What Does “Highlighted Comment” Mean on YouTube?

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What Does “Highlighted Comment” Mean on YouTube?

In short, YouTube automatically highlights your comment and everyone else’s comment from their own perspective.

Let me clarify – the highlighted comment is an entirely subjective feature. It exists for every YouTube user and shows particular comments related to them (either their own comments or comments of other people made on their comments).

If you comment on a video on YouTube, your comment will appear as a “highlighted comment,” but only for you. No one else will see it as highlighted. Instead, they’ll see their own as highlighted.

Similarly, if someone replies to your comment and you search for that reply from the YouTube notification bar, the reply will be highlighted.

I’ll go into more details below, so be sure to check out my guide below (screenshots included for additional help)!

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What Does “Highlighted Comment” Mean on YouTube

What Is a Highlighted Comment on YouTube?

Highlighted comment on YouTube

As you can see, the “Highlighted comment” marker appears on my comment in the photo above. But I didn’t highlight it, and neither did the video creator. YouTube did it of its own accord…

It appears highlighted because I searched for that comment using the notifications bar on YouTube.

Click on the Notifications Bell and select your comment
Click on the Notifications Bell and select your comment

If you search for one of your comments using the Notifications Bell on YouTube, your comment will be highlighted.

YouTube does this automatically, so you can find your comment easier. No one else will see your comment as highlighted, though. So don’t go thinking you’re popular now. You’re not. Or are you?

This happens to everyone on YouTube, yet you do not see other comments highlighted.

Another situation when a comment is highlighted is when you use the Notifications Bell to find someone’s reply to your comment.

YouTube will highlight their reply to help you find it easier. It’s for the same reason. But only you can see it highlighted.

The same thing will happen if you post a video on YouTube and someone comments on it. That comment will be highlighted if you click on the comment in the Notifications Bar on YouTube.

This will happen for every comment on your videos. It’s easier to find and reply to them if they’re highlighted!

YouTube also creates a “different” URL for highlighted comments. If you click on a comment reply in your Notifications Bar, you’ll get a specific URL that takes you to the video with that comment reply.

But if you search for just the video, you’ll notice that it has a different URL. So, YouTube creates a different URL for a reply comment on a video.

Are Highlighted Comments and Pinned Comments the Same?

No, they’re not. First off, no one can highlight a YouTube comment intentionally. Highlighted comments are different from Pinned comments in that video creators can pin certain comments at the top of the comment section on their videos.

Pinned comment on YouTube

As you can see in the picture above, that comment was pinned by the video’s author. It says “Pinned by BoredGamer“, which is the video creator.

A video creator can pin their comments or someone else’s comment in the comment section of their videos.

Here’s why they might wanna do that:

  • To show appreciation for someone that inspired them to make the video and commented on the video
  • To showcase a great user answer to a question that they asked in the video
  • To showcase an interesting finding by a user who commented on the video

You can also ask a video creator to pin your comment in the comment section. Whether they’ll do it or not depends on them, though!


To summarize, a highlighted comment is not public. It’s only there to help you find a comment easier on YouTube.

Every user has highlighted comments when looking for them through the YouTube Notification Bell icon.

The same goes for replies to your comments. They’ll be highlighted if you use the Notification Bell to go to them.

This is YouTube’s way of helping you waste less time looking for comments. It’s a quality-of-life feature that YouTube introduced some time ago.

If you have any questions, leave a comment below, and I’ll reply as soon as possible!

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