How to Fix Dark Mode Not Showing on Facebook?

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How to Fix Dark Mode Not Showing on Facebook?

Is Dark Mode not working on Facebook?

Your Facebook app might be outdated, or there’s a glitch somewhere.

Usually, turning on Dark Mode is a matter of going to Facebook settings and turning on the dark mode option.

However, if it’s not there or not working, this guide is for you.

Even if you update the app and clear the cache on Facebook, Dark Mode might still be non-functional.

How to fix dark mode not showing on Facebook?

  1. Tap on Menu
  2. Tap on “Settings and Privacy” and “Settings”
  3. Select “Dark Mode”
  4. Turn Dark Mode On

Read below to see how you can fix this!

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How to Fix Dark Mode Not Showing on Facebook?

How Can You Activate Dark Mode on Facebook?

Dark Mode is found in the Facebook settings by going to Menu – Settings and Privacy – Settings – Preferences – Dark Mode.

If it’s not there, then something is happening. It could be because of an outdated Facebook app.

Either way, follow the steps below to enable Dark Mode on Facebook:

  • Tap on Menu
Tap on Menu
Tap on Menu

When you open Facebook, you’ll land in the Feed.

Look to the top-right corner, and you’ll see an icon showing three horizontal lines.

That’s the Menu icon. Tap on it to open it.

You’ll need to go here to reach the Settings and Dark Mode.

  • Tap on “Settings and Privacy” and “Settings”
Tap on “Settings and Privacy” and “Settings”
Tap on “Settings and Privacy” and “Settings”

In the Menu, you’ll see several options if you scroll down.

They are “Community Resources”, “Help & Support,” and “Settings & Privacy.”

Tap on Settings & Privacy” to open a few more options.

Select the first one – Settings.”

This will take you to the Facebook settings.

  • Select “Dark Mode”
Select “Dark Mode”
Select “Dark Mode”

You’ll see the “Preferences” menu when you land in the settings.

Under “Preferences”, you’ll find several options like “Notification”, “Shortcuts”, “Media”, and so on.

The last option is Dark Mode.

Tap on it.

  • Turn Dark Mode On
Turn Dark Mode On
Turn Dark Mode On

In the Dark Mode menu, you only have two options – On and Off.

Tap on “On” to turn on the Facebook Dark Mode feature and make everything dark.

That’s it!

Why Doesn’t Dark Mode Appear on Facebook?

One explanation is that your Facebook app is outdated.

You’ll need to update the app manually if you don’t have automatic updates enabled.

Forget about it; some features may stop working, like Dark Mode not appearing or working properly.

To update the Facebook app, go to Google Apps or Play Store, find Facebook, and update it.

Update Facebook app
Update Facebook app

If the app is outdated, instead of the “Open” button, you’ll see an “Update” button.

Tap on it and wait. The app will update automatically.

Next, try activating Facebook Dark Mode from Facebook Settings. If it’s still not there, then the problem lies elsewhere.

Something else you can try is force-closing the Facebook app and reopening it.

To force-close an app, tap on the Overview button on your phone.

To force-close an app, tap on the Overview button on your phone.
To force-close an app, tap on the Overview button on your phone.

The Overview button is on the bottom bar of your phone, next to the Back and Home buttons.

It’ll open an overview of your active apps and windows.

You can force-close any app or window from the Overview menu.

Swipe left, right, or up, depending on your phone type.

Either way, once you force-close an app from Overview, its minimized portrait should disappear from there.

That’s how you know you closed it.

Next – open Facebook again and try to enable Dark Mode again.

This time, it should work.

You can also try clearing the cache for the Facebook app and see if this fixes things.

For all you know, corrupt cache files might be the problem Facebook Dark Mode doesn’t appear.

To clear the Facebook cache files, follow the steps below:

  • Go to your phone’s settings
Go to your phone’s settings
Go to your phone’s settings

The settings icon looks like a cogwheel icon.

Tap on it to go to your Settings.

  • Select “Apps”
Select “Apps”
Select “Apps”

After you get to your settings, find the “Apps” option.

That’s where you’ll find the Facebook app to clear its cache.

You may have to scroll down to find the “Apps” option.

It should be near security, passwords, and other similar options.

  • Select “Manage Apps”
Select “Manage Apps”
Select “Manage Apps”

We’ve used the search bar at the top to search for Facebook.

It’s faster than looking through your app list and trying to find one single app.

Once you find Facebook, tap on it to open its settings.

  • Tap on “Clear Data”
Tap on “Clear Data”

Tap on “Clear Data”

Once you get to the App info” page, scroll down to the bottom.

You’ll see three buttons there – Force Stop, Uninstall, and Clear Data.

Tap on Clear Data.

  • Tap on “Clear Cache”
Tap on “Clear Cache”
Tap on “Clear Cache”

After you tap on “Clear data, ” another menu pops up.

There are two options: “Clear all data” and “Clear cache”.

You need to clear the Facebook app cache, so tap “Clear cache”.

After this is done, you’ll need to relog into Facebook because your password and ID are gone now that you’ve deleted the cache files.

Try turning on Dark Mode again!


The Dark Mode on Facebook mobile might go missing for various reasons.

Your app could be outdated or glitchy, or its cache files could be corrupted.

To turn on Dark Mode on Facebook, go to Menu – Settings and Privacy – SettingsDark Mode – Turn On.

Try force-stopping the app from your Overview panel if it’s not there.

You can also go to Google Apps and see if Facebook is up to date.

Lastly, clear the cache by going to your app settings in the phone settings.

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