How to Post as a Page on a Facebook Group?

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How to Post as a Page on a Facebook Group?

There are two major requirements for posting as a page on a Facebook group:

  • Being the “admin” on that group
  • Having the group and the page linked beforehand

If you’re not an admin on the group, you won’t be able to post as a page on the group. Not even moderators can do that.

As for how to do it, here’s a guide:

  • Go to “Groups
  • Open your group
  • Click on “Manage
  • Link your page to your Facebook group
  • Open your group
  • Select the person you want to post as (group or page)
  • Post something

The process is a bit more in-depth and detailed than you’d like but it is what it is. I’ll help you go through it quickly, so follow the detailed guide below!

Link Your Page to Your Facebook Group

Assuming you’re an admin on the Facebook group, you’ll need to link the page to the group first. To do this, start following my instructions:

1. Go to “Groups

Go to "Groups"
Go to “Groups

Begin by opening Facebook and entering your credentials. Then, look for the “Groups” option on the left-hand side menu, under the “Marketplace” option.

Select it and keep reading:

2. Open your group

Open your group
Open your group

Once the Groups window opens up, you’ll see a list of all your groups in one place. Select the one you’re interested in and proceed!

3. Click on “Manage

Click on "Manage"
Click on “Manage

With the Facebook group opened, locate the “Manage” button (under the blue “Invite” button – check the screenshot) and tap it.

4. Go to “Group Settings

Go to "Group Settings"
Go to “Group Settings

In this menu (screenshot above), you should find the “Group settings” option and select it.

5. Click on “Linked Pages

Click on "Linked Pages"
Click on “Linked Pages

Scroll down to the bottom of the group settings and select the “Linked Pages” option (the one with a pen next to it). Check the picture above if you can’t find it.

We’re barely halfway through with the guide, just saying…

6. Link your Page

Link your Page
Link your Page

Under the “Pages you manage” heading, you’ll see all your current pages on Facebook. Select “Link” next to the page you want to post as, and see the next steps:

7. Confirm the linking process

Confirm the linking process
Confirm the linking process

The Facebook AI overlord will want you to confirm – tap “Link” to get this done.

Now, all that’s left is to post as the page itself – a intuitive process but check below, nonetheless.

Post as a Page on Your Group

After you link the Page to the Group, it’s very easy to post it as a page on the group. Look below:

1. Open your group

Open your group
Open your group

Go back to your Facebook feed and look in the top-right corner. You should see the “Your Pages and Profiles” header. You’ll find your group under this header.

Click on it to go to your Group’s interface.

2. Select your online persona

Select your online persona
Select your online persona

Once you open the group interface, click on your profile picture in the top-right corner (not the upper-most one, but the one below that). Once you click on it, a menu with several options should appear.

This is where you can select the online persona to use on your group. You can use your regular profile or your Page’s profile.

Select your Page to switch to it. Now, whenever you post something on the group, you’ll be doing it as a Page, not as an individual.

3. Post something

Post something
Post something

Now, all you need to do is post anything on the group. You’ll notice that next to the post box, you’ll find your group’s icon, showing that you’ll post as a page on the group.

That’s all, folks! Glad you could be here with me.

If you have other questions about Page posting on Facebook, feel free to comment below. I’ll be sure to reply soon!

Also, stay tuned to upcoming articles on Facebook and other social media platforms.

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