How to Change Your Channel Name on YouTube?

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How to Change Your Channel Name on YouTube?

You can change your YouTube channel’s name at any time.

Even your profile picture can be changed whenever you want to.

But before you do that, notify your subscribers that you’re changing your name.

They’ll want to know that.

This guide will teach you how to change your channel’s name on YouTube, both on a computer and on Android.

How to change your channel name on YouTube:

  1. Go to YouTube on your computer
  2. Click on your profile to open up the options
  3. Go to YouTube Studio from the list
  4. Go to Customization to change your channel name
  5. Click on Basic Info
  6. Look for your YouTube channel name
  7. Click on the pen symbol to edit your YouTube channel name
  8. Edit your name
  9. Click on Publish to commit to the changes

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How to Change Your Channel Name on YouTube

How To Change your YouTube Channel’s Name on A Computer?

First, go to YouTube on your computer.

If you’re logged in, you’ll see your profile picture in the top-right corner.

Image showing user icon on a YouTube channel
How to change the YouTube channel name

Click on it to open up the options.

YouTube channel options page
YouTube channel options

Go to YouTube Studio from the list.

Once you’re in the studio, look to your left. There’s a panel of options there.

YouTube Studio settings
YouTube Studio settings

It would help if you went to Customization to change your channel name.

Once you click on Customization, you’ll see the main screen change.

The YouTube Channel Customization window has a panel of options at the top.

YouTube channel customization page
YouTube channel customization

Click on Basic Info.

You can fiddle with the other options if you need to change something else.

But for now, we’ll stick to changing your channel name.

Once you’re there, look for your YouTube channel name.

Changing your YouTube channel name in the channel customization menu
Changing your YouTube channel name in the channel customization menu

To the right side, you’ll see a pen symbol.

Click on it to edit your YouTube channel name.

Once you type in your desired name, look to the top right side of the screen.

Publish your new YouTube channel name
Publish your new YouTube channel name

There are three options – View Channel, Cancel, and Publish.

You need to click on Publish to commit to the changes.

Your channel on YouTube now has a different name. Your subscribers aren’t notified of this, so you should post a heads-up beforehand.

How to Change Your YouTube Channel’s Name on An Android?

The process is somewhat similar to that of a computer.

First, go to the YouTube app.

Then, look in the top-right corner. Your profile picture should be there.

Changing YouTube channel name on Android
Changing YouTube channel name on Android

Tap on it to go to options.

"Your Channel" menu on YouTube Android app
“Your Channel” menu on the YouTube Android app

You’ll see several options like Add Account, Turn on Incognito, YouTube Studio, etc.

You’ll want to go to Your YouTube Channel.

Then, you’ll land on your channel’s page.

Edit your channel name on the YouTube Android app
Edit your channel name on the YouTube Android app

You should see a pen icon below your profile name and to the right of “Manage Videos.”

Tap on it to customize your YouTube channel.

Customize your channel on YouTube Android
Customize your channel on YouTube Android

You’ll be taken to Channel settings and customization in your YouTube account.

Look for another pen icon to the right of your channel name.

Tap on it to edit your channel name.

Add a new name for your YouTube channel on Android
Add a new name for your YouTube channel on Android

Enter a new name for your Channel and tap on Ok.

Once you tap on Ok, the changes will be made, and your channel will be renamed.

Only your YouTube channel name will be changed. Your Google account will remain intact.

YouTube recently added this functionality to separate your Google account and YouTube account.

It makes it more convenient to change your YouTube channel name.


Changing your name on YouTube is a big decision, especially if you have a large subscriber base.

They’ll be confused if you don’t notify your subscribers before changing your YouTube name.

They may even unsubscribe because they don’t recognize your channel.

Select Profile – Your Channel/YouTube Studio – Edit Name to change your channel name.

Look for your Channel customization settings, and you’ll find the option to change your YouTube name.

After you save your changes, your channel will be named differently.

If you are a YouTube creator, remember that a good name is also helpful for SEO.


How to change YouTube channel URL?

Did you know you can set a custom URL on YouTube once you meet certain requirements?

You can even change your YouTube channel URL three times per year.

The requirements to make this change are:

– Channel has to be at least 30 days old
– At least 100 subscribers
– An uploaded banner image
– An uploaded profile picture

When you select a new URL, YouTube will recommend various options based on several factors, such as:

– Linked website name
– Display name
– YouTube username
– Current vanity URLs

To change your YouTube Channel URL, go to YouTube Studio first.

Select Customization from the left-hand side panel.

Go to Basic Info (just like when changing your channel name).

Below your Name and Description, you’ll see the Channel URL option.

Just below that, you’ll see the “Set a custom URL for your channel” option.

Click on it.

You can select a recommendation based on your account details and add extra numbers or letters to customize it further.

Click on Confirm to commit to the changes!

How do I fix YouTube update?

Many users report having problems with installing or updating YouTube on Android devices.

There are several fixes you can try and see which one works:

– Restart your phone – Restarting your phone may remove the bugs or glitches that are affecting your YouTube updating system
– Switch to Wi-Fi – Many times, Google Play Store only updates apps on Wi-Fi. If you’re on mobile data, switch to Wi-Fi
– Turn on Airplane Mode – A network error may stop YouTube from updating. Turning on Airplane mode disconnects you from those networks. Turn it off again to see if the problem is fixed
– Clear Cache – You should clear the cache of Google Play Services, Google Play Store, and the YouTube app. Any one of those apps could be malfunctioning
– Remove the SD card – For some reason, your SD card might interfere with the YouTube update. Remove it and try to update YouTube again
– Reinstall YouTube – A fresh reinstall of YouTube may fix the update problem
– Update your OS – If your operating system is outdated, YouTube won’t update. – Go to your Software Update settings and see if there’s any new update you haven’t installed
– Uninstall updates for Google Play Store – This will put Google Play Store in its factory settings, removing any bugs or glitches.

This should fix your issue with YouTube updates once and for all.

How to block YouTube channels?

Is there someone trolling and posting random gibberish on your videos?

You can block their channels from commenting on your videos.

They will still see the videos, but they can’t comment anymore.

Even past comments of theirs will be hidden from public view.

To block a YouTube user, click their channel, and select the About section.

Then, just below their Stats, you’ll see a flag symbol on the right-hand side of the screen.

Click on it, and a few options will appear. Among them is the “Block user” option.

Click on that to block the user.

If you’re on a mobile phone, the process is similar. Go to the user’s channel page and look in the top-right corner.

There’s a three-dot icon there. Click on it and select “Block User.”

Now the user can’t comment on your videos anymore.

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