Who Was the First Discord User?

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Who Was the First Discord User?

Are you curious about the first-ever person to use Discord aside from Jason Citron and the devs? Yeah, so am I.

The problem is that it’s impossible to know this without asking Discord about it. And I doubt they’ll tell us about it.

Discord was first launched in May 2015, so it wasn’t too long ago. I could find an old Reddit post where someone says they joined Discord on June 4th, 2015.

An early Discord user
An early Discord user

While that person joined half a month after Discord was first launched, he wasn’t the first, as he admits.

Initially, Discord didn’t do anything dramatic about marketing the app. They weren’t targeting a specific audience, either.

However, soon after Discord’s launch, several gaming-related reddits started replacing their IRC links with Discord links.

And that’s how it all snowballed into eSports and LAN tournament gamers finding Discord and starting to use it.

We can safely assume that the first Discord user was also a gamer looking for a new app to share with his friends during games.

Why Is Discord Named Discord?

The official Wikipedia page of Discord clarifies the choice of the word “discord” for a social messaging app. Jason Citron said the word “sounds cool and has to do with talking.”

He also said, “Discord in the gaming community is the problem we want to solve.” It was quite a success, considering Discord now hosts tens of thousands of gaming servers, among other categories and topics.

Even though some of the servers on Discord have a lot of spamming and arguments, the atmosphere is chill most of the time.

I’d say that they solved the gaming community’s discord-related problems. Plus, Discord is a great and fun app to use.

It allows you to communicate seamlessly with your friends while in-game and coordinate your efforts.


In short, there’s no way of knowing who the first Discord user was. We don’t have an archive we can consult, and the Discord devs aren’t likely to tell us, either.

As I said, the first user was most likely a regular gamer looking for a platform to have fun with his friends while playing a game. That’s all there is to it.

Comment below if you have any questions or, better yet, if you know who the first Discord user was. Stay tuned for my other guides about social media, as well!

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