How to Hide Likes on Twitter?

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How to Hide Likes on Twitter?

Do you want to hide your likes on Twitter, so no one sees them? Unfortunately, there’s no direct way of doing this.

Twitter doesn’t have such a feature. However, there are a few workarounds you can try that will hide your likes on Twitter:

  1. Make your Twitter account private
  2. Unlike all the content you’ve liked in the past
  3. Don’t like anything on Twitter

These solutions are far from optimal, but they’re the only way to “hide” your likes on Twitter without closing your account.

Keep reading to learn more about hiding your likes on Twitter!

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How to Hide Likes on Twitter?

Make Your Twitter Account Private

The first way of hiding your likes on Twitter is to make your account private. This will hide your activity from anyone that isn’t your follower on Twitter.

Remember that your followers will still see your likes, comments, and other activities on Twitter.

To make your Twitter account private, follow the steps below:

1. Tap on your profile picture

Tap on your profile picture
Tap on your profile picture

You’ll need to do this on your mobile phone. Open Twitter, and you’ll land on your Feed. This is where you’ll see all the Tweets from your followers.

Look in the upper-left corner for your profile picture and tap on it. That’s where you’ll find the settings.

2. Select “Settings and Privacy

Select "Settings and Privacy"
Select “Settings and Privacy”

Once you tap on your profile picture, you’ll open a side menu with several options. This menu will also show the number of followers and those you follow.

Look for the “Settings and privacy” option at the bottom of the menu and select it. This will open the Twitter settings.

3. Select “Privacy and safety

Select "Privacy and safety"
Select “Privacy and safety”

Once you’re in the Twitter Settings, you’ll see a lot of options, including “My Account,” “Monetization,” “Notifications,” and more.

Look for the “Privacy and safety” option by scrolling down through the menu. Once you find it, select it and move to the next steps!

4. Select the “Audience and Tagging” option

Select the "Audience and Tagging" option
Select the “Audience and Tagging” option

In the “Privacy and safety” tab, you’ll need to look for the “Audience and tagging” option. It’s the first on the list, under the “Your Twitter activity” menu.

Tap on it and move to the next step!

5. Enable the “Protect your Tweets” option

Enable the "Protect your Tweets" option
Enable the “Protect your Tweets” option

In the “Audience and tagging” menu, look for the “Protect your Tweets” option and enable it. This is the Private Mode of Twitter.

The description says that only your followers and those you approve can see your tweets. This also includes your likes.

For everyone else, your likes and everything else will be hidden.

Unlike All Content You’ve Liked

Another method of hiding your likes on Twitter is, too, unlike all the Tweets you’ve liked in the past. Technically, you’re not “hiding” the likes but eliminating them.

Keep in mind that the other person will be notified that you’ve unliked their content.

If you want to do this, follow the steps below:

1. Tap on your profile picture

Tap on your profile picture
Tap on your profile picture

First off, open Twitter on your phone and tap on your profile picture. It’s in the upper-left corner of the Twitter app.

2. Select “Profile

Select "Profile"
Select “Profile”

Once you select your profile picture, you’ll open a side menu with several options and information about your Twitter profile.

Select the “Profile” option and move to the next step. This will take you to your profile on Twitter.

3. Select “Likes

Select "Likes"
Select “Likes”

Once you get to your profile, look for the “Likes” category above the “Who to follow” headline.

Tap on “Likes” and move to the next step to see how you can, unlike content you’ve previously liked!

4. Tap on the Heart icon next to a tweet

Tap on the Heart icon next to a tweet
Tap on the Heart icon next to a tweet

In the “Likes” category, you’ll see all the tweets you’ve liked in the past. They’ll be listed from most recent to oldest.

If you want to unlike something, tap on the purple Heart icon at the bottom of a tweet. This will unlike the tweet and make it disappear from this list.

Unlike all the content in the “Likes” category to “hide” your likes from other people on Twitter. No one will know what you’ve liked because, technically, you haven’t liked anything.

Don’t Like Anything on Twitter

The simplest way of “hiding” your likes on Twitter is not to like anything in the first place. If there are no likes on your profile, problem solved.

The next time you see something you like on Twitter, comment instead of liking it. Leave a great comment, so the creator knows you enjoy their tweet.

However, not liking anything on Twitter because you’re afraid others will see what you like is uncomfortable and weird.

The best solution to this problem is to adopt the middle ground. Make your account private. That way, only your followers will see what you like.

And if you don’t have any followers, guess what? No one will see what you like on Twitter.


To summarize, there’s no proper way of hiding likes on Twitter. The app doesn’t have this feature.

However, there are ways you can achieve this partially:

  • Make your account private and remove all your followers
  • Unlike all the content you’ve liked
  • Stop liking content on Twitter

Some of these solutions are a bit unpracticable, but if you’re determined to hide your likes, you can try them.

If you have any questions, leave a comment below, and I’ll reply as soon as possible!

What happens if you hide your likes on Twitter?

Social media platforms like Twitter function based on likes. Liking someone’s content increases their popularity and content reach.

The more likes you have, the more tempted someone is to visit your channel and see what’s up.

In short, if you have many likes on Twitter, you become popular and get more followers.

But if you hide your likes, that popularity disappears steadily. You won’t have as many followers as before, and the ones you have may leave.

Moreover, others won’t feel motivated to come to your channel and check it out.

People on Twitter also like to know what you like because they want to know the real you.

Based on your interactions on Twitter, they’ll decide whether they want to follow you or not.

And the likes are an important metric that helps with this understanding.

How come I can’t see the person who favorited my tweet?

Did you notice that sometimes, you can’t see who liked or favorited your tweet on Twitter?

The most likely explanation is that the other person has made their account private. It means you can’t see their name if they like your content.

The only solution to this is if you’ve been their follower before they made their account private.

If that’s the case, you’ll still see who they are when they favorite or like your content on Twitter.

You also can’t see the retweets of someone who has made their account private on Twitter.

There aren’t too many identifiable things you can see from someone with a private account on Twitter.

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