How to Fix “No Results Found” on Instagram Music?

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How to Fix “No Results Found” on Instagram Music?

Are you getting a “No Results Found” error on Instagram Music for no apparent reason?

Many people are reporting this problem, and it’s becoming a bit of an issue.

Maybe you’re trying to find a specific song, but this error won’t let you.

Some users said that Instagram Music works on one account but doesn’t work on their other accounts.

This guide will teach you how to deal with the “No Results Found” error on Instagram Music.

Keep reading to find out how!

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How to Fix “No Results Found” on Instagram Music?

How Can You Fix “No Results Found” on Instagram Music?

There are 8 ways to fix the “No Results Found” error on Instagram music:

  1. Update the Instagram app
  2. Try searching for a different song
  3. Enter the song name again
  4. Clear the cache and storage data of the Instagram app
  5. Re-install the app
  6. Use a VPN
  7. Use Music in Instagram Lite
  8. Change your Instagram account type

We’ll go through each solution, starting from the simplest ones and ending with the most complicated ones.

However, none of the solutions above is too complicated. If you follow the steps, you won’t have any issues!

  • Update the Instagram app

Instagram Music might show the “No Results Found” error because the app is outdated.

You never know how an outdated app behaves. It could interfere with random features of the app.

This includes the Music feature too.

To check if this is the issue, go to Google Apps or Play Store and search for Instagram.

Select the Instagram app. This will take you to the app page.

Update the Instagram app
Update the Instagram app

Next to the app’s name, you should see an “Update” button. Tap on it to update the app.

If you see “Open” instead, it means Instagram is fully updated, and the “No Results Found” error has another cause.

  • Reinstall Instagram

Maybe Instagram is bugging or glitching out. You can try reinstalling the app and see if this changes anything.

To uninstall the app, go to phone Settings – Apps – Manage Apps – Instagram – Uninstall.

Look for a Gear icon on your phone. That will take you to the Settings.

When you’re there, look for the Apps option.

Reinstall Instagram
Reinstall Instagram

You’ll find the “Apps” option if you scroll down in the Settings.

When you find it, tap on it to open the Apps.

This next step might not exist on your device, but just in case, you may need to select “Manage your apps” in the next window.

Manage apps
Manage apps

Some mobile devices have multiple steps to get to the app list.

That’s because there may be certain settings categorized differently on your device.

“Manage apps” will take you to your app list, though. It’s only an extra step.

Then, when you get to the app list, use the search box to find Instagram quickly.

Use the search box to find Instagram
Use the search box to find Instagram.

Once you find the app using the search box, tap on it.

This will take you to the app settings page.

There, you can choose to uninstall the app from your phone.

Uninstall the app
Uninstall the app

When you get to the “App info” page, look at the bottom, and you should see three buttons – Force Stop, Uninstall, and Clear Data.

Select “Uninstall” to delete the app from your mobile device.

Finally, confirm your action by tapping on OK.

Confirm your action by tapping on OK
Confirm your action by tapping on OK

This will delete all the Instagram data from your phone.

Now, you can reinstall it from the Google Apps or Play Store.

If this doesn’t solve the problem, move on to other solutions!

  • Enter the song name again

Maybe you misspelled the song when you first searched for it?

It happens to the best of us!

If the song name is especially long and you misspell a single letter, the “No Results Found” error will appear.

Try spelling the name correctly this time, and you should find what you’re looking for!

  • Clear the Instagram app cache

Sometimes, Instagram data becomes corrupt and gets saved in the cache.

If you clear the cache and data files, Instagram should work properly again.

This might be causing the “No Results Found” error on Instagram Music.

To clear the cache, go to phone Settings – Apps – Manage Apps – Instagram – Clear Data.

Clear data
Clear data

When you get to the “App Info” page, select “Clear data” from the three options at the bottom.

Then, select “Clear Cache” when asked what to do.

Clear cache
Clear cache

You can clear the cache or all the data. You can try both options – cache first and if that doesn’t work, clear all the data. It’s your choice.

Instagram will require you to log back into it, though. Clearing the cache will log you off from the app.

Moreover, it won’t remember your credentials either.

So, if you don’t remember your password, don’t clear the cache.

  • Search for a different song

Sometimes, no matter what you do, you won’t be able to find that one song.

Try searching for a different song and see if the same error pops up.

If it does, then the problem is caused by a generalized issue.

If the error doesn’t appear, it means you were misspelling the previous song name.

Perhaps Instagram doesn’t have that specific song in its databases, which means the “No Results Found” error will appear.

  • Change your Instagram account type.

Perhaps you use your business Instagram account to search for a song on Instagram Music?

If that’s true, the problem is simple – Instagram doesn’t allow business accounts to access music on the app.

You can search for music on Instagram Music using a personal account.

So, you’ll need to switch to your account from your business account.

To do that, open Instagram and tap on the Menu icon.

Change your Instagram account type
Change your Instagram account type.

The Menu icon looks like three horizontal dashes in the top-right corner. Tap on it to open the Menu.

Then, select “Settings.”


After you open the Menu, you’ll see several options like “Settings,” “Archive,” “Your Activity,” and more.

Select “Settings” to open the Settings tab.

There, you’ll find the option that lets you change account types.


In the “Settings,” scroll down until you see the “Account” option.

Select it to open a new menu with options such as “Account Status,” “Language,” “Captions,” and more.

Switch account type
Switch account type

Scroll down to the very bottom and look for 2 blue options – “Switch Account Type” and “Add new professional account.”

Select the first option – Switch account type.

Then, tap on “Switch to Personal Account.”

Switch to Personal Account
Switch to Personal Account

This will change your account type to Personal from Business.

It also means you can search for music on Instagram Music.

The “No Results Found” error should also disappear by now.

If it doesn’t work, try other solutions below!

  • Use Music on Instagram Lite

Sometimes, your Instagram app doesn’t work no matter what you do.

You could try installing Instagram Lite. This version of Instagram cuts on processor requirements and internet data usage.

It’s a dumbed-down version of Instagram with fewer features.

But the Music feature might work here.

If you’re trying to post something on Instagram and attach a specific song, you could do this on Instagram Lite.

You may not find it on the Play Store or Google Apps.

Instagram decided to remove it in some countries, including the one from which we’re writing this article.

Try looking for it on Play Store and Google Apps first. If you can find it there, it would be best.

If not, try downloading the .apk from the web. Search for “Instagram Lite download” on Google and download it.

After you install it, use it like the regular Instagram. Search your song in the Music section and see if the error appears!

  • Use a VPN

The last option involves using a VPN to bypass the “No Results Found” error on Instagram Music.

It could be that Instagram has blocked access to the Music feature in your country.

Or it might be an error that stops you from using the Music feature.

Many users report that using a VPN has solved their problems.

ProtonVPN is great for these types of situations. It’s entirely free and easy to use.

Download it from Play Store or Google Apps, install it, and open it.

Then, connect to one of the servers in the app and try using Instagram Music again!

Use a VPN
Use a VPN

When you open ProtonVPN, you need to log in first. Then, look to the bottom-right. You’ll see a white symbol there. It’s the “Connect” button.

Tap on it to connect to a random server in the world.

This will change your IP and let you access features on Instagram not available in your country.

Maybe it can also fix the Music “No Results Found” error.


The “No Results Found” error on Instagram Music can appear for various reasons.

It could be that the Instagram app is buggy or outdated, or the Music feature is inaccessible to you.

Either update the app, reinstall it, or use a VPN. 

If that doesn’t work, switch to your personal account from your business Instagram account.

You can do this by going to Instagram Menu – Settings – Account – Switch Account – Personal Account.

Alternatively, you can try clearing your Instagram app cache or using Instagram Lite.

Why can’t I find any songs on Instagram?

Instagram Music is available in over 90 countries across the globe. If you live in one of the 100-something other countries on Earth, you may not have access to Instagram Music.

The Music Sticker may not be present at all in your Instagram app.

Sometimes, even if the sticker is there, you’ll get the “No Results Found” error no matter what you’re searching for.

You can only complain to Instagram support about this or use a VPN.

Using a VPN is the simplest method to solve this interdiction issue.

Why doesn’t my business Instagram have music?

It’s clear by now that you can’t find any music on Instagram if you’re logged into your business account. That’s because Instagram has decided to cut off access from music to business accounts.

They want to discourage the illegal commercial use of songs by businesses on Instagram.

Copyright issues and all that!

Simply put, that’s why Instagram doesn’t let you find music if you’re using your business account.

The algorithm will think you want to use it without copyrights and tries to stop that.

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