How to See Your Facebook Email Address?

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How to See Your Facebook Email Address?

Did you forget which email address you used for your Facebook account?

Not a problem (well, not THAT much of a problem)! This guide will show you how to see your Facebook email address, even if you have forgotten it.

If you’re still logged into Facebook or a Facebook page, you are lucky, as this is the simplest scenario to solve.

In this case, you can simply access the Facebook settings page and see your email address (I’ll show you below how to do this exactly).

But if you are logged out, you should still be able to log in with your phone number instead of email, and then you can check the email after.

If you don’t have a phone number associated with your Facebook account, then you can check your Google app on your phone for the email addresses used on your device.

If you don’t have a Google app either, then I guess it’s too bad, as you won’t be able to see your Facebook email address in any other way.

Read my detailed – and totally (I swear!) not complicated – intructions to see how you can discover your Facebook email address!

How Can You Find Your Facebook Email Address?

There are two solutions for this – the first is checking your personal information in the Facebook app and the second is viewing your email addresses on your phone.

The first solution is also the simplest one. If you’re still logged into Facebook, that is (if not, then check out my second solution)

1. Verify your personal information on Facebook (in case you are logged in)

One way of finding out your email address on Facebook is by verifying your personal information (in case you are still logged in).

To do this, open Facebook on your phone and tap the Menu icon (see image below).

Open Facebook on your phone and tap on the Menu icon
Open Facebook on your phone and tap on the Menu icon

The Menu icon is in the top-right corner, below the Messenger icon – it’s the icon with the three horizontal lines (I’ve highlighted it in the image above).

Tap that icon and then select “Settings & Privacy” and then “Settings”.

Select “Settings & Privacy” and then “Settings”
Select “Settings & Privacy” and then “Settings”

In the menu you see now, scroll down and find the “Settings & Privacy” option. Tap on that menu option to open several new options (you can check the image above).

The first option should be “Settings”. That’s where you need to go, so tap on it.

This will open a new window leading to the “Personal and Account Information” page.

Facebook - Personal and Account Information
Facebook – Personal and Account Information

Now you should have landed on the “Settings & Privacy” page.

Here, there are several options like Password and Security”, “Payments”, “News Feed”, and more.

Don’t scroll down. Instead, tap on the first setting under the “Account” menu that says “Personal and Account Information”.

This will then open another window, which I will show you below:

Facebook - Your contact info
Facebook – Your contact info

This is where you can see all your personal information that you added to Facebook (which you shouldn’t have for privacy reasons – but I guess in this case it’s actually useful to have it).

Tap on “Contact Info” to see your email address, phone number, and any other information you may have added.

Viewing your Facebook email address
Viewing your Facebook email address

In the Contact Info window, you’ll see the currently used email address.

One thing you should remember is that you can either make displaying this information “private” or “public”.

If you make the email address public, anyone can see it on your Facebook profile (I REALLY do not recommend this, unless you wish to be spammed or stalked).

If it’s private, only you can see it if you go to “Contact Info” (please use this setting, Facebook is a privacy nightmare – trust me on this).

So, if you’re worried about losing track of your email address, you can make it public (but as I said, you should NOT do this – seriously, trust me).

The next time you forget it, just ask one of your Facebook friends to go to your account and see the public information (but remember that random people can also see it).

Alternatively, you can add another email address by tapping on the Add email address option.

This means you’ll be able to log in to your account with either one of the two email addresses.

If you forget one, use the other one! – I guess this is a cool thing, but as I frantically said several times you should really not make your email address public.

I know this seems convenient but there are much more downsides than upsides to this.

2. Go to your Google Account on your phone

The second solution to finding your Facebook email address is checking your Google account on your phone.

Your Google account holds all the currently used or accessed email addresses on your mobile phone.

So, if you’ve used a certain email address to log in to Facebook, your Google Account will remember that (creepy Google?).

To go to your Google Account, go to Settings first (gear icon – see the image below).

To go to your Google Account, go to Settings first (gear icon)
To go to your Google Account, go to Settings first (gear icon)

Once you’re in the account Settings, look for the “Google” option. If you can’t find it, look for “Accounts” and then find “Google account” (check the below image if this is confusing – it was kinda confusing for me too when I did it, but it’s simple once you do see it).

Tap on it to see your Google accounts.

Tap on your Gmail address
Tap on your Gmail address

Here, you’ll see the email address you’re currently using with your Google app.

If you tap on it, you’ll see all your email addresses on this device.

Email accounts added to Gmail on your device
Email accounts added to Gmail on your device

Your Google app remembers all the email addresses you used on this device (I guess Google spying can be useful sometimes, after all, right?).

This list contains the email address you used to sign into Facebook.

If this list shows multiple email addresses, then you can try them one by one to see which one has a Facebook account associated with it (but really you should just remember the one you used at this point).

That’s it! Meh, right? Now it doesn’t seem that complicated anymore… which is why I added all the images. 🙂


Not knowing what email address you used to create your Facebook account is kinda rare but I guess it can still happen.

But it does happen, apparently, as people ask me how to fix this all the time. And when it happens, now you will know what to do (thanks to me – you are welcome 🙂 )

The first option is to go to Contact Info on your Facebook account or look at your Google Accounts on your mobile device.

To check your Contact Info on Facebook, go to Menu – Settings & Privacy – Settings – Personal and Account Information – Contact Info.

The second option is to look at your Google Accounts on your mobile device, go to Settings – Google/Accounts.


What can I do if I forgot my email password?

You can reset your email password through your email provider.

Tap on “Forgot password when trying to access your email account and follow the instructions there.

Alternatively, if you forgot your Facebook password and you don’t know which email you used, you have a problem.

First, you need to identify your email address. You can do so through the steps in this guide.

After that, reset your Facebook password by tapping on “Forgot password” and accessing your Facebook-associated email.

This will help you change your password and access your Facebook account immediately.

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