What Does ft. Mean on YouTube?

Are you wondering what “ft.” means on YouTube? You’re not the only one. This abbreviation is widely used in many music videos, especially. You may have seen the “feat.” abbreviation too. They’re the same thing. … Read more

How To Find Your YouTube Stream Key?

Do you want to live stream on YouTube through Open Broadcasting Stream (OBS)? You’ll need to provide your YouTube stream key to do it. If you don’t know where it is, this guide will help … Read more

How to Change Your YouTube Channel Banner?

Depending on your YouTube channel’s look, you can change its video watermark, profile picture, or banner. These things influence your branding and the way you appear to your viewers. If you want to change your … Read more

How to Change Your Channel Name on YouTube?

You can change your YouTube channel’s name at any time. Even your profile picture can be changed whenever you want to. But before you do that, notify your subscribers that you’re changing your name. They’ll … Read more

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