How to Recover a Disabled Instagram Account?

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How to Recover a Disabled Instagram Account?

Did Instagram disable your account, and you don’t know why?

Or you do know why and still want to get back to Instagram.

If you don’t do something, it’ll stay disabled forever, and you won’t be able to access the social media platform again.

It’s terrible to lose years of photos and videos just because you did one bad thing. Or you did nothing, and Instagram still disabled your social media account.

This article will teach you how to recover your disabled Instagram account with easy steps to follow.

How to recover a disabled Instagram account:

  1. Go to the Instagram form for disabled accounts
  2. Fill out the form and send it
  3. Wait for Instagram to reply
  4. Wait for account reactivation

Read below to discover the whys and hows of a disabled Instagram account!

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How to Recover a Disabled Instagram Account

Why Did Instagram Disable Your Account?

Instagram Community Guidelines message
Instagram Community Guidelines message

The Instagram team posted this in 2019.

Hate speech, nudity, bullying, harassment, adult content, substance sales, and extremism can get your account disabled.

While Instagram does allow you to appeal to the decision made by the moderators, your social media account will still be disabled in the meantime.

If you violate Instagram’s community guidelines and terms of use, the mods will sometimes strike without warning.

They may permanently ban or delete your account if you repeat your offenses.

And there’s no coming back from that.

But if your Instagram account has been disabled, even by mistake, you can recover it in a few simple steps.

How Do You Recover a Disabled Instagram Account?

Essentially, you must fill out a form and wait for Instagram to respond.

The form is called “My Instagram Account Was Deactivated,” and you can find it in the Help Center.

Or click here.

This form addresses accounts that have been disabled for violating community guidelines.

Use this form if your account has been disabled for posting misleading or fraudulent content and violating intellectual property.

After you complete the form and send it, you should receive an email from Instagram support.

They’ll require you to take a selfie of yourself holding a handwritten code they’ll provide.

Your face and the code have to be visible.

You should receive a positive answer from Instagram in a couple of days.

Follow the steps below to reactivate your disabled Instagram account:

1. Go to the Instagram form for disabled accounts

You should check out the Instagram Help Center for information on disabled accounts, reasons for disabling accounts, and so on.

It’s good to have a general grasp of why Instagram may have disabled your account.

If you know you’re innocent, don’t apologize because that means you accept the blame.

For this article, we’ll be using the form for disabled accounts that violated community guidelines (this one).

If your case is different, then use the other form.

2. Fill out the form and send it

After accessing the form, complete all the fields (name, email address, Instagram username, mobile number, and appeal details).

Request your Instagram account to be reinstated
Request your Instagram account to be reinstated

You don’t need to go into too many details in the last box.

Just say that you didn’t breach the user guidelines or, if you did, that you weren’t aware it wasn’t allowed.

Depending on the form you’re using, you may need to offer a few pictures of the content that your account was disabled for.

If you’re on your first violation, the mods should be lenient and restore your account.

If this isn’t your first time getting your Instagram account disabled, the mods may refuse to restore your account.

Still, it’s worth a shot.

After filling out the form, press “Send” in the bottom-right corner.

3. Wait for Instagram to reply

Instagram's reply to account suspension appeal
Instagram’s reply to account suspension appeal

Eventually, Instagram will email you the email address you used to complete the form.

Ideally, that email address should be tied to your Instagram account.

Make sure your contact information stays updated at all times, though.

If it’s not updated, Instagram won’t be able to contact you, and you’ll lose your Instagram account.

Check your spam inbox for the Instagram email if you still haven’t received it.

In the email, they’ll ask you to send them a photo of yourself holding a paper with a code.

After you take the photo and make sure it’s clear enough, send it as a reply to their email.

4. Wait for account reactivation

If all goes well and the photo is clear, Instagram should reply in 3-5 days.

The only problem is that they won’t notify you if there’s a problem.

They won’t tell you if the photo you sent is unclear.

You might be waiting for nothing.

So, ensure you do it right in one shot and waste as little time as possible.

If you haven’t violated any user guidelines before, Instagram should reactivate your account.

But if that’s not the case, your account may be permanently disabled.

How Can You Recover a Hacked Instagram Account?

If you think someone hacked your account, you need to do something immediately.

The hackers could do irreparable damage to your name and get your account disabled for good.

First off, check your email. Did you receive a notification that the email address associated with your Instagram account has been changed?

If not, quickly change your Instagram account password, and you’re safe.

If yes, then things are a bit more complicated.

But not impossible.

On the login screen to your Instagram account, select the “Get help signing in” or “Forgot password” option (Android or iOS).

Instagram "Forgot Password" feature
Instagram “Forgot Password” feature.

Once you press that, you should be redirected to another page.

Here, you can enter your phone number to receive a login link.

Image showing how to recover your Instagram account and password
Recover your Instagram account and password

Follow the instructions you receive on your phone to recover your hacked Instagram account.

Once you can access your account again, change your Instagram password and disable any third-party apps.

Secure your account from any external parties and then repair the damage that’s been done.

Alternatively, you can report your account as being hacked. You’ll need to send Instagram a photo of yourself holding a security code.

And in the future, use two-factor authentication to prevent this from happening again.


Having your Instagram account disabled is nothing new.

It happens to many users for a variety of reasons. Some users woke up with a disabled account overnight, having done nothing to warrant it.

Instagram is known to disable accounts by mistake. If that’s the case, you can get it back easily peasy.

Even if you broke some user guidelines, you could still get back your account, but it’ll be harder.

Fill up the “My Instagram Account Was Deactivated” form, follow up with the instructions, and wait for a couple of days.

The mods should reinstate your account!

When Instagram disables your account, your Facebook account may also be affected.

This is because Facebook also owns Instagram.

Sometimes, you will need to create a new account if your old one won’t be reinstated.


Can You Recover a Permanently Deleted Instagram Account?

The Instagram Help Center says that if your account is deleted, you can’t get it back.

Using your credentials doesn’t matter if you deleted it or someone else did.

Once the account is deleted, all your data is scrubbed from the Instagram databases.

Even they can’t access it anymore.

This means you can create another account using the same email address and, potentially, the same username.

However, if someone else takes your past username, you can do nothing.

Find another username and create another Instagram account!

What happens if my Instagram account remains disabled?

Once Instagram disables your account, you have exactly 30 days to recover it.

If you don’t re-enable it during those 30 days, Instagram may delete it.

Depending on the severity of your actions, Instagram may choose to disable your account for 24-48 hours or even an entire week.

After that week, you only have three more weeks to restore your account before it’s disabled.

Fortunately, three weeks is more than enough to restore your account.

Can you disable your Instagram account voluntarily?

Yes, you can.

There are two ways your account could be disabled. Either you disable it yourself temporarily, or Instagram does.

If you disable it, you can regain access whenever you want.

Many users do this when they want to take a break from Instagram or don’t have the necessary time anymore.

When you decide to come back, you can re-enable your Instagram account from the Instagram app.

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