120 Great Twitter Usernames

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120 Great Twitter Usernames

Do you need a great Twitter username for creating a new account on Twitter?

You came to the right place.

This article will list 120 great Twitter usernames that are entirely free to use.

Most of the usernames below are not taken; if they are, modify them to your liking!

It’s better to have something to start with than not having anything at all.

Keep reading for the list of usernames!

120 Great Twitter Usernames

120 Great Twitter Usernames

  1. Dadbloop
  2. Homejoyfuly
  3. Lollysmiles
  4. Angelpopsicles
  5. DrummrNew
  6. MasterOfPuppets
  7. ScubaDrew
  8. OrangePistachio
  9. Eatemmpathy
  10. EmmaGloss
  11. Lakefancy
  12. FattyKyle
  13. Elationdesires
  14. Energydusk
  15. Milkeyjelly
  16. Warmspring
  17. Wavesbirthdays
  18. Chocolatemumbo
  19. Cozyunique
  20. Songsnaffle
  21. Slashgritty
  22. Bunnyjiggle
  23. Goffierad
  24. Twinklypuff
  25. Oceangiggles
  26. Hellocutey
  27. Lovelyamusing
  28. Coolgifted
  29. Sunshineboom
  30. Beachkitty
  31. Inspirationsidea
  32. Bloopygoodness
  33. Togetherroses
  34. Funpoems
  35. Welcominglance
  36. Scuttleyummy
  37. Favorfroglet
  38. Doodledew
  39. Riggamarole
  40. Blushyspew
  41. Panchini
  42. DjFurry
  43. StrokeOfGenius
  44. GenialMe
  45. Smittencuteness
  46. FancifulMe
  47. Applesnappy
  48. Milkeytruffles
  49. Pinkmelodious
  50. Lolgoodness
  51. Hopefulcozy
  52. FreerThanThou
  53. Kittymeows
  54. Hubbagrin
  55. FlyYourOwn
  56. exuberancySmile
  57. loveydovey
  58. JigglyMellow
  59. TastyGloss
  60. CheerfulFellow
  61. DuhhYeah
  62. LegoBeans
  63. SweetieJumbo
  64. BeeNature
  65. MagicalDelight
  66. RosesNPrimes
  67. SoftyCute
  68. BeerBelly
  69. HairlessBall
  70. ManiacalStickman
  71. DoodleBam
  72. StickyFluff
  73. DoodyIdeas
  74. LovestruckJimmy
  75. ToysForYou
  76. Zzzzleeping
  77. GimmeHigh5
  78. FiveO
  79. PinkySwear
  80. ManlyCanteen
  81. PoopyDoggo
  82. P*ssycatGO
  83. HeHeMe
  84. GreatSplurlicious
  85. TwinSidedJoy
  86. MuffinTop
  87. SnurfySmurf
  88. ComicalSplurge
  89. BronzeBeauty
  90. BladeRunner
  91. LittleMomma
  92. McShame
  93. KeepItDope
  94. VanillaMecha
  95. RenewalSteveO
  96. WalkyTalky
  97. DoodleFoodle
  98. FoodieJoy
  99. StarrySky
  100. PigletMuddy
  101. BlossomFurball
  102. CripesLawd
  103. SpecialLittleMe
  104. WarrioMega
  105. SwordsDescent
  106. AnonymousOtter
  107. EagleVision
  108. QwertyChap
  109. SixxYeah
  110. TrillyNilly
  111. FringeXpedition
  112. TripleOG
  113. OGLoc
  114. BrillianceSnow
  115. Cakesplonk
  116. Ssssnow
  117. SnowyAsphalt
  118. HornsNsticks
  119. StoneySticks
  120. AliveNde4d


We hope you liked this list of 120 great Twitter usernames.

You can use them as you see fit if they’re not taken.

Or you can build your username while using this inspiration.

You can also get a cool Twitter name from this list. Usernames and names are different in that usernames are unique per account.

Names are not. You can have the same Twitter name as another user without a problem.


What are a few tips for creating a cool Twitter username?

Use your real name whenever possible. Unless you’re actively trying to hide your identity, your real name is a great start.

You can only use letters and numbers in your Twitter username. One exception from that is the underscore.

Many famous Twitter individuals are using underscores for their usernames.

Underscores bring readability to an otherwise unreadable username.

Keep it short and to the point. You want a catchy username that’ll attract attention.

Also, use clever adjectives and emotions to make your username come to life.

There are so many options in creating a Twitter username. You have total freedom, except for length and character selection.

What if a Twitter username I want is taken?

Try replacing some letters with numbers. You can replace the “i” or “l” (lowercase L) with a 1.

Or replace the “o” with a 0 (zero). The letter “A” can be replaced with a 4.

The formation of letters can also be switched to numbers (Straight can be written as Str8).

You can also put birthdays, zip codes, and other important dates.

Try changing the spelling of your username so that it’s written differently but pronounced the same.

Capitalize certain letters, move the underscore around, or remove it altogether.

You have plenty of options to make your username unique if it’s already taken.

Can I change my Twitter name?

You can change both your username and name on Twitter.

The username has to be unique, though. If it’s taken, Twitter will prompt you to try another one.

As for your name, it’s an aesthetic visual only. You can have the same name as another Tweeter.

Moreover, you won’t lose any followers after you change your username.

As long as you give them a heads-up, of course.

If you don’t announce to your followers about the change, they won’t know who you are after you change your username.

Your subscribers may unsubscribe if that happens.

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