Will Twitter or Facebook Ban Odysee Links?

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Will Twitter or Facebook Ban Odysee Links?

If you share something from Odysee on Twitter or Facebook, will you get banned? Not necessarily.

The answer to this question depends on the type of content you link to. If the content itself contains things that Twitter/Facebook doesn’t condone, you may get banned.

But if you link to a cooking video, no one will ban you. They have no reason to. After all, Odysee is a video-sharing platform just like YouTube.

It doesn’t have any inherent bad quality to it. The type of content you share matters, not the video platform itself.

So, Twitter and Facebook don’t automatically ban links that come from Odysee.

Will Twitter or Facebook Ban Odysee Links?

What Odysee Links Can Get You Banned on Twitter or Facebook?

Twitter and Facebook aren’t all-forgiving, and they aren’t going to allow you to link to restricted content, even if it’s from another platform.

Here’s the type of Odysee content that may get you banned if you post it on Twitter or Facebook:

  1. Political misinformation
  2. Racist content
  3. Transphobic content
  4. Violent or brutal content
  5. Incitements to violence against certain demographics
  6. Adult content
  7. Etc…

Some of the content above (adult content or violence) isn’t allowed on Odysee either. Even though the platform is less restrictive, it still won’t let you post any content indiscriminately.

But Facebook and Twitter are more restrictive than Odysee. So, some of the content allowed on Odysee may not be allowed on Twitter.

You’d better read the user guidelines for both Twitter and Facebook before you post a link to controversial content on Odysee.

You don’t want to get your account banned for no fault, do you?

Is Odysee Restricted on Twitter or Facebook?

No, it’s not. You’re allowed to link to Odysee videos on Twitter or Facebook without facing any penalties.

While Odysee doesn’t have as many restrictions as YouTube, the platform is not inherently bad. So Twitter or YouTube won’t restrict it.

While there may be idiotic and divisive videos on Odysee, there are plenty of informative videos too. The “bad” content doesn’t pervert the “good” content.

Platforms like Twitter and Facebook only look at the particular video you’re posting, not where it comes from.

Is the video a type of content that they can’t allow on their platform? They’ll restrict it and censor you. If it’s bad enough, they may even ban your account.

But if the video is regular content like a product review or a gaming video, they won’t do anything to restrict you.


In short, posting an Odysee video on Twitter or Facebook won’t get you banned or censored automatically. It all depends on the video you post and not its origins.

If the video is not allowed on Twitter or Facebook, they’ll censor you or ban your account. It’s as simple as that.

Just like they don’t ban videos coming from other platforms either. Or different types of content that come from various platforms.

Leave a comment down below if you have any questions. I’ll reply as soon as possible!

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