How to Fix “Couldn’t Refresh Feed” on Instagram

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How to Fix “Couldn’t Refresh Feed” on Instagram

Does Instagram show the “Couldn’t refresh feed” error?

Many users are complaining about it, and many fixes exist.

In this article, you’ll find seven reasons why your Instagram feed might not work right and how to fix the issue.

There are several solutions for the “Couldn’t refresh feed” error on Instagram here, and one of them should work.

Instagram customer support may be unavailable, but that’s just one of the solutions!

Read below to find out how to fix the Instagram “Couldn’t refresh feed” error.

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How to Fix "Couldn't Refresh Feed" on Instagram

7 Reasons Why You Can’t Refresh Your Instagram Feed

If you’re dealing with this error, then there are seven probable causes for it:

  • Instagram is down
  • Your internet speed is low
  • The Instagram app is out of date
  • The Instagram cache is full
  • Your device’s time and date are wrong
  • Instagram blocked your actions
  • Low Instagram data limits
Instagram "Couldn't refresh feed" error
Instagram “Couldn’t refresh feed” error

1. Instagram Is Down

The most common reason for this error is that Instagram’s servers are down.

All social media platforms go through this at some point, and Instagram isn’t different.

These outages are rare, but they do happen. Go to Down Detector or Instagram’s official Twitter account to check for this.

Instagram and Twitter can’t be down at the same time.

If Instagram servers are down, the Down Detector graph will show thousands of reports in a certain period.

Checking if Instagram is down on Down Detector
Checking if Instagram is down on Down Detector

The dotted line is the baseline, and the peaks are actual cases of an outage.

If the servers are up and your problem persists, move on to the next point!

2. Your Internet Connection Is Slow

Another common reason for Instagram not refreshing is its slow internet speed.

When you refresh the feed, the app downloads new photos, videos, or galleries for you to see.

The download speed will be very slow if your internet connection is slow. Instagram won’t show a new feed if the response time is too slow.

A weak internet signal or simultaneous devices connected to the internet may lead to a slow internet speed.

You can test your internet speed and see if that’s your problem.

There are many free speed tests online that you can take. The Instagram feed should load if the internet speed is above 20 Mbps.

If it doesn’t, there’s another cause for the error.

If you’re on your phone, you could try turning off the network connection and then turning it back on.

Sometimes, a network disconnection is quickly solved with an internet reboot.

Swipe down from the top of the screen, and you should see multiple options.

Phone mobile data
Checking if phone mobile data

Mobile data and Wi-Fi should be at the very top.

Alternate between your cellular data and Wi-Fi data to see which works better.

Switch to the other if the signal is weak on one of them.

3. Outdated Instagram App

Sometimes, Instagram not refreshing is caused by an outdated Instagram app.

Running an old Instagram app can cause many performance issues, with this being one of them.

Go to Google Play or Play Store, find the Instagram app, and download the latest updates to solve it.

While at it, ensure you’ve allowed all permissions for Instagram.

Installing Instagram’s update may reset your permissions, so you’ll need to re-allow them.

To do this, go to your phone’s Settings and select Apps.

Managing apps on your phone
Managing apps on your phone

From there, select Manage apps.

In the next menu, use the search box to find Instagram.

Press it, and then go to App permissions.

Instagram app permissions
Instagram app permissions

When you’re there, allow all permissions, and you’re done.

4. Instagram Cache Is Full

When Instagram cache files on your device are full, performance issues may arise.

This could lead to Instagram’s “Couldn’t refresh feed” error.

Since the cache location is full, the app can’t download new photos or videos, and the feed is blocked.

You need to clear the cache to fix the problem.

To do this fast, switch to an Incognito panel on your PC or phone. This will automatically clear the cache files.

On a computer, use Ctrl+Shift+N to open a new Incognito Tab.

The Incognito Tab should be opened from the three-dot menu in the upper right corner on a mobile device.

Cache files are temporary files that apps store on your device. If these files are full, they’ll slow down your internet speed and load timings.

5. Device’s Date and Time Are Wrong

The “Couldn’t refresh feed” error on Instagram can also appear if the device’s date and time are wrong and not in sync with the actual date and time.

In the background, Instagram’s functionality relies on real-time data to provide a pleasant experience.

If the time and date are out of sync, conflicts will appear.

This may lead to Instagram not being refreshing.

If you’re on a computer, right-click on your time/date icon in the bottom-right corner of the screen, and go to Adjust date/time.

Adjusting date and time on your phone
Adjusting the date and time on your phone

In the new window, select “Set time automatically,” and you’re done.

If you’re on your phone, the process varies depending on your Operating System.

On an Android, go to Settings – Additional Settings – Date & Time.

Once you’re there, select “Automatic date & time,” and you’re done.

Updating date and time automatically on your phone
Updating date and time automatically on your phone

You can also select “Automatic time zone” for extra safety.

On some Android systems, the Date & Time settings will be in the Settings Tab, not the Additional settings tab.

Go to Settings – General – Date & Time for iPhones, and select “Set Automatically.”

If this still doesn’t help with the “Couldn’t refresh feed” error, keep reading!

6. Instagram Blocked Your Actions

Instagram is known to block certain user actions, even without justification.

If you’re a new user and you’ve liked or commented on too many posts, or you’ve followed many accounts, Instagram may block you.

They’re blocking any “inauthentic” behavior and will restrict your account in several ways, including this feed error.

Alternatively, if you’re using a third-party app to follow, like, or comment automatically, Instagram will block you.

Generally, if the app isn’t linked to Instagram and is external, Instagram won’t like it.

They may issue many restrictive measures called action blocks that stop you from liking, commenting, and following users.

Moreover, they may impose a refreshing ban on your Instagram feed temporarily.

To remove third-party apps on your Android, go to your Instagram profile, and click on the three horizontal dashes in the top-right corner.

Then, go to “Settings.”

Instagram settings page
Instagram settings page

Then, select “Security” and then “Apps and websites.”

Instagram security settings page
Instagram security settings page

Once you’re there, you’ll see three menus – Active, Expired, and Removed.

Go to Active and remove all third-party apps from there.

Remember that certain spamming actions on Instagram may lead to action blocks.

The Instagram feed can also be blocked for a set period.

7. Low Instagram Data Limits

The Instagram app provides users with a data limit feature, where they can limit their data usage for a set period.

If you hit that limit, the app will restrict any upload or download of photos or videos on Instagram.

This includes any content from the feed.

If the feed doesn’t refresh, this could be the case.

To fix this, go to your Instagram profile, then select Settings from the three horizontal dashes in the top-right corner.

From there, go to “Settings” and then “Account.”

Once you’re there, select Cellular Data Usage, and increase the limit or disable the Data Saver completely.

Phone Cellular Data Settings page
Phone Cellular Data Settings page


Instagram not refreshing is a common problem for many users.

Thankfully, we know the most probable causes and how to identify them:

  1. Low internet speed
  2. Outdated Instagram app
  3. The Instagram cache is full
  4. Wrong date and time on your device
  5. Low Instagram data limits
  6. Instagram blocked your actions
  7. Instagram servers are down

Apart from the above solutions, you can try restarting and reinstalling the app if the problem persists.

If all else fails, try contacting Instagram customer service through the app, feedback form, or email.

Despite being largely unresponsive, Instagram support may help you find a solution to the issue.

Following the above advice will help you fix this error message in your Instagram account.


What happens if you clear the Instagram cache and data?

If you tried clearing the cache and data from an app, a message popped up saying it would delete all associated files and accounts.

However, that won’t delete your account and all content you posted.

Clearing the Instagram cache only removes your device’s temporary settings and preferences.

Clearing the cache is similar to a fresh install of the app.

You’ll be logged out of Instagram, lose permissions, notification settings, and so on.

However, your account and its content will remain intact. Your account isn’t hosted on the app itself but on the internet.

Clearing the cache also won’t uninstall any app updates you previously installed.

What can slow down your internet speed?

A slow internet speed can be caused by several factors, including malware, adware, and add-on programs running in the background.

Even the amount of memory your computer has will dictate how slow your internet speed is.

Run your antivirus to check for spyware and malware, as well.

You should occasionally defragment your disk and keep the hard drive empty above a quarter of its capacity.

So, if you have a 1TB HDD or SSD, don’t fill it up beyond the 250GB limit.

Going below 250GB will slow down your internet speed, among others.

Why is Instagram customer support unresponsive?

Instagram is notorious for its slow and unresponsive customer support.

This situation is common with most social media platforms, in general.

Days with high traffic will also see slower responsiveness from customer support.

The more daily user reports, the more work Instagram customer services have.

The fastest way to contact Instagram is through the app, by making a report. Alternatively, use the feedback form online or send them an email.

Depending on their workload, they should respond in a couple of hours or days.

They should find a solution to the “Couldn’t refresh feed” issue if no fix works.

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