How to Limit Comments on TikTok?

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How to Limit Comments on TikTok?

Are you trying to limit the comments on TikTok and stop users from posting salty comments on your content?

That’s exactly what I’m here to talk about – how to shut up the hate… Cough cough I meant how to limit your comments on TikTok:

  1. Disable the comments before or after you post the video
  2. Limit the comments using specific keywords
  3. Review and approve comments individually
  4. Use the default Spam Filter

Some of these solutions are better than others if you don’t want to offend your audience (offending the haters is fine, I guess). However, disabling the comments may distance your regular viewers from your content.

Reviewing and approving individual comments is more seamless, though.

But I’ll teach you how to apply all the methods mentioned above, so keep reading if you want to learn more!

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How to Limit Comments on TikTok?

Disable the Comments Before or After You Post a Video

The simplest solution to avoid salty and offensive comments is to disable the comments on your TikTok video. It’s simple, quick, and leaves nothing to chance.

Depending on your situation, you can do this before or after posting the video.

Below, I’ve included a step-by-step guide on disabling TikTok comments in both situations – before and after you post the video, so keep reading:

Before Posting the Video

Follow the steps below to disable comments on a TikTok video before you post it:

1. Tap on the “Post” button

Tap on the "Post" button
Tap on the “Post” button

Alright, so first, open TIkTok and find the “Post” option at the bottom of the app (it looks like a plus – check out the screenshot above).

That’ll let you post something.

2. Start making a video

Start a video
Start making a video

Once you get to this page, tap the red icon and shoot a video (remember, this is just for the sake of the guide).

3. Tap on “Privacy Settings

Tap on "Privacy Settings"
Tap on “Privacy Settings”

Once you finish making the video, look for the “Privacy Settings” option on the right-hand sidebar. Select it and check out my following instructions.

This guide is just beginning 😀

4. Disable the “Allow comments” option

Disable the "Allow comments" option
Disable the “Allow comments” option

Next up, a menu should have appeared at the bottom of the app. You’ll see several settings related to who can see the video.

The last option on the list is “Allow comments“. Make sure that option is greyed out (in the screenshot above it’s green, so enabled).

Tap on it to disable it (turn it grey). This way, no one will be able to comment on your TikTok video.

5. Tap on “Next

Tap on "Next"
Tap on “Next”

Now you just have to post the video by tapping on “Next” and following the next steps in the guide.

6. Select “Post

Select "Post"
Select “Post”

On this screen, you can tag people, select who can watch your video, and fiddle with other options. When you’re done, select “Post,” and you’re done.

This will post the TikTok video, and the comments section will be disabled by default. Not even your friends will be able to comment on the video.

After Posting the Video

What if you’ve already posted the video with comments enabled, and now you want to disable them?

Then just follow my instructions:

1. Find the video on your TikTok profile

Find the video on your TikTok profile
Find the video on your TikTok profile

First, you need to find the video you posted. Go to your TikTok profile (just like you did before) and use one of the categories under your profile to see the video.

If the video is public, you’ll find it in the first category (three rows of dotted lines) If it’s private (like mine), you can find it in the second category (lock icon). That’s where all your personal videos are at.

Tap on the video and proceed with the next steps!

2. Tap on the three-dot icon

Tap on the three-dot icon
Tap on the three-dot icon

After you select your video, TikTok will zoom in so you can see the video. On the right-hand side, you’ll also see several options.

The last option is the three-dot icon – that’s where you can manage the settings of your video. Tap on it and move to the next step!

3. Select the “Privacy Settings” option

Select the "Privacy Settings" option
Select the “Privacy Settings” option

After tapping the three-dot icon, you’ll see a new menu appear at the bottom of the page. Among the options here is the “Privacy settings” option.

Select it and keep reading below:

4. Tap on “Allow Comments

Tap on "Allow Comments"
Tap on “Allow Comments”

You’ll see the “Allow Comments” option in the Privacy Settings. If the comments are enabled, the option should be green.

To disable the comments, tap on the option until the marker moves to the left and becomes grey (like in the picture above).

And that’s all. But if you don’t want to outright disable the comments, try other solutions below!

Limit the Comments Using Specific Keywords

Another solution is to use specific keywords to hide certain comments from your TikTok videos. You’ll need to enter the keywords manually, this being the downside.

Then, the AI will automatically review comments and hide those containing the keywords you entered.

Follow the steps below to set specific keywords for comments limitation:

1. Tap on the profile button

Tap on the profile button
Tap on the profile button

Just like before, you’ll need to open your profile page, so give a tap to your profile icon in the bottom-right corner to continue.

2. Tap on the three-dash icon in the top-right corner

Tap on the three-dash icon in the top-right corner
Tap on the three-dash icon in the top-right corner

Next, tap the three-line icon in the top-right corner to open the TikTok settings (well, there’s an intermediary step before that). See below:

Select "Settings and Privacy"
Select “Settings and Privacy”

This menu. See it? It appears at the bottom of the page when you tap the three-line icon. And it contains two options – Creator Tools and Settings and Privacy

Select the second option – “Settings and privacy,” and move to the next step!

3. Tap on “Privacy

Tap on "Privacy"
Tap on “Privacy”

Here we are – on the TikTok settings page. Once you’re here, select “Privacy” to access the privacy-oriented settings (that’s what you’ll need for this guide).

4. Tap on “Comments

Tap on "Comments"
Tap on “Comments”

Once you open the “Privacy” option, you’ll need to find the “Comments” option. It’s under the “Safety” menu, between the “Downloads” and “Mentions and tags” options.

Tap on it and see what’s next:

We’re nearly done, promise 😀

5. Enable the “Filter Keywords” option

Enable the "Filter Keywords" option
Enable the “Filter Keywords” option

In the “Comments” page, look for the “Filter keywords” option and enable it. It’s under the “Filter selected comment types” option.

Once you enable this option, a text field will appear. Write any offensive terms you can think of (e.g. “idiot“, “cretin“, “disabled“, etc).

Once you enter these keywords, they’ll be remembered by TikTok. The AI will automatically identify comments containing these terms and hide them from your videos.

A big downside of this is that the AI won’t analyze the comments for subtleties or humorous intentions. Whether the comment is made as a joke or not, if it contains any of the filtered words, the AI will block it.

This might annoy some of your fans. Just saying…

Review and Approve Comments Individually

This solution is the hardest one on this list, mainly because it’s pure manual labor.

You can review and approve/disprove individual comments on your videos. While it takes a lot longer to do, it’s the best way to control your TikTok video comments.

To do this, follow the same steps above to open the TikTok “Settings and Privacy” page. Then, go to the “Comments” page and choose the “Filter all comments” option.

Tap on the "Filter all comments" option
Tap on the “Filter all comments” option

This will automatically hide all new comments on your videos. If you approve them, the comments will become visible to everyone else.

They’ll remain hidden if you don’t approve of them, and no one else will see them.

However, this option is very time-consuming. If you have a large following, think about approving thousands of comments on a single video. It’s simply not feasible…

Perhaps the final solution is more to your liking! Read below:

Use the Default Spam Filter

If you don’t want to check individual comments, you can let TikTok’s AI deal with the comments on your videos.

The platform has a Spam Filter that filters out potentially spammy comments. It might not always work properly and might make an error here and there, but it works most times.

Follow the steps below to activate the spam filter:

1. Select “Filter selected comment types

Select "Filter selected comment types"
Select “Filter selected comment types”

In the “Comments” section of the TikTok “Settings and privacy,” (follow the previous steps), you’ll find the “Filter selected comment types” option.

It’s under the “Comment filters” tab and all the other features I’ve discussed above.

Select it and…just see what I do nextȘ

2. Select one of the three categories

Select one of the three categories
Select one of the three categories

Now, you’ll need to select a category to edit. The automatic spam filter can be edited on three categories of content:

  1. Inappropriate or offensive content
  2. Profanity and curse words
  3. Advertisements and spam

Select one of the categories and see what your options are below:

3. Select “More Control

Select "More Control"
Select “More Control”

If you want the spam filter to be more aggressive and filter out more comments, select the “More control” option.

This tells the AI to hold more comments up for review. If it flags them for spam or profanity, it automatically hides them.

That’s it, finally DAMN! This was a long guide, but I hope it answered all your questions about limiting the comments on TikTok videos.

If you don’t like micro-management, you can use specific keywords and the default spam filter. TikTok’s AI will identify bad comments and hide them automatically.

But if you prefer a closer approach, you can review and approve comments individually. You can also disable the comment section entirely.


Will others know their comments are hidden on my TikTok videos?

No, they won’t.

Their comments will appear as though they’re publicly visible. The only giveaway would be that no one reacts to their comments.

That’s the only way they can figure out their comments are hidden. If they believe they should have received reactions to their comments and they don’t, they’ll assume something’s wrong.

If a comment is hidden, no one can see it, so no one can react to it.

TikTok also automatically warns of inappropriate comments when someone wants to comment on something offensive.

They’ll receive a warning to rephrase their comment to avoid being offensive.

They have the option to continue posting the comment in its “offensive form,” though.

Can I allow only my friends on TikTok to comment on my videos?

Yes, you can.

TikTok has the “Who can comment on your videos and stories” option in the “Comments” section of the “Settings and privacy” options.

You have three options to choose from:

– Everyone
– Followers that follow you back
– No one

So, you allow everyone to comment on your videos, only your followers or no one.

If you allow only your followers to comment on your videos, strangers won’t be able to comment.

They’ll need to follow you first and then post a comment. That’s a bit uncomfortable and time-consuming for a spammer.

This should filter out many spammers already. If you use the filters described above, you’ll clean out your comment section instantly!

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