How to Premiere a Video on YouTube

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How to Premiere a Video on YouTube

Premiering a video on YouTube lets you interact with your viewers in real-time.

After posting a few videos and building up your subscriber count, it’s a step up.

Any YouTube creator should premiere a video at some point.

This guide will show you how you can do that.

How to premiere a video on YouTube?

  1. Click on the Camera icon and select “Upload Video”
  2. Upload your video
  3. Go to “Visibility” settings
  4. Select “Set as instant Premiere”
  5. Finally, you should click on “Schedule” or “Save”

Keep reading to find out how to improve your subscriber engagement with a video premiere!

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How to Premiere a Video on YouTube

How Can You Premiere a Video on YouTube?

You’ll need to open YouTube on a desktop browser and upload the video.

Fiddle with the visibility settings and set the video as a premiere with a specific date.

Alternatively, you can premiere the video immediately. Your subscribers will receive a notification and will be able to participate.

Both you and your subscribers will watch the video in real-time, with a comment section to participate in.

The chat is live, as well.

To premiere the video, follow the steps below:

  • Click on the Camera icon and select “Upload Video”
Click on the Camera icon and select “Upload Video”
Click on the Camera icon and select “Upload Video”

Open YouTube on your desktop first. This won’t work on your mobile device.

After you open YouTube, you’ll arrive on the main page of YouTube.

The “Create” button looks like a camera and is placed in the top-right corner.

It’s to the left of your profile picture.

Click on it and then select Upload Video”.

  • Upload your video
Upload your video
Upload your video

This will take you to a new page where you can upload your video.

Tap on “Select Files” to search for your video on your computer. Make sure you save it somewhere easy to find.

Please find it and select it.

This will upload the video to YouTube and open a new customization window.

  • Go to “Visibility” settings
Go to “Visibility” settings
Go to “Visibility” settings

Once you upload the video, you’ll be taken to a customization page.

You can add the video title and a description, upload thumbnails, and customize several other options.

On the Video Elements” page, you can add cards or end screens for the video.

To premiere the video, you need to go to “Visibility” to set the video’s privacy.

That’s where you’ll be able to set the video as a premiere.

  • Select “Set as instant Premiere”
Select “Set as instant Premiere”
Select “Set as instant Premiere”

In the Visibility menu, you can select the privacy of your video. Set it as private to make it visible to a select number of people.

The “Unlisted” option means anyone with the link can watch the video.

Select “Public” and then check the “Set as instant premiere option to turn your video into a premiere.

The video will start immediately, and all your subscribers will be notified of this.

However, it’s better to schedule your video as a premiere to give time to your subscribers.

Maybe some of them aren’t available to watch the premiere right away.

To schedule it, select “Schedule”, and then customize the date and time.

Then, you must enable the “Set as Premiere” option.

YouTube - “Set as Premiere”
YouTube – “Set as Premiere”

Whether you want to post it right away as a premiere or you want to schedule it, this menu lets you do that.

You need to enable the “Set as Premiere option, though.

Otherwise, your video will be uploaded as a simple video instead of a premiere.

It won’t have a live chat and other premiere-specific features enabled.

When you schedule a premiere video, subscribers will see it on their feeds.

They’ll also receive a reminder 30 minutes before the video premiers.

Finally, you should click on “Schedule” or “Save”, depending on whether you want to post the video or schedule it for another time.

That’s about it. This is all it takes to premiere a video on YouTube.

It’s not that difficult.


Chatting with your subscribers in real-time while watching your video on premiere is very engaging.

It lets your fans know you better and build more rapport with them.

Premiering a video is simple – go to the “Visibility” tab after you upload the video on the desktop, and select “Public”Premiere or “Schedule”Premiere.

The privacy settings let you premiere any video you want, immediately or on a scheduled date.

When the video is premiering, you should be active in the live chat to interact with your subscribers.

After the premiered video ends, it’ll become a normal video, and subscribers will be able to comment under it.


How many subscribers do you need to premiere on YouTube?

There’s no minimum subscriber limit for premiering a video on YouTube.

Anyone can do it at any time.

Even if you have no subscribers, you can upload a video and set it as a premiere.

However, if you want to set a trailer for your video premiere, you’ll need at least 1,000 subscribers.

Moreover, a premiere should act as a boost-up for your channel, so only do it when you’re already pretty popular with your subscriber base.

The video premiere should let the subscribers interact with you more.

What’s the difference between premiere and live on YouTube?

The biggest difference is that a premier isn’t filmed live. The live video means you’re filming it in real-time.

The premiere video is pre-recorded and posted on the platform at a later date.

But it acts as a live video because there’s a live chat, and you can interact with your subscribers.

You can also have donations like other standard live streams.

The live chat allows you and your fans to comment on the video as it plays.

So, a premiere video has all the traits of a live video without having to film it in real-time.

Can you premiere a video twice on YouTube?

No, you can’t.

YouTube doesn’t allow you to upload the same video twice, even if it’s a premiere.

Moreover, the scheduling option doesn’t let you schedule the same video twice.

It only works for one schedule; the second time won’t work if it’s the same video.

This keeps all the YouTube content fresh and prevents spam from piling up.

Creators are forced to stay creative and provide new content.

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