How to Reply to a Specific Instagram Message?

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How to Reply to a Specific Instagram Message?

Instagram has many new features, and one of them is the “Replies” feature. If you guess what it does, I’ll give you a candy. No?

Well, it allows you to reply to a specific message on Instagram. The other person will also see which comment you’re responding to. Quite handy!

But some people on Instagram haven’t been able to use this new feature or don’t know about it.

The “Replies” feature doesn’t even appear for these users, in fact.

I’m here to save the day, so keep reading to learn how to fix this issue and make the “Replies” button appear back.

How to reply to a specific message on Instagram:

  1. Tap on “Menu” and select “Settings”
  2. Tap on “Update Messaging”
  3. Tap on “Update”

Keep reading to learn how to reply to a specific Instagram DM.

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How to Reply to a Specific Instagram Message?

How to Reply to a Specific Instagram Message?

The reason you can’t use the new messaging feature on Instagram is that you haven’t installed the new update. Damn updates, all the time.

I’ll help you install the update, so follow these steps:

  • Tap on Menu and select Settings
Instagram Settings
Instagram Settings

The first thing you should do is open Instagram and go to your profile page. Once you’re there, look for the aptly-named Hamburger icon in the top-right corner. Give that a strong tap and a menu should open at the bottom of the screen.

Among the option there, you’ll see the “Settings” option. Just like before, give this one a good tap!

  • Tap on Update Messaging
Tap on Update Messaging
Tap on Update Messaging

Once you’ve selected “Settings“, you’ll reach the page shown in the screenshot above. At the top, you’ll see the “Update Messaging” button, which you should tap right this instant.

Normally, this button doesn’t appear if you’ve already updated the messaging. But you’re here, reading this article. Which means you haven’t updated the messaging.

  • Tap on Update
Tap on Update
Tap on Update

After you select Update Messaging, Instagram will send you a notification window where it tells you what you’re about to do, so you don’t mess things up.

After you read the notification, simply give the “Update” button a warm touch and you’re done.

That’s it!

Now, you can hold-tap a private DM and select “Reply” to answer that individual message. It makes your life a whole lot easier, eh?

Mother of All Conclusions

I’ll keep this short. The reason you can’t reply to specific Instagram messages is that you haven’t updated the messaging feature.

Follow the steps above to do just that. Now, when you swipe left on a DM (Direct Message), you’ll see four options instead of three – Copy, Report, Save, and Reply.

Tap on “Reply” to…reply to that message. Comment down below if this piece was helpful!

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