How to Copy Your Twitter Profile Link?

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How to Copy Your Twitter Profile Link?

Do you want to copy your Twitter profile link but don’t know how?

It’s really easy on a computer. Just open Twitter and go to Profile.

Then, look in the URL address bar. It’ll show something like “”

What’s after “” is your username.

But you can’t do the same on your phone through the Twitter app.

You’ll need to access your Twitter profile on an internet browser on your phone.

Or copy the link to one of your tweets by sharing it.

How to copy your Twitter profile link:

  1. Open Twitter on your internet browser
  2. Tap on “Preview page”
  3. Tap on “Log in”
  4. Enter your email address and password
  5. Tap on your Profile Picture
  6. Tap on Profile
  7. Tap on the profile URL at the top
  8. Copy the profile URL

In this article, you’ll learn how to copy your Twitter profile link on a mobile phone!

How to Copy Your Twitter Profile Link

Follow these steps to copy your Twitter profile link:

1. Open Twitter on your internet browser

Google search results page showing "Twitter"
Open Twitter on your internet browser

Search for Twitter on your browser, but don’t tap on it.

Tapping on it will open the Twitter app. That’s not what you want.

You want to long-tap on the Twitter link.

This will open up a sub-menu.

2. Tap on “Preview page”

Image of a Twitter "Preview Page"
Twitter “Preview Page”

To open Twitter in your browser and not in your app, tap on the “Preview page”

This will let you preview the website on the browser.

3. Tap on “Log in.”

Twitter mobile app showing how to login to Twitter
Log in to Twitter

Now, all you need to do is log in to your account.

You can tap on the Fullscreen button in the top-right, near the X button, to make the preview page a large web page.

4. Enter your email address and password

Sign in to Twitter with your Google account
Sign in to Twitter with your Google account

Log into your Twitter account with your credentials.

That would be your email address and password.

After you enter the credentials, tap on Next to log in.

5. Tap on your Profile Picture

Twitter welcome page
Twitter welcome page

Once you log into Twitter, you’ll arrive on the home screen.

It would help if you went to your profile, so tap on your Profile Picture in the top-left corner.

6. Tap on Profile

Image of a Twitter home menu page that shows the user's profile link
Twitter profile link

You can already see your Twitter profile under your profile picture and name on this page.

It starts with an @.

But to copy the profile link, tap on Profile. It’s the first button on the list. Below it is “Topics,” “Bookmarks,” “Moments,” and so on.

7. Tap on the profile URL at the top

Image of a Twitter menu page that shows how to copy the URL of the user's profile
Twitter profile URL

See the Twitter URL at the very top? Tap on it to see your profile link.

8. Copy the profile URL

Image showing how one can copy their Twitter URL on mobile
Copying your Twitter profile URL

Copy the Twitter profile URL by tapping the Copy button next to the Share button.

You can do that if you want to share your Twitter link.

Tap on the Share button, and you’re set!


Finding your Twitter Profile Link on a computer is super easy.

But it’s impossible on a mobile device or your Twitter app.

You need to use a mobile internet browser for that.

Search for Twitter – Preview Page – Log in – Profile – Profile Link – Copy.

That’s about it.


How can I copy my profile link from a Tweet?

Glad you asked!

To copy your profile link from a tweet on Twitter, go to your Profile in the Twitter app.

You can tap your Twitter profile picture in the top-left corner.

Then, choose any tweet on your Twitter profile and tap on the “Share” icon.

Then, it would help if you tapped on “Copy link to tweet.”

You should also delete everything else in the link before your Twitter username.

You only need your Twitter profile link and not the tweet itself.

Why is my Twitter not opening?

There might be a bug with the app.

Sometimes, the servers are down for everybody, and no one can connect to Twitter.

Other times, it’s your device to blame. Try restarting the app and see if that does anything.

Refresh your account data by relogging into the app.

Alternatively, try clearing the Twitter cache files or checking if there’s an update available on Google Play or Play Store.

In 9/10 cases, these solutions should let you access Twitter again in no time.

At other times, regaining access to Twitter may take more than this.

If nothing works, you could try contacting Twitter customer support.

What is Shadowbanned on Twitter?

Shadow bans are secretive bans that some social media platforms impose on some users.

You won’t receive any official notification that you’ve been banned.

But your content won’t appear on sites or other users’ feeds.

A shadowban on Twitter can last 48-72 hours, and the period may be lengthened depending on you.

If you keep up the spammy behavior, Twitter will lengthen the shadowban.

If you’re shadowbanned, you won’t receive as many likes and comments because your content doesn’t appear in many places.

You can check other users’ hashtag Twitter feed for your content. If it’s not there after you posted it, you’re shadowbanned.

Take a break from social media for a few days, and the shadowban should disappear.

Next time you post things, avoid spammy behavior to prevent a shadow ban.

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