Do You Need a Phone Number for Discord?

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Do You Need a Phone Number for Discord?

Are you considering using Discord for gaming with your friends, but you’re worried about privacy issues? Have you read online that Discord requires your phone number?

In this article, we’ll go over the situations when Discord will ask for your phone number and whether you can use Discord without a phone number or not.

We’ll also mention a couple of ways to avoid using your phone number on Discord. Keep reading to learn more about this!

When Does Discord Ask for Your Phone Number?

Let’s get this out of the way first – Discord doesn’t ask for a phone number when you create an account.

Discord doesn't ask for a phone number when creating an account
Discord doesn’t ask for a phone number when creating an account

All you’ll need to create a Discord account is:

  • A valid email address
  • A valid username
  • A password
  • Date of birth
  • Agreeing to Discord’s Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy

After you complete these fields, you’ll be able to create and start using your phone number. But there are situations when Discord will ask for your phone number.

Here’s when you’ll need to enter your phone number on Discord:

  • You’re trying to enter a server that has a phone verification requirement
  • You’ve activated 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication)
  • Your account was automatically flagged for questionable/suspicious activities

This last circumstance annoys many users because Discord will effectively “lock” your account until you provide your phone number.

You won’t be able to continue using Discord until you give them your phone number. Considering that the Discord bot flags multiple account creation as a “questionable” activity, you realize why this is a problem.

Many users have two Discord accounts that they switch between. Every time they switch between those accounts, Discord will ask them to verify their accounts via phone number verification.

That’s because switching between Discord accounts is questionable by default, which is insane, according to many users.

Can You Bypass Phone Verification on Discord?

I’ve made a more detailed guide about this here, so check it out if you want to know more about tricking Discord’s phone verification procedure.

In a nutshell, once Discord asks for a phone number to verify your account, there’s not much you can do. Until you provide a phone number, your account will be locked out.

This is what you can do:

  • Use a friend’s phone number to confirm your Discord account
  • Use a burner phone
  • Contact Discord to have them verify your account without your phone number

A heads-up – the last solution may not work for you. Most users complain that Discord support will tell them that verifying their accounts without the phone number is impossible.

I’ve come across several cases on Reddit from users who said that Discord support had verified their accounts without the phone number, but these are cases in the extreme minority.

The vast majority of users remain with their accounts locked until they verify their phone numbers. And that’s unacceptable for them.

And then, there are these types of cases –

Discord user received phone verification notification
Discord users received phone verification notifications.

The user said that he created a new account and immediately received a request to verify his phone number without anything suspicious.

He didn’t try to join a server that required phone verification either. It’s unclear why it happened, but this case isn’t singular.

What Will Discord Do With My Phone Number?

The good thing is that Discord takes the privacy of its users very seriously. Judging by their Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, your phone number and other personal information are safe.

They may share some of your personal information with other third parties, but Discord is not a business based on ad revenue.

Instead, most of its revenue comes from subscriptions (Nitro subscriptions).

One thing is clear – you won’t start receiving messages on your phone after verifying your Discord account with your phone number.

This is something that most Discord users, or all of them, will agree on. It’s just that many users are understandably not willing to share more of their private information online.

The internet is not 100% private, no matter how many precautions you take. And no information you share with an app or company remains 100% private.


In short, Discord won’t ask you for a phone number when you create an account for the first time. However, they’ll need your phone number in these situations:

  • When you want to access a server that requests phone number verification
  • When your account is flagged for suspicious activities
  • When you activate 2FA

If you have questions, comment below, and I’ll try to help you. Stay tuned for more articles about Discord and other social media platforms!

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