How to Change Your YouTube Channel Banner?

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How to Change Your YouTube Channel Banner?

Depending on your YouTube channel’s look, you can change its video watermark, profile picture, or banner.

These things influence your branding and the way you appear to your viewers.

If you want to change your YouTube banner, this guide will teach you how.

You can’t do it on the mobile app because it doesn’t support that currently.

But you can use a browser or a desktop computer to change the YouTube banner.

Either option works, and we’ll present both methods in this guide.

How to change your YouTube channel banner:

  1. Open YouTube, click on your profile picture in the top-right corner, and select “YouTube Studio”
  2. Click on Customization
  3. Click on Branding
  4. Click on Upload under Banner image

Stick around for more information on changing your YouTube channel art!

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How to Change Your YouTube Channel Banner

What Are the Quality Requirements for the Channel Banner Art?

These YouTube banner size requirements are mandatory and used for quality standards, so you should try and meet them:

  • Minimum dimension – 2048 x 1152 pixels banner size with a 16:9 aspect ratio
  • File size six MB at most
  • For a 2048 x 1152 dimension, use 1235 x 338 pixels for text and logos.

If you keep to these guidelines, YouTube will have no reason not to accept your changes.

Moreover, your YouTube banner art will better reflect your branding using these specifications.

How to Change Your YouTube Channel Banner on Computer?

A desktop computer is the easiest way to change your YouTube channel banner art.

Follow the steps below!

  • Open YouTube, click on your profile picture in the top-right corner, and select “YouTube Studio.”
Image of a YouTube channel admin page where the user can access the YouTube Studio menu
YouTube Studio menu

Don’t go to “Your Channel.” You can’t change the YouTube banner art from there.

The third option, under “Purchases and memberships,” is the one you need.

  • Click on Customization

Once you land in your YouTube Studio dashboard, look on the left-hand side menu panel.

Click on Customization, which is just below Monetization and above Audio Library.

There, you’ll be able to change your YouTube banner art.

YouTube account customization menu
YouTube account customization menu
  • Click on Branding

Once you get to the Customization settings, you’ll see three menus under “Channel Customization.”

They are “Layout,” “Branding,” and “Basic Info.”

Click on Branding to change your channel banner.

YouTube Channel Customization Options
YouTube Channel customization options
  • Click on Upload under Banner image.

When you click on Branding, you’ll see three things you can change – Profile picture, Banner image, and video watermark.

Under the “Banner image” menu, click on “Upload.”

Upload your new YouTube channel banner image
Upload your new YouTube channel banner image

You can click “Learn more” to see more information about the requirements for your banner image.

When you click on Upload, you’ll need to select an image on your computer to upload as a YouTube banner image.

Once you upload the picture, click on “Publish” in the top-right corner to save your changes.

How to Change Your YouTube Channel Banner Art on Mobile?

You can’t use the YouTube mobile app to change your YouTube channel art.

The functionality hasn’t been introduced yet.

Instead, it would help if you used a browser to do it.

The steps are the same as above.

YouTube Studio – Customization – Branding – Upload.

Once you upload an image, don’t forget to save your changes!


Changing your YouTube channel banner image is essential to good branding.

The YouTube banner image is among the first things your viewer sees when going to your channel.

It needs to be captivating and relevant to your branding.

You can include a tagline that lets your subscribers know you or your content better.

Go to YouTube Studio – Customization – Branding – Upload to change the banner image.

It’s simple and easy!


What is a banner image on YouTube?

The banner image is the large one you can see above your profile picture on your channel.

It’s the background image at the very top.

Most YouTubers use the banner image better to describe their branding and overall identity to their viewers.

Look at any YouTuber out there and see their banner images.

In one way or another, the banner images are relevant to their branding.

Where do I get banner art on YouTube?

You may know how to upload YouTube channel art, but where can you get it from?

You can’t just upload a picture of yourself and call it a day.

There are special programs that can help you create your banner image.

Some specialized graphic experts can help you.

Tell them more about your content and what you want the banner image to look like.

They’ll construct a stylized concept of your banner image for a small fee.

Many YouTubers do this to improve their YouTube channel’s popularity quickly.

How do you make a YouTube channel banner for free?

Use Canva to make a YouTube channel banner.

The app is entirely free and contains plenty of templates to work with.

Open the app, look for templates, tweak around with the features, and further customize your banner.

Once you create a fitting design, upload it to YouTube and publish the results!

If you want a more personalized banner, you can hire someone to do it for you.

There are plenty of freelancers working on graphic improvements and image editing.

They can create the perfect banner image that encapsulates your branding like none other.

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