How to Fix “Confirm Your Info on the App” on Instagram?

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How to Fix “Confirm Your Info on the App” on Instagram?

Did you get the “Confirm Your Info on the App” error on Instagram?

Many users have reported it in recent years.

The full notification says, “We noticed an unusual activity from your account. Confirm your identity from the Instagram app to get back to your account.”

The unusual activity could be anything, even a false-positive report from the Instagram algorithms.

You’ll need to complete the video selfie verification to regain your account.

Solutions to Fix “Confirm Your Info on the App” on Instagram:

  1. Video Selfie Verification
  2. Uninstall Instagram and reinstall it three days later
  3. Allow camera access to the Instagram app

This guide will show you how to fix Instagram’s “Confirm Your Info on the App” error!

How to Fix "Confirm Your Info on the App" on Instagram

Why Does the Notification Pop Up?

Officially, the error pops up when an Instagram account is acting suspiciously.

Either the account acts like a bot, or it bought followers recently.

Going against Instagram guidelines and community regulations can lead to this error too.

Newly-created accounts will receive this notification at all times. So, if you recently created your account, don’t be surprised by this notification.

Instagram wants all users to use-life information for added security.

The video selfie verification helps them keep your account activities and preferences safe.

Solutions for “Confirm Your Info on the App” on Instagram

Image showing a "Confirm Your Info on the App" Instagram error
“Confirm Your Info on the App” Instagram error

You need to follow the on-screen instructions to unlock your account.

It’s that simple!

Instagram doesn’t want to lock your account at this stage.

This is an automatic response from the Instagram algorithms once they red-flagged your account for suspicious activity.

If the video selfie verification doesn’t work, uninstall the Instagram app and reinstall it in 3 days.

This will clear the app’s cache and possibly fix the video selfie verification.

Other users said that this error disappeared by itself after 24 hours.

If possible, you should try to finalize the video selfie Instagram verification first.

Video Selfie Verification

As the name says, you need to go through a security procedure where you record your face through the Instagram app.

Position your face inside the circle and follow the on-screen instructions.

You’ll be asked to turn your head to the right and then to the left.

Always keep the phone at eye level and ensure your entire face is visible.

The video selfie verification may be denied if the image is blurry or your face isn’t fully visible.

If you can’t perform the video selfie verification, try using a different device.

You could use a friend’s phone to finish the verification and gain access to your Instagram account.

After you finish the verification, tap “Submit,” and you’re done.

Image showing an Instagram message requesting the user to verify their profile
Instagram video selfie verification

Shortly, Instagram should unlock your account.

If you receive the “Oops, an error has occurred” error, you can refer to this guide (insert a link to the relevant article) on how to fix this error.

Alternatively, you can try the following method.

Uninstall Instagram and reinstall it three days later

This is the quickest fix to the “Oops; an error has occurred” error during the video selfie verification process.

To uninstall Instagram, go to your phone’s Settings (cogwheel icon).

Screenshot showing how to uninstall Instagram from your phone
Uninstalling Instagram

Then, go to Apps.

Image showing apps installed on a smartphone
Uninstall Instagram – Apps menu

Afterward, select “Manage Apps” / the option that takes you to the list of apps installed on your phone.

Once there, look for Instagram in the list or type “Instagram” in the search box.

Image showing how to manage apps on a smatphone
Uninstall Instagram – Manage apps

After you find Instagram, tap on it.

You’ll be taken to the app’s settings.

There, tap on “Uninstall” to delete it from your phone.

Screenshot showing how to remove Instagram from your phone
Deleting Instagram

Confirm your decision, and you’re done!

In 3 days, you should reinstall Instagram from Google Play or Play Store.

You could use another solution to fix the “Confirm Your Info on the App” error if the video selfie Instagram verification doesn’t work.

Allow camera access to the Instagram app.

The video selfie verification may not work because the Instagram app doesn’t have access to your camera.

To allow camera access to the Instagram app, go to your phone’s settings and type “Permissions” in the search box.

You should eventually reach a settings page that looks like this:

Screenshot of a phone settings page showing the app permissions of Instagram
Instagram app permissions

Tap on the Camera option to see the apps that can access your camera.

In the list, find Instagram.

Image showing instructions how to add app permissions to Instagram on a smartphone
Giving camera permissions to Instagram

Check whether the app has access to your camera or not.

If it doesn’t, tap on it to allow it. If the marker next to the app is grayed out, it doesn’t have access to your camera.

In the picture above, Instagram already has access to the camera.


If Instagram shows the “Confirm Your Info on the App” notification, you must go through the video selfie verification.

Most times, the process finalizes without an issue.

Sometimes, an error pops up, and you can’t finish the video selfie verification.

In these cases, you can try completing the procedure from another device, uninstalling and reinstalling the Instagram app after three days, or enabling camera permissions.

These solutions should work on a business account and a personal account on the social media platform.


How long does it take for Instagram to confirm your identity?

The video selfie verification takes a couple of seconds to finalize.

However, Instagram will take a few hours to confirm your information and verify your video selfie.

They should greenlight your account in a couple of hours, though.

If they’re very busy with user queries, it could take several days.

Can you receive the error by mistake?

While it does happen rarely, Instagram algorithms make mistakes sometimes.

They could red-flag your account for bot activity when you weren’t using bots.

However, if you act suspiciously (liking or comment on many posts quickly), you may receive this notification.

The same could happen if you quickly log into your account from multiple devices.

Try using the same device when accessing your Instagram account to prevent this from happening in the future.

Will the video selfie verification work on an older version of Instagram?

Many Reddit users not only found a peculiar fix for the video selfie verification not working.

An older version of Instagram could go through the entire security procedure successfully.

Some downloaded version 199 on apkmirror, while others downloaded version 195.

However, you can try other versions if these two don’t work for you.

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