What Does “Join” Mean on YouTube?

Did you notice a “Join” button on YouTube besides the “Subscribe” button? If you did, then you may not know what it’s about. What does it do? Moreover, not all channels have this “Join” button. … Read more

How to Premiere a Video on YouTube

Premiering a video on YouTube lets you interact with your viewers in real-time. After posting a few videos and building up your subscriber count, it’s a step up. Any YouTube creator should premiere a video … Read more

How to See Dislikes on YouTube Again

In November 2021, YouTube announced that the platform would remove the Dislike counter. You can still dislike videos, but you won’t see the number of dislikes on a video. This was supposed to be a … Read more

How to See Your YouTube Comment History

The YouTube comment history helps you keep track of all your arguments, debates, and conflicts on the platform. But to make use of this great benefit, you first have to find the feature. Do these … Read more

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