How to Fix Instagram DMs Not Working?

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How to Fix Instagram DMs Not Working?

Is the Instagram Direct Message feature not working? Many people are experiencing this problem.

At other times, the Direct Messages won’t shop up no matter what you do.

It’s like no one sent you any message even though you know you have incoming messages.

You also can’t reply to messages or even send new ones.

This guide will teach you how to fix the broken Instagram Direct Messages.

How to fix Instagram DMs not working?

  1. Ask a friend to reply to your story
  2. Wait it out
  3. Send messages to strangers you haven’t messaged before
  4. Open Instagram on a browser

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How to Fix Instagram DMs Not Working?

How Can You Fix Instagram DMs Not Working?

There are three fixes you can try to fix your broken Instagram DMs:

  1. Ask a friend to reply to your story
  2. Wait it out
  3. Send messages to strangers you haven’t messaged before
  4. Open Instagram on a browser

Most times, when your Direct Messages aren’t working on Instagram, it’s only a temporary issue.

It’ll fix itself in a couple of hours if you have the patience to wait it out.

Below, you’ll find a more detailed guide on all the solutions:

  • Wait

The simplest solution is to way. As we said, this is a temporary problem.

Instagram has been down before, and they fixed it as quickly as possible.

In any case, if the Instagram servers are down, there’s nothing you can do.

If the DM problem is generalized across a wider area, Instagram will fix it quickly.

Perhaps you’re getting the “Couldn’t create thread” error. This error appears when you’ve sent too many DMs recently.

The solution is the same – wait. There’s nothing else you can do.

But at other times, you can fix the error faster if you do it manually.

Look below for other solutions!

  • Send messages to strangers you haven’t messaged before

A great solution users have reported is sending messages to people you haven’t talked to early on Instagram.

Here’s how you can fix the Instagram DMs not working using this solution:

  • Message someone, you haven’t talked to
  • Force-close the app (from the Overview menu on your phone)
  • Reopen Instagram and message someone, you’ve talked to before
  • Force-close the app and open it again

For some reason, this solution seems to solve the issue permanently.

You can try this as often if it doesn’t work on the first try.

Sometimes, you may have to wait several minutes before doing this.

  • Ask a friend to reply to your story

If you can’t message or receive DMs on Instagram, try posting a new story.

Then, ask a friend to comment on your story. If your friends are unavailable, you can create a secondary account to comment on your story.

Users report that a new comment on your story will fix the glitch.

Your DMs will start working again as if nothing happened.

The method isn’t foolproof and won’t always work, but it’s worth a shot.

You can try this in parallel to messaging a stranger on Instagram.

Try sending random messages to a friend or contact someone you don’t know, and leave a comment on your own story.

This combination should do the trick.

  • Use Instagram on a browser

Instead of using the Instagram app, try using it on a browser.

You can do this on your computer or your phone.

It doesn’t matter. First, search for Instagram on Google and open it through the browser instead of the app.

Use Instagram on a browser
Use Instagram on a browser

After you search Instagram on Google, you won’t find a website link too easily.

Look under the “Instagram” overview. There’ll be an “” link.

Tap on that and then select “Chrome” or any other browser you use.

Don’t select “Instagram” because it’ll open through the app.

After you open Instagram on your browser, click on the airplane icon. That’s your DMs icon.

DMs icon
DMs icon

Open your Direct Messages and see if they work now.

After opening Instagram on your browser, the messages should work without issues.

Alternatively, you can install the “Threads from Instagram” app from Google Play Store or App Store.

Connect it to Instagram, and then select several friends on Instagram and continue through the steps on the app.

Then, tap on the airplane icon, select “Everyone Else,” and you’ll see all your DMs.

That’s it!


If the Instagram Direct Messages aren’t working, the cause could be anything.

Including the Instagram servers being down for the moment.

It’s a rare occurrence, but it can happen. In that case, there’s nothing you can do but wait.

Sometimes, the Instagram app glitches, and you must fix it manually.

You can ask someone to comment on your story, or you can DM someone you haven’t talked to before on Instagram.

Opening Instagram on a browser or installing the “Threads from Instagram” may also solve the issue.

There’s a very low chance that your Direct Messages feature is down permanently.

If nothing works, try reinstalling Instagram to clear its cache. That should solve it!

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