How to See Who Subscribed to Your YouTube Channel

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How to See Who Subscribed to Your YouTube Channel

Being a YouTuber means you must keep watch on metrics all the time, and this includes recent subscribers.

If you don’t know your way around the YouTube settings, finding this metric might be tricky but that’s why I’m here.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Open a desktop browser, go to YouTube, click on your profile picture, and select YouTube Studio.
  2. Once you click on YouTube studio, you’ll be taken to the Dashboard
  3. Click on “Analytics”
  4. Go to the “Recent Subscribers” menu and select the “See all” option

Sounds a bit too complicated? I agree. And that’s why I’ve went and created a step-by-step guide on finding your recent subscribers on YouTube. Follow my instructions below!

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How to See Who Subscribed to Your YouTube Channel

How Can You See Who Subscribed to Your YouTube Channel?

YouTube Studio is where you need to go. Do it on a desktop browser because the mobile app doesn’t have this feature.

Moreover, YouTube isn’t optimized for mobile browsers yet, so I don’t really recommend ever opening YouTube on a mobile browser.

1. Open YouTube and select “YouTube Studio

YouTube Studio
YouTube Studio

Assuming you’ve already opened YouTube on your computer, tap your profile picture in the top-right corner (near the notification bell) and then select “YouTube Studio” from the menu.

2. Open the Dashboard and see the subscriber analytics

YouTube Dashboard
YouTube Dashboard

Once you open the YouTube Studio, you’ll automatically be sent to the Dashboard. You’ll know that you’re in the dashboard by looking at the left-hand side menu (see image above).

In the dashboard, you should see the analytics in the center of the page (see image below).

YouTube Channel analytics
YouTube Channel analytics

At the top is your current subscriber count. Below, you’ll see a summary of the last 28 days – number of views and watch time.

If you go to Channel Analytics (blue button in the image above), you’ll see a more detailed guide on your channel’s performance.

You need to find the Recent subscribers menu on your Dashboard.

It’s in the main Dashboard window. You don’t need to go to Channel Analytics.

Look for it at the bottom of the Dashboard, so if need be, scroll down to the very bottom.

In the Recent Subscribers menu, you should see a “See all” option.

Click on it to see all your recent subscribers. However, you’ll only be able to see the last 100 people who subscribed to your channel.

Once you get to your Subscriber list, you can click “Data subscribed” to list your subscribers from newest to oldest or vice-versa.

Moreover, you’ll only see the YouTube subscribers who made their subscriptions public. Those who made them private won’t appear there.

However, they’ll still appear in your subscriber count, even though you can’t see their channel name.

To Sum it Up…

It’s important to know who subscribed to your channel because there might be a famous creator who subscribed to you.

Now that they broke the ice by subscribing to you, it’s an opportunity to jump into a collaboration.

Thus, knowing more about your YouTube subscribers gives you more opportunities to diversify your content and attract more subscribers.

I hope I’ve been able to explain pertinently how to access your recent subscribers on YouTube, and if you’re having issues with any of the steps, let me know in the comments below!


Can YouTube creators see who unsubscribed to their channels?

No, they can’t.

They also won’t receive any notification that someone unsubscribed from their channel.

They might notice that people unsubscribed when they look at the subscriber count.

However, if they’re using third-party tools to track their subscribers, they might receive notifications about this.

By default, though, YouTube doesn’t let YouTube creators see who unsubscribed.

Even if that was the case, nothing could happen to you. You can subscribe and unsubscribe to any channel whenever you want to.

Unsubscribing to a channel doesn’t mean you can’t subscribe back a few seconds later.

Why is my YouTube subscriber count stuck?

If you’ve recently hit 300 subscribers, YouTube might freeze your subscriber count for a while.

The 300-sub count is a minimum limit where YouTube starts looking at the quality view count.

They want to know whether those views are organic or not.

Another reason might be that YouTube has noticed suspicious actions from your account.

They might freeze your account while they investigate more thoroughly.

If you’re found guilty of anything, they’ll give you a notification and either demonetize your video or close your channel.

Either way, YouTube occasionally freezes your subscriber count if something seems fishy.

Lastly, your subscriber count might not move because no one subscribes to you.

If your subscriber count goes down, people unsubscribe from your channel instead.

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