How to Remove Quick Access on Facebook?

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How to Remove Quick Access on Facebook?

Facebook’s Quick Access is not for everyone, admittedly. However, Facebook doesn’t make it obvious how to get rid of it, which brings you here.

Fortunately, I can help you out…

Here are three ways to get rid of that pesky Quick Access Facebook feature:

  1. Clear the Facebook searches
  2. Clear the Facebook cache from your phone settings
  3. Use Facebook Lite instead of the normal Facebook

I can’t guarantee they’ll work for you since they’re unofficial fixes, not legit Facebook features. But it won’t take too long, and it’s worth a shot. Keep reading for a detailed guide with screenshots to help you out!

Clear the Facebook Searches

I should explain the logic behind Quick Access and how to best remove it. You see, Quick Access is an automatic feature that provides you easy access to your most used features, pages, and options

Think of things like Dating, Marketplace, and so on.

In the guide below, most of the solutions will revolve around the idea of removing your traces from Facebook, clearing the session, and removing your preferences.

This way, the Quick Access menu won’t have any data to show you.

Let’s start with clearing the Facebook searches:

1. Tap on the “Search” icon

Tap on the "Search" icon
Tap on the “Search” icon

Begin by opening Facebook and selecting the magnifying glass icon in the top-right corner (near the Messenger icon – check the screenshot).

2. Select “See All

Select "See All"
Select “See All

The Search function will take you to another page where you should see the “See all” button in blue somewhere around there.

Select it and see the next steps:

3. Select “Clear all

Select "Clear all"
Select “Clear all

After tapping “See all“, the button will suddenly transform into “Clear all“, so give it another tap to clear the searches.

It should reset your “Quick Access” bar and no longer show it. At least for the time being…

4. Confirm by selecting “Clear all

Confirm by selecting "Clear all"
Confirm by selecting “Clear all

Once you tap on “Clear all“, Facebook will ask you to confirm, saying that this will remove all your search history on all your devices. And you can’t undo this. But then again, you don’t care, do you?

Confirm away!

Clear the Facebook Cache

Another way to remove the “Quick Access” feature from Facebook is to clear the app’s cache from your phone settings.

Here’s how to do that:

1. Open your phone settings

Open your phone settings
Open your phone settings

To clear the Facebook cache, you need to go to Settings – Apps – Facebook – Clear cache. So, the first step is opening your phone settings (gear icon in the bottom-right corner).

Select it and see the next steps:

2. Go to “Apps

Go to "Apps"
Go to “Apps

The next step is scrolling down your phone settings and selecting “Apps” when you find it. It should be right about in the middle of the settings menu.

Check the screenshot above if you can’t find it.

3. Search for Facebook

Search for Facebook
Search for Facebook

Once you tap on the “Apps” option, you should be on your app list. If there’s an intermediary step, select the “App list” or “App management” option. That’ll take you to the app list.

Once you’re there, search for Facebook and select it.

4. Go to “Storage Usage

Go to "Storage Usage"
Go to “Storage Usage

Next, you should find the “Storage usage” option and tap on it. If there is no such option, then find the “Clear cache” option and select it.

Depending on your phone, this page may look different to you. Just remember you’re looking for the “Clear cache” option.

5. Tap on “Clear cache

Tap on "Clear cache"
Tap on “Clear cache

Once you’re in the “Storage usage” menu, look for the “Clear cache” button and tap on it. You may or may not need to confirm this action.

If requested, confirm the action by selecting “Clear cache” again. This should remove the “Quick Access” menu from your Facebook app.

If the two solutions above don’t work, you only have one solution left.

Use Facebook Lite

The fastest way of removing Facebook’s Quick Menu is to not use Facebook. Instead, use Facebook Lite. It doesn’t have all the features of Facebook, but people still use it.

Here’s how to download and install it:

1. Go to “Play Store

Go to "Play Store"
Go to “Play Store

The first step – open the Play Store. Facebook Lite will be on your Play Store, so open it and see the next step:

2. Find Facebook Lite and install it

Find Facebook Lite and install it
Find Facebook Lite and install it

Once you’re on the Play Store, search for Facebook lite and tap on the “Install” button. Wait for the installation to finish and then open it.

Log in with the same Facebook credentials and enjoy a Quick Menu-free experience!


To summarize, you can remove the “Quick Access” menu on Facebook by using one of the three solutions below:

  • Clear the Facebook searches
  • Clear the Facebook cache from your phone settings
  • Use Facebook Lite instead of the normal Facebook

Your safest option is using Facebook Lite instead of the normal Facebook app. The first two solutions are temporary, unfortunately.

However, Facebook Lite will never have the “Quick Access‘ feature!

If you have questions about the “Quick Access” option or Facebook Lite, comment below, and I’ll reply as soon as possible!

What’s the difference between Facebook and Facebook Lite?

If you’re considering using Facebook Lite, you might wonder how it’s different from the regular Facebook app.

Here are the main differences between Facebook and Facebook Lite:

– Facebook Lite has 1.59MB, whereas Facebook has 57MB in size
– Facebook Lite uses less RAM and CPU power
– Facebook Lite works on older phone models
– Facebook Lite uses less mobile data
– Facebook Lite loads and functions faster

There aren’t too many differences between Facebook and Facebook lite other than functionality and better ease of use for the latter.

You also don’t get the “Quick Access” feature if that bothers you. There aren’t as many user complaints about Facebook lite either.

It seems the app functions better than the normal Facebook and loads faster, leading to a better overall experience.

What is quick access on Facebook?

Quick Access” was recently released by Facebook as a feature that helps you use Facebook faster.

The feature appears in the “Searches” menu after you tap the magnifying glass icon, showing you the most used functions, features, and pages.

The menu is specific to every user and changes based on your interactions with Facebook.

For instance, if you use “Marketplace“, “Dating,” and the “Live Video” features a lot, they will appear in the “Quick Access” menu.

Other users may use different features and pages, so they’ll receive different recommendations on their “Quick Access” menu.

You don’t need to use this feature, though. However, there’s no direct way to disable it. Facebook hasn’t implemented one yet.

If you want to remove it, the best solution is to use Facebook Lite!

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