How to Change Your Voice on TikTok?

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How to Change Your Voice on TikTok?

TikTok wouldn’t be as fun as it is without filters to edit the videos we post on the platform.

Everyone knows about visual filters like zombifying your face or putting a halo on your head.

But did you know there are audio filters too? You can change your voice on TikTok with various filters.

How to change your voice on TikTok?

To change your voice on TikTok, do this:

  1. Record a video on TikTok
  2. Select the “Voice effects” option
  3. Choose a voice effect
  4. Post the video

Below, you’ll find a step-by-step guide on changing your voice on TikTok, so keep reading!

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How to Change Your Voice on TikTok?

How Do I Change My Voice on TikTok?

Adding an audio filter over your voice on TikTok is as simple as tapping a few buttons.

First, you need to record a video and make sure you talk/sing in the video.

After you’re done recording the video, stop the recording. Then, select the “Voice effects” option from the camera menu.

Inside the “Voice effects” menu, you’ll find all the audio filters you need.

Select one and then post the video. Your voice will be changed according to the voice effect you chose.

Follow the steps below to record a video and change your voice on TikTok:

1. Tap on “Post

Tap on “Post”
Tap on “Post”

To record a video on TikTok, you’ll need to open the Camera Feature.

To do this, select the “Post” option at the bottom of the screen.

The Plus icon is what you’re looking for. Tap on it to go to the Camera Feature.

2. Tap on “Camera

Tap on “Camera”
Tap on “Camera”

After you tap on “Post,” you’ll be taken to the Camera Feature.

This is where you’ll record your video and add voice filters to it.

To start recording, tap on the big red button with the ”Camera” name under it.

Make sure you select the “15s” option above the red button.

For these kinds of voice-altered videos, a 15-second-long video is recommended.

Remember that you won’t be changing your voice during the recording.

That comes later.

For now, tap on the “Camera” button to start recording.

3. Select the checkmark icon to finish the recording

Select the checkmark icon to finish the recording
Select the checkmark icon to complete the recording

After you start recording, you’ll see a timer above the Stop button. 

When you’re satisfied with the length of your video (15 seconds or less), tap on the checkmark icon in the bottom-right corner.

It’s the button next to the Stop option.

After you tap on it, the video will stop recording, and you’ll see multiple menus pop out.

4. Select “Voice effects

Select “Voice effects”
Select “Voice effects”

After the video stops, multiple options appear to the right.

Some of these options include “Text,” “Stickers,” “Effects,” “Filters,” and more.

To change your voice on the TikTok video, look for the “Voice effects” option.

It should be the last option in the right-hand side menu.

It’s just below the “Privacy Settings” option.

Tap on it to open a new menu with voice filters to choose from.

5. Choose a voice filter

Choose a voice filter
Choose a voice filter

After selecting “Voice effects,” a menu will open with the voice effects.

In our case, we haven’t used any voice effects before, so we needed to download them first.

The download happens in the background and takes half a second.

If you want to use a specific voice effect, tap on it.

For instance, you can select ”Robot.” This will download the ”Robot” effect and apply it to your voice on the TikTok video you recorded.

6. Tap on “Next

Tap on “Next”
Tap on “Next”

After you choose the desired voice effect, return to the editing screen.

If you have nothing else to edit at this step, tap “Next” to proceed.

If you want to post the video now, you have one more thing to do.

7. Add a description and post the video

Add a description and post the video
Add a description and post the video.

After you tap on “Next,” you’ll be taken to the ”Post” screen.

This is where you can add a description for the video, tag people, and customize the visibility options.

When you’re done preparing the video, tap on “Post” at the bottom of the page to post the video on TikTok.

That’s it! You’ve just learned how to change your voice on TikTok and post the video.


Voice-changing effects are trendy on TikTok, especially with the younger audience.

A whole range of voice effects changes how your voice sounds.

The result could be funny, bizarre, or straight-up epic. If you want to change your voice on TikTok, follow the guide above.

Record a video, go to “Voice effects,” select a voice effect, and post the video.

Now you know how to change your voice on TikTok!

What voice are effects available on TikTok?

There are twelve voice effects available on TikTok: Chipmunk – Increases the pitch of your voice, making it sound like Alvin.

Baritone – Take the Chipmunk and reverse it. The Baritone is deep and manly.

Mic – Creates the audio illusion of using a microphone. There’s a bit of an echo to this effect.

Megaphone – It sounds like your voice is coming from far away, through a megaphone.

Robot – This effect dehumanizes your voice to sound like a robot

Battery Drain – This voice effect adds some robotic inflections to your voice and randomly pitches down your voice as if your battery is running on empty

Shake – This is the old “vibrato” voice effect that oscillates your voice and changes your pitch randomly

Electronic – Also known as the “autotune” effect, this effect adds random electronic sounds to your voice.

Echo – Adds an echo to your voice.

Synth – Adds a synthesizer-like audio feature to your voice and some synth chords in the background.

Elf – Previously known as “Helium,” this effect increases the pitch of your voice, similar to Chipmunk.

Giant – Deepens your voice and slows it down to mimic the voice of a giant speaking.
Choose whichever you want and apply it to your recorded video before posting it on TikTok.
The results will be impressive!

Why can’t I use voice effects on TikTok?

You can’t use voice effects on TikTok because voice effects aren’t available for pre-recorded videos from your Camera Roll.

You can only add voice effects to videos you record within TikTok itself.

If you try to edit a video from your Camera Roll, the “Voice Effects” option will be hidden.

There is a way to change your voice on a pre-recorded video, but you need third-party apps.

However, TikTok may not like that and may stop you from posting the video.

If you succeed, congrats; you have a great video to show your friends!

Does deleting TikTok delete my video drafts?

Deleting TikTok or clearing the cache won’t delete your video drafts.

Those drafts are saved on the TikTok servers and not locally.
The cache files are also not related to your video drafts.

So, even uninstalling or clearing the cache won’t delete your video drafts.

When you install TikTok and log back into your account, you’ll find all your drafts intact.

Even if you delete all data associated with TikTok, your drafts will still be intact.

Nothing you do locally on your phone can affect your drafts other than deleting them yourself.

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