How to Remove Your Phone Number From Discord

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How to Remove Your Phone Number From Discord

Do you want to remove your phone number from your Discord account?

You may want to do that because you’ve changed your number or no longer use Discord.

There’s an easy way to do it. You can do it from within Discord without a problem!

In this article, you’ll learn how to remove your phone number from Discord.

Do these to remove your phone number from Discord:

  1. Go to Discord Settings
  2. Select My Account
  3. Remove the phone number

Please keep reading to see how to do it!

How to Remove Your Phone Number From Discord

How to Remove Your Phone Number from Discord?

There are two ways to remove your phone number from your Discord account – either you delete your Discord account, or you go to the app’s settings and remove the number only.

If you remove the Discord account, your phone numbers won’t be attached to your account anymore.

To remove your Discord account, go to Discord’s Settings – My Account – Delete Account.

Discord Settings - Delete Account
Discord Settings – Delete Account

But if you don’t want to remove your Discord account entirely, there’s another way to remove your phone numbers from your Discord account.

To do this, follow the steps below:

  • Go to Settings
Discord Settings menu
Discord Settings menu

You need to go to Settings to remove your phone number from the Discord app.

  • Select My Account
Discord account - My account menu
Discord account – My account menu

Look for My Account. It should be the first option under User Settings.

Once you’re there, you should see the Phone Number option in the middle.

  • Remove the Phone Number
Remove the Phone Number from Discord
Remove the Phone Number from Discord

You’ll see a Remove button if you previously added your mobile number there.

Click on it and follow the instructions on your screen to finalize the process.

You may need to verify your password to remove the phone number.

Discord phone verification may also be needed through a verification code.

If you add the same number to another Discord account, it’ll be removed from the first one.


If you’re sure you want to remove your phone number from Discord, it’s simple to do it.

Go to Settings – My AccountPhone Number.

There, you’ll see a button saying Remove Phone Number.” Enter your password and agree to the changes.

That’s it!

But you must know that some Discord servers require you to verify your phone number.

You can add it later on if you need to enter such a Discord server. Remove it when you don’t need it!


How long do you have to wait to switch phone numbers on Discord?

If you remove your phone number and try to add another one, you might get a “rate limited” error.

This error stops you from performing certain actions too fast.

While it’s meant to secure your Discord account better, it can be frustrating when it happens.

Wait 10-15 minutes before removing your phone number or adding another one.

That way, you won’t encounter the error.

So, the wait time is only 15 minutes at worst. You can often add another number after 5-10 minutes of waiting.

Can you have two Discord accounts at once?

Not with the same email address, no.

Discord won’t ask you to verify your accounts with a phone number if you’re not doing anything suspicious.

So they won’t know it’s the same person behind the two accounts.

You can also use the accounts simultaneously with different browsers.

Open one account in Google Chrome and another one in Firefox.

But you can’t open two Discord accounts on the same email address. It just doesn’t work that way.

Your email address is unique and the primary identification for a Discord account.

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