How to Schedule Tweets on Twitter For Free?

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How to Schedule Tweets on Twitter For Free?

Do you want to schedule post tweets on Twitter for free?

This article will show you how.

Twitter released this function back on May 29, 2020. But it only works for the desktop version of Twitter.

You can’t do it through the mobile phone app.

Most importantly, you don’t need a third-party app to do it—only a browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

How to schedule tweets for free on Twitter:

  1. Open Twitter on your Desktop and click on the “Schedule” button
  2. Customize the dates
  3. Click on “Schedule” when you’re done

Read below to see how to schedule tweets on Twitter for free!

How to Schedule Tweets on Twitter For Free

How Can You Schedule Tweets for Free?

To schedule tweets for free on Twitter, you need to do it through the desktop version of Twitter.

It doesn’t work on your mobile phone app.

Follow the steps below to schedule tweets:

  • Open Twitter on your Desktop and click on the “Schedule” button
Image showing how to schedule Tweets on Twitter
Twitter – Scheduling tweets

Before you click on the Schedule button, be sure to write your Tweet.

  • Customize the dates
Twitter - Customizing dates for tweet scheduling
Twitter – Customizing dates for tweet scheduling

Here, you can establish a schedule for your tweets.

Set the month, day, and year, down to the hour and time for your tweet.

Twitter will post your tweet at the exact time you set here.

After customizing the schedule, click on Confirm in the top-right corner.

  • Click on “Schedule” when you’re done
Scheduling tweets on Twitter
Scheduling tweets on Twitter

Write your Tweet and then click on Schedule to finish.

At the scheduled date, your Twitter account will post your Tweet.


Many users schedule tweets because they don’t have time to do them manually.

Especially if you have a follower base and you must keep them happy.

Being consistent as a Twitter user is essential in garnering popularity and followers.

This feature allows you to be more efficient in your consistency.

To schedule a tweet, you must use a desktop or phone browser.

Go to Tweeter’s main screen – Schedule – Confirm – Schedule.

That’s it, and it’s completely free!


How can you see all your scheduled tweets?

Log in to Tweeter on a browser first to see your scheduled tweets.

Then, click the Schedule button (calendar icon) on the main screen.

It’s just like in the previous steps when you scheduled a tweet.

Only that this time, you won’t be scheduling any tweets.

After you click the Schedule button, the Date and Time window will appear.

Notice a “Scheduled Tweets” button at the bottom of this window.

Click on that, and a new window will open up.

There are two categories here – Drafts and Scheduled.

Drafts are tweets you started creating and abandoned at some point. You’re still thinking about how to write them, perhaps.

Scheduled tweets are the final product of what you did in the previous steps in this article.

They are tweets scheduled to be posted at a certain time and date.

Here, you’ll see all your scheduled tweets, and you can edit all of them.

What is the maximum number of tweets per day?

Twitter limits the number of tweets per day to 2,400. Retweets are also counted as Tweets, so they also count.

This daily update limit is fragmented into semi-hourly intervals as well.

So, you can’t post 500 tweets in an hour, for instance.

As for direct messages, the daily limit is 1,000. You can’t send more than 1,000 direct messages in a day.

You can also follow a maximum of 400 users/channels per day. If you’re an aggressive follower, additional restrictions may apply.

If you hit a limit, Twitter will show an error explaining what limit you’ve hit and how long you need to wait before you can post again.

Twitter imposed these limits to reduce downtime and error pages, as it seems.

Why can’t I like any tweets?

If you can’t like any tweets, it could mean your account is suspended or even banned.

Another reason is that Twitter’s servers may be down. Or they have scheduled maintenance ongoing.

You can try clearing your cache and cookies because there might be a bug in the app.

Check whether you have the latest version of Twitter, as well.

You can try reinstalling Twitter as a last resort. This will reset the app to its manufacturer settings.

Reboot your internet modem and see if that helps.

Lastly, contact Twitter if the problem persists and you don’t know why.

You can only contact Twitter customer support if you haven’t received a warning that you’ve been banned or suspended.

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