish to disable the auto-billing feature.

You have two options – disable the auto-bill for a current subscription OR disable the auto-billing and unfollow that creator.

You’ll no longer see that creator’s posts on your feed if you choose the second option. Select whichever option you like and click on “Yes” to save your changes.

The subscription will not renew itself once it reaches completion. You’re done!


In short, if you want to cancel your OnlyFans subscription, follow these steps:

  • Open OnlyFans on your computer/mobile device
  • Find the account of the creator you’ve subscribed to
  • Click on the “Subscribed” button
  • Disable auto-billing
  • Select “Yes

Remember, you won’t get a refund even if you cancel your OnlyFans subscription a few hours after you buy it. OnlyFans has a no-refund policy in effect!

If you have questions or uncertainties about OnlyFans and its subscriptions, feel free to comment below. I’ll reply as soon as possible!

Will OnlyFans automatically renew my subscription?

Yes, that’s right. OnlyFans will automatically renew your subscription by default. You must turn it off manually if you don’t want automatic renewal.

I’ve described how to do that in the guide above so I won’t get into it. However, one thing is clear – you should pay attention to cancel the automatic renewal before a subscription ends.

If you forget, your subscription will be renewed, and there’s nothing you can do. You can’t ask for a refund because you won’t get one.

You can ask for a refund from the content creator, and they may give you your money back.

But if they don’t, there’s nothing you can do.

Will my OnlyFans subscriptions disappear if I delete my account?

Yes, they will. All your OnlyFans subscriptions will be canceled automatically if you delete your account.

Moreover, this is a permanent process, and you’ll lose access to your account forever. You can’t get it back.

Your subscriptions will be gone, and you won’t get your money back either. Be very careful when you delete your OnlyFans account!

I recommend letting all your subscriptions expire before you delete the OnlyFans account because otherwise, you’ll have wasted good money.

At least use those subscriptions until they expire, or don’t make them in the first place if you know you’re going to delete your OnlyFans account!

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