How to Copy Comments on Instagram?

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How to Copy Comments on Instagram?

Do you want to copy a comment on Instagram on your phone?

You’ll discover that you can’t do that.

Even if you hold-tap to copy the comment, there’s no “Copy” option.

This article will teach you how to copy comments on Instagram on a mobile device.

Read below to find out how to do that!

How Can You Copy Comments on Instagram?

To copy Instagram comments on the mobile app, you must paste the post link in a browser.

Then, open the post in a browser and then copy the comment. Basically, you need to open Instagram in a browser to do it.

Instagram hasn’t released the copy function for the mobile app yet.

This means you need to find a way around this.

Any browser will work to copy the comment, including Chrome and Firefox.

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How to Copy Comments on Instagram?

Follow the steps below to copy comments on Instagram:

1. Copy the link to the Instagram post

Copy the link to the Instagram post
Copy the link to the Instagram post

Ignore the comment section for now. To copy the comment, you first need to copy the link to the post.

Look to the right of the poster’s name for a three-dot icon. Tap on it.

There are several options there, including “Report,” “Not interested,” “Copy Link,” and “Share to.”

Select “Copy Link.”

This will copy the link to the post to your clipboard.

Move on to the next step now.

2. Open a browser and paste the link there

Open a browser and paste the link there
Open a browser and paste the link there

Any browser works – Chrome, Opera, Firefox, you name it.

Open it, and in the URL bar, hold-tap and select “Paste.”

This will paste the post link from Instagram. Then, go to the link.

This will open Instagram on your browser, and you may need to log in to Instagram.

If the browser asks you to use the Instagram app, ignore the notifications.

If you use the app, you won’t be able to copy the comments anymore.

Log in on your browser, so it doesn’t ask you to use the app constantly.

3. Copy the comment

Copy the comment
Copy the comment

Now you’ve opened the same post on Instagram on a browser.

To copy a comment, hold-tap on it, adjust the blue arrows, and then tap on “Copy.”

If you want to copy a specific comment, tap “View all comments” and select the one you want to copy.

Select “Copy” to add the comment to your clipboard. Then, you can paste it to other social media or send a private message to a friend.

If you want to translate the comment, you can go to Google Translate and paste the comment there.


If you need to copy a comment on Instagram, you might notice that you can’t do it on the app.

Instagram hasn’t introduced this feature, although it’s quite simplistic and common with other apps.

You must open that post in a browser to copy an Instagram comment. Please copy the link to the post and paste it into a browser.

This will open Instagram on a browser and let you copy the comment.

Proceed to the comment, hold-tap on it, and then select “Copy.”

This will add the comment to your clipboard, and you’re free to do with it whatever you want!


Can you copy text from Instagram stories?

No, you can’t do that.

The text in an Instagram story isn’t in text form. It’s only graphics.

You can’t copy and paste it somewhere else. 

Instead, you can write it down and transmit the information like that.

One way to copy the text from an Instagram story is through the posting process.

When you’re posting the story, you can copy the text to your clipboard. After you post it, the text can’t be copied anymore.

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