How to Copy Comments on Instagram?

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How to Copy Comments on Instagram?

Did you notice that there’s no direct way of copying comments on Instagram? Even if you hold-tap on one of them, there’s no “Copy” option.

Instead, you have to post the link to that post/comment in a browser, and open Instagram in a browser.

THEN, you’ll be able to copy any comments you like.

Basically, Instagram on mobile doesn’t let you copy comments. For some reason…

Putting aside the fact that there’s no “Copy” function on Instagram for mobile, I recommend you read my guide below. I’ve included screenshots that will help you do this faster!

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How to Copy Comments on Instagram?

1. Copy the link to the Instagram post

Copy the link to the Instagram post
Copy the link to the Instagram post

Alright, begin by navigating to a post where you want to copy a comment. Don’t look at the comment section. Ignore it for now.

Instead, tap the three-dot icon next to the original poster’s name (check the screenshot above).

This will open a menu with several options. Among them, you’ll find the “Copy Link” option – select that and see the next steps:

2. Open a browser and paste the link there

Open a browser and paste the link there
Open a browser and paste the link there

Next, you’re going to want to open an internet browser. Chrome, Firefox, Opera, it doesn’t really matter. This’ll work just the same.

After you open it, go to the URL bar (at the top of the browser), hold-tap on it, and select “Paste” (check the picture above).

Open it, and in the URL bar, hold-tap and select “Paste.”

This will paste the link you copied previously into the browser URL bar, effectively opening Instagram in your browser.

You may need to enter your credentials, so do that and then follow the next steps:

3. Copy the comment

Copy the comment
Copy the comment

After opening the Instagram post on your browser, go to the comments section, hold-tap on any comment, and select “Copy“.

Yeah, it’s that simple. Told you!

Leave a comment below if you’re confused about any of the steps above or if you need help with something else!


Can you copy text from Instagram stories?

No, you can’t do that.

The text in an Instagram story isn’t in text form. It’s only graphics.

You can’t copy and paste it somewhere else. 

Instead, you can write it down and transmit the information like that.

One way to copy the text from an Instagram story is through the posting process.

When you’re posting the story, you can copy the text to your clipboard. After you post it, the text can’t be copied anymore.

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