How to Hide Your Following List on Instagram?

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How to Hide Your Following List on Instagram?

Wanna hide your Following list on Instagram?

There are four ways to do that:

  • Make your Instagram account private
  • Restrict a follower’s account
  • Block their account
  • Remove them from your Instagram Followers list

In this article (the one below), I’ll go through every solution and explain them step-by-step, with screenshots, so you can keep up. Keep reading!

How to Hide Your Following List on Instagram

Make Your Account Private

So, making your Instagram account private. Easy enough. Just watch me do it and follow along:

1. Tap on the three-line icon

Image showing Instagram's account settings page
Instagram account settings

Step one – open Instagram, got your profile page (tap the profile icon in the bottom-right corner of your feed), and then tap the three-line icon in the top-right corner (see the picture above).

This will open a menu at the bottom of the page. See what’s next below:

2. Select “Settings

Image showing how to access the Settings page on Instagram
Settings menu on Instagram

Once the menu I mentioned above opens up, select the first option – “Settings“, and move on with the guide:

3. Go to “Privacy

Image showing how to access Instagram's Privacy page.
Privacy menu on Instagram

Once the Instagram settings are laying bare before you, find the “Privacy” option (should be under the “Notifications” option) and select it.

4. Enable “Private account

Image showing how to enable the "Private account" settings on Instagram
Enable the Private Account option so that it turns blue.

Last step – once you get to the “Privacy” page, find the “Private account” option and enable it (tap the grey marker to make it blue/green).

Once enabled, that feature will keep all your content on Instagram private from prying eyes (unless those eyes belong to your followers).

People will still be able to message, tag, or mention you in the comments, though.

Moreover, this method doesn’t stop people from following you to see your Following list.

If you want to stop someone from seeing your Following list, you should try something else.

How To Remove an Instagram Follower?

In the end, the simplest way of stopping someone from seeing your follower list is to remove them as your follower.

To do this, just watch me and follow along:

1. Tap the “Followers” headline on your profile page

Image showing how to remove a follower from Instagram
Remove an Instagram Follower

Assuming you’re on your Instagram profile page, look for the “Followers” headline and select it. Doing this will open a list with your followers on Instagram.

2. Select “Remove” next to a follower

Removing an Instagram follower
Removing an Instagram follower

Last step – select “Remove” next to a follower’s name. Instagram may or may not ask you to confirm the removal but either way, you’re done.

Moving on (there are several other ways to stop someone from seeing your following list)…

How to restrict an account

Restricting a follower’s account means they can’t see when you’re online or if you’ve read their messages or not.

Moreover, no one will see the comments they leave on your posts unless you allow it.

To restrict a follower’s account, go to your Instagram profile, tap on the Hamburger icon, and go to your Settings.

Instagram settings page
Instagram settings page

Then, select Privacy, scroll down and tap on Restricted Accounts next (picture below).

Instagram - Restricted Accounts
Instagram – Restricted Accounts

You’ll receive a notification explaining how restricted accounts work.

Tap on “Continue“. This will take you to the main page of the restricted accounts, where you can search for a Follower to restrict.

Search for restricted followers on Instagram
Search for restricted followers on Instagram

You can always block a follower if this isn’t enough for you. Then, they won’t be able to see your Followers or Following list.

How to Block a Follower on Instagram?

This should be the last resort. When nothing else works, you can block your follower to stop them from interacting with you on the platform.

To do this, go to their profile first and tap the three-dot icon in the top-right corner. This will open a menu at the bottom of the screen (picture below).

How to remove a follower on Instagram
How to remove a follower on Instagram

Select “Block” from the list, and at that point, Instagram will ask you to confirm your action.

Either you block that single account or any other account of that user.

Blocking someone on Instagram
Blocking someone on Instagram

Select one of the two options and then tap “Block” to be done with it. That person won’t be able to see your following list anymore!


There’s no direct way of hiding your Followers list on Instagram. However, there are four indirect ways of doing it.

You can set your account to private, restrict a follower’s account, remove a follower from your Followers list, or block them.

All four solutions will stop that person from seeing your Following list.

If you set your account to private, this will only stop non-followers from seeing your Following list.

Choose carefully, depending on your relationship with that person. Either way, leave a comment below if you have any questions or need help with something else. I’m always around!


How can you hide Instagram posts from followers?

The fastest way to hide your Instagram posts from certain followers is to make your account private and block those Instagram followers.

Then, after you post your content, unblock them.

Alternatively, you can block the followers without unblocking them.

It depends on the nature of your relationship with those followers.

To hide your story from followers, go to Privacy Settings – Story – and select followers to hide your Instagram story from.

They will receive a notification, though.

Why can’t you see all of someone’s followers on Instagram?

Most likely, the user has deactivated their account, or they have blocked you.

They could also have made their account private, so you can’t see their followers.

If someone deactivates their account, Instagram removes any traces of their accounts from the platform.

You also won’t be able to see their followers list.

Some users also reported that a fresh reinstall of the Instagram app solved the issue.

It could be for any of these reasons, so you should try and see yourself!

Does a person know you’ve blocked them on Instagram?

No, they don’t.

The only way they could know you’ve blocked them is if they can no longer DM you or leave comments on your Instagram post.

They also won’t see your followers or following list.

However, Instagram doesn’t notify people that you blocked them.

So, you can experiment with blocking and unblocking people to hide certain content from them.

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