How to Reset Twitter Password Without Email or Phone Number?

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How to Reset Twitter Password Without Email or Phone Number?

What if you want to change your password on Twitter, but you don’t have access to the original email and phone number?

Is it impossible to change the password or access your account?

Theoretically, Twitter can’t prove it’s you since you don’t control any methods to access the account.

But no, it’s not impossible to change the password on Twitter.

Do these to reset your Twitter password without email or phone number:

  1. Go to the Twitter Help Center – Contact Us
  2. Select “Problems with account access.”
  3. Fill in the form with your information

This guide will show you how to change the password without knowing your email and phone number.

Keep reading to find out how!

How to Reset Twitter Password Without Email or Phone Number

How Can You Change Your Twitter Password Without Email or Phone Number?

It’s simple. You need to contact customer support and let them know about the problem.

Go through the Help Center since that way is easier.

Follow the steps below:

  • Go to the Twitter Help Center – Contact Us
Finding the Twitter Help Center using Google search
Finding the Twitter Help Center

You’ll need to contact Twitter to change your password without an email address or phone number.

Go to Help Center – Contact us first.

  • Select “Problems with account access.”
Image of the Twitter Help Center page
Contacting Twitter regarding an issue

Select the second option on this webpage – Problems with account access.

This will open up a new page where you can explain your problem and enter contact information.

  • Fill in the form with your information
Selecting the "Problem with accessing Twitter account" on the Twitter Help Center page
Problem with accessing Twitter account

You’ll need to select a few options from the drop-down menu.

In the “How can we help you with your account” menu, select “I need to regain access to my Twitter account.”

In the “How did you sign up for this account,” select “Email address.”

Scroll down until you see the other fields.

Enter your Twitter username and an email address on which Twitter can contact you.

Lastly, in the “Describe the problem your having” field, explain your issue as thoroughly and convincingly as possible.

Be detailed and act naturally. They’ll understand and solve your problem.

Tap on Submit at the end to send the report!

Twitter will review your report and reply to the contact email within a few days.


It’s difficult to file a report to Twitter because the company makes it hard for people to submit reports.

They don’t want too many reports, so they usually hide these buttons.

But if you’re nitpicky enough, you’ll find them.

You must file a report to reset your Twitter password if you don’t remember your email or phone number.

Go to Help Center – Contact Us – Problems with Account Access.

Then, fill in the form, explain your problem, and submit the report.

You’ll receive a reply from Twitter in a couple of days.


Why is Twitter saying that my password is wrong?

When this message pops up, any login information could be wrong.

You could have mistyped your email, password, or even username.

Check all of them once again, and then try to log back in.

Make sure Caps Lock isn’t on either because your password will be wrong.

There’s usually nothing wrong with this error other than people mistyping their credentials.

So, check them again, and you should be good.

Can I create another Twitter account with the same email?

Normally, we should answer “no.”

But Twitter is different. Twitter allows you to create more accounts with the same email address.

The key is in adding “+something” before the

So, let’s say your email address is [email protected], and you already have a Twitter account registered under this account.

You can create another Twitter account with this email address if you change the email to [email protected]

The “+” has to be there. As for the “something,” you can write whatever you want there.

The account you create will be registered under a dummy email address that belongs to your main email address.

So information about the new account will come to your old address, [email protected]

It’s a win-win situation.

Can you search Twitter by phone number?

Yes, you can.

Go to Settings and Privacy – Privacy and safety – Discoverability – Contacts.
Tap on Sync Address Book Contacts and enable the option.

Then, Twitter will show all the accounts associated with the contacts on your phone.

So, even if you don’t know their usernames, knowing their phone numbers is enough.

You can also search for Twitter accounts based on the individuals’ names.

Most likely, they’ve set up an account with their real name.

So, you’ll have more chances of finding them by searching for their names.

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