How to Report a Facebook Account in 2022

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How to Report a Facebook Account in 2022

Did you want to report someone on Facebook for harassment or hate speech?

Are they posting nude content, and you want that content gone?

This guide will teach you how to report a Facebook account, a comment, a photo, a page, or a post.

It’s a simple process, and it only takes a few moments.

If the person you report is found guilty of violating the Community Guidelines, Facebook support will probably disable their account.

Read below to see how you can report a person’s account on Facebook or Facebook!

How to report a Facebook account:

  1. Find the Facebook profile you want to report
  2. Select the Facebook user you want to report
  3. Tap on the “three-dot” icon
  4. Tap on “find support or report profile”
  5. Select a reason for reporting the profile
  6. Take other steps or tap “Done”

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How to Report a Facebook Account in 2022

How Can You Report a Profile on Facebook?

If you want to report somebody’s Facebook profile, follow the steps below:

1. Go to that person’s Facebook profile

Image showing a Facebook profile on mobile
Go to the Facebook profile you wish to report

You can search for someone’s profile by tapping the magnifying glass icon in the top-right corner of the Facebook app.

Write the name of the person you want to report in the field.

2. Select the Facebook user you want to report

Image showing Facebook search results based on searching a friend's name.
Select the name of the Facebook user you want to report

You’ll get a list of people with the name you typed in. Find the one you want to report and tap on their profile.

This will take you to their profile page.

3. Tap on the three-dot icon

Image of a Facebook page on mobile where the "Three-dots" icon is highlighted
Tap on the three-dot icon under someone’s name on Facebook to bring up options

Once you land on their Facebook profile page, look for the three-dot icon.

It’s next to the Message button, under the person’s profile name.

4. Tap on “Find support or report profile”

Image of a Facebook page where the "Find support or report profile" option is highlighted
Tap on “Find support or report profile”

Once you go to their Profile Settings, you’ll see several options.

Among them is the “Find support of report profile” option.

Tap on it.

5. Select a reason for reporting that person

Facebook page showing the reasons a user can choose to report an account.
Select a reason for reporting someone on Facebook

You’ll see a list of reasons for reporting the user.

Is the other person spamming or pretending to be someone else?

Maybe they’re harassing or, posting inappropriate content or exposing your personal information?

Select the corresponding reason and move on to the next step!

You can read the Facebook community standards or terms to find the exact wording of a violation.

6. Take other steps or tap “Done”

Image showing a Facebook page where a user can block an account after having it reported
Final steps

Once you report someone, you’ll be taken to the final page.

Facebook will let you know that your report was successful. Now, they’ll investigate your report.

Additionally, you can block the other user or hide all posts from that person.

7. Tap on “Done” to finalize the process.

And that’s it.

How Can You Report a Post or Comment on Facebook?

The same principles apply to reporting a post or comment on Facebook for abusive content.

First, find the post you want to report.

Facebook page showing user comments
Find the Facebook post you want to report

Then, look to the top-right corner of the post. You’ll see a three-dot menu.

Tap on it, and you’ll see a new menu.

Facebook page showing user comments and options to report them
Option to report a post on Facebook

Tap on “Find support of report post” to report the post. Follow the same steps for reporting a profile, and you’re done!

As for reporting a comment, you need to a long tap on the comment and select “Find support or report comment.”

Image of a Facebook page that shows how someone can report comments
Reporting a comment on Facebook

That’s about it for reporting a Facebook post or comments!

Similarly, you can also report a Facebook group the same way.


Reporting people on Facebook will keep the social media platform a safer place.

If you see somebody that impersonates someone else or if they threaten you, it’s better to report them.

The Facebook reviewers will act if the other person has broken community guidelines.

It may take some time, though. Several days may go by until action is taken.

You can enable notifications about the report to receive a heads-up about the report’s progress.

Sometimes Facebook messenger will also be banned if a fake Facebook account is disabled.


What can get a Facebook account deleted?

A Facebook account won’t necessarily be deleted if you report it.

It may not even be disabled or suspended.

Because the report itself doesn’t matter much, the violation you report matters.

The severity of the report is important.

Several repeated violations may get your account deleted without prior warning.

Similarly, posting offensive content, not using your real name, or sending too many identical messages (spam) may get your account disabled.

Identity theft or using a fake account can also get someone banned.

Can a person find out who reported them on Facebook?

No, they cannot.

Facebook keeps this information confidential in case that person wants to take revenge.

So, any reports are anonymous, whether you report an account, a post, or a comment.

The only way they’ll know it was you who reported them is if you tell them yourself.

Or if someone else who knows you tells them.

Otherwise, Facebook won’t communicate your name to the person you report.

But make no mistake. Fake-reporting people may get you in trouble. So, don’t abuse the power of anonymity.

Does Facebook delete your account?

In other words, does Facebook keep any leftover data for themselves after you delete your account?

Yes and no.

User-generated content like photos, comments, and status updates you post will be deleted, normally.

If there’s a special case, Facebook can retain this data for several days.

Log data is preserved, though. And log data includes recorded data about user actions (when they log in, what they click on, etc.).

But this log data isn’t personally identifiable.

Moreover, there’s one more type of data that remains on Facebook. That’s the data/information posted about you by friends.

If someone else posts something about you, that’s not part of your account.

So, even if you delete your Facebook account, that data will remain.

The same goes for private messages you send to somebody else.

Your version of the chat will be deleted, but theirs will remain.

The messages will be stored on Facebook’s servers.

You must know that they are legally obliged to do it if you delete your account and ask Facebook to delete all your data.

But most users don’t know this.

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