How to See Who Reported You on Instagram?

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How to See Who Reported You on Instagram?

Did someone report one of your Instagram posts, and you want to know who they are? Unfortunately, you can only guess based on the evidence.

Instagram doesn’t tell you who reported you. However, there are some clues you can look out for to deduce who reported you:

  1. The comments section for that post – did someone complain?
  2. The DM inbox – did anyone seem upset about the post?
  3. Check your “Followers” list – did you lose a follower recently?

These are the only three ways to figure out who reported you on Instagram. And even then, you won’t be 100% sure of their identity. You can only assume.

Keep reading to learn more about these solutions!

Check the Comments Section for Your Posts

Whoever reported your Instagram post felt offended, insulted, or thought that your post was unfitting for Instagram.

Even though they may not have commented before reporting you, it’s still possible they’ve vented their frustration at your post before deciding to report it.

Or perhaps they’ve commented on other posts? You should check the comments section for the reported post first.

If you don’t find anything incriminating, look at some of your recent posts and check for suspicious comments.

Does someone appear to be upset at you for no reason? Or are they frustrated with the content you’ve been posting recently?

If you find someone who fits the profile, you’ve likely found the person who reported you. If nothing comes up on your radar, try another solution!

Check Your Direct Messages

Perhaps whoever reported you sent you a direct message to complain about your content? You may not have noticed if you’re a popular person and your inbox is full of messages.

Check your DMs and look for someone complaining about your content or the reported post.

While it’s unlikely the one who reported you also messages you in private, it’s not impossible. Many people want to know if it was them who reported the post.

Perhaps that person wants to brag or give you a piece of their mind after reporting your post.

Don’t you have any direct messages of someone complaining or claiming the report? That’s fine; you can still use the last method on this list to figure out who reported you on Instagram.

Check Your “Followers” List

Likely, whoever reported your post has also unfollowed you.

That’s because they’re likely disappointed with you and don’t want anything to do with you anymore. So, it’s only normal that they unfollowed you.

Follow the steps below to verify your “Followers” list on Instagram:

1. Go to your profile page

Instagram feed showing the Profile icon highlighted in the bottom-right corner
Instagram feed showing the Profile icon highlighted in the bottom-right corner.

Open Instagram and go to your profile page by tapping your Profile picture in the bottom-right corner of your feed.

2. Select “Followers

Instagram profile page showing the "Followers" button highlighted in red
Instagram profile page showing the “Followers” button highlighted in red

Once you open your profile page on Instagram, find the “Followers” button next to your profile picture and select it.

3. Check for people who unfollowed you

Instagram “Followers” list showing you the people who follow your account

After you get to your Followers list on Instagram, scroll through your followers and try to see if anyone’s missing.

Whoever’s missing unfollowed you, and most likely, they’re the ones who reported you. However, what if multiple people unfollowed you?

Well, did you receive several reports for your post? Because the people who unfollowed you might be the ones who reported you.

Combine all the solutions on this list to make an educated guess about who reported you on Instagram. There’s no sure way to know who they are with 100% certainty, but you can be reasonably sure!

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