Why Did Spotify Randomly Log Me Out?

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Why Did Spotify Randomly Log Me Out?

Are you encountering issues with Spotify? Because many people are in the same situation. Spotify randomly logs them out with no explanation.

Then, you can’t even log back in because the app doesn’t let you. Well, it’s time we finally put a stop to it and explain why it happens:

  1. A glitch with the password
  2. You’re logged on multiple devices
  3. Third-party apps are interfering with Spotify
  4. The Spotify app is outdated
  5. Spotify’s cache is full
  6. Your subscription has expired
  7. Spotify has server issues
  8. Your Spotify account has been hacked

Now, to get this out of the way, Spotify has had server issues in the past. So, I recommend checking the official Twitter account for Spotify and seeing if the app is down as your first recourse.

If it’s not down and no one is experiencing any issues, the problem might be on your end. Please follow my guide below. I’ll go through every solution (screenshots included) and help you figure out what’s wrong!

Why Did Spotify Randomly Log Me Out?

Change Your Password

Spotify randomly logging you out could be caused by a password issue. You may have entered it wrong too many times, or someone is trying to change it.

Fortunately, the solution is simple – change your password. Spotify will realize you’re still in control of your account and stop logging you out.

Keep reading to see how to change the Spotify password on a computer and mobile!

For Computers

If you’re using Spotify on your computer, then follow the steps below to change your password efficiently:

1. Click on your profile name in the top-right corner

Click on your profile name in the top-right corner
Click on your profile name in the top-right corner

Begin by opening Spotify in your browser, and then select your profile name in the top-right corner.

2. Select “Account

Select "Account"
Select “Account

A drop down menu will appear, showing you several options. One of them is “Account“. Select it to open the profile page (that’s where you’ll find the necessary settings to change your password).

Still keeping up? Good, keep going!

3. Go to “Change Password” in the left-side menu

Go to "Change Password" in the left side menu
Go to “Change Password” in the left-side menu

In your account settings, you should see the “Change password” option on the left-hand side menu, under the “Edit profile” option. Check the screenshot above to find it easily.

Select it and keep reading:

4. Change your password and select “Set new password” at the bottom

Change your password and select "Set new password" at the bottom
Change your password and select “Set new password” at the bottom

On this screen, you’ll have to enter the current password in the first field and the new password in the second field.

Confirm it in the third field, and then tap the green “Set new password” button in the bottom-right corner to finish this.

Now try Spotify again and see if you keep getting logged out. You do? Then try other solutions!

For Mobile Devices

Most people will be using Spotify on their mobile devices, so it’s only normal that I show you how to change your password on this device.

Remember that you can’t change your Spotify password from the app. You’ll need to open Spotify on your browser to do that.

Follow the steps below to do that:

1. Hold-tap on the Spotify website on your phone

Hold-tap on the Spotify website on your phone
Hold-tap on the Spotify website on your phone

The first step is searching for Spotify on Google using any browser. Once you do that, find the official Spotify website (open.spotify.com) and hold-tap on it.

The reason for doing this is that, if you opened it normally, the Spotify app would automatically open. And you don’t want that.

2. Select “Preview page

Select "Preview page"
Select “Preview page

Hold-tapping on the website’s name will show a pop-up window with several options. Choose “Preview page” and continue reading:

3. Tap on the three-dash icon on the right

Tap on the three-dash icon on the right
Tap on the three-dash icon on the right

After you open Spotify on your browser in a Preview format, tap on the three-dash icon in the top-right corner of the Spotify website to open the menu. You NEED the menu!

4. Select “Log in

Select "Log in"
Select “Log in

The menu will reveal several options, but you only care about one – “Log in“. Because you’re not logged into the Spotify website, I assume.

5. Enter your credentials and select “Log in

Enter your credentials and select "Log in"
Enter your credentials and select “Log in

You know what to do here – enter your Spotify credentials, tap “LOG IN” and see the next steps for instructions:

6. Tap on the gear icon in the top-right corner

Tap on the gear icon in the top-right corner
Tap on the gear icon in the top-right corner

Once you log into your Spotify account, the interface should look identical to your Spotify app. Next step – tap the Gear icon in the top-right corner to open the Spotify options.

You do realize we’re not even halfway through this article?

7. Select “View Account

Select "View Account"
Select “View Account

The Gear icon will open the settings, as they should. Select “View account‘ to… view your account settings 😀

8. Select “Edit Profile” at the bottom

Select "Edit Profile" at the bottom
Select “Edit Profile” at the bottom

This is the account overview, where you can edit all things account-related. See the “Edit profile” button somewhere on the page? Select it!

9. Tap on the “Edit Profile” field at the top

Tap on the "Edit Profile" field at the top
Tap on the “Edit Profile” field at the top

Next – search for the “Edit profile” button at the top of the page and give it a soft tap to access the page underneath.

10. Select “Change Password

Select "Change Password"
Select “Change Password

Finally, we can get started on changing the password – select the appropriate option in the list (hint – it starts with “Change” and ends with “Password“).

11. Change your password

Change your password
Change your password

It’s the same idea as on a computer – confirm your original password, enter a new one, and confirm it. Then tap “Set new password” to change your Spotify password.

If this doesn’t solve your logging issue, then onward to the following solutions!

Log Out from Other Devices on Spotify

Spotify could be logging you out because you’re logged on too many devices. To solve this, simply log out from all your devices but one.

On mobile, you can find this option on the “Account Overview” page (you can follow the steps above to get there).

Here’s what you need to do: hold-tap on the Spotify website on Google – select “Preview Page” – “Log in” – Gear icon – “View Account.”

That’s where you’ll find the option to log out of all your devices.

Tap on "Sign out everywhere"
Tap on “Sign out everywhere

The option is called “Sign out everywhere,” and the description clarifies what it does. It will sign you out from all devices that are currently connected to your Spotify account.

I recommend logging in to Spotify on only a few devices to avoid this kind of problem in the future.

This should solve your issue. If you keep getting logged out of Spotify, try other solutions!

Disable the Extensions on Your Computer Browser

Another cause of Spotify logging you out could be the extensions on your browser. They might be interfering with Spotify’s core systems and producing glitches (like logging you out).

Solution – disable your browser extensions. To do that:

1. Tap on the three-dot icon in the top-right corner

Tap on the three-dot icon in the top-right corner
Tap on the three-dot icon in the top-right corner

Assuming you’ve opened your internet browser, tap the three-dot icon in the top-right corner, go to “More tools“, and then select “Extensions” (or follow the steps outlined in the screenshot above).

2. Disable all your extensions

Disable all your extensions
Disable all your extensions

The last step is disabling all your extensions. This page (see above) allows you to do just that. Under every extension, you’ll see a blue button (for active extensions) in the bottom-right corner.

Tap on that blue button to disable the extension. Please do this for the rest of your extensions, and that will disable them all.

Then, restart your browser and log back into Spotify. Still getting logged out? Damn it all… Alright, keep reading!

Update Spotify on Your Mobile Phone

Sometimes, Spotify is outdated, and this may cause certain issues. Among them is the “logging out” problem that you’re having.

While it’s not a guarantee that this is the root of the issue, it’s worth a shot. Solution – update Spotify on your mobile device.

Oh, and here’s a guide to doing just that:

1. Open the Google Play Store

Open the Google Play Store
Open the Google Play Store

First, open the Play Store app on your mobile (should be on your app list – see the picture above).

2. Look for “Spotify” in the Google Play Store

Look for "Spotify" in the Google Play Store
Look for “Spotify” in the Google Play Store

Second, once the Play Store opens, use the search bar at the top to find Spotify. Type in the name and hit search!

3. Update Spotify

Update Spotify
Update Spotify

Once you’re on the official Spotify page, you should see the “Update” button in the top-right corner, in line with the app’s name (see the screenshot above).

If there is no “Update” button, then ignore this step because you’re up-to-date and the logging problem is caused by something else.

If there is an update available, install it and see if it solves the problem!

Clear the Spotify Cache on Your Phone

Another reason why Spotify keeps throwing you out the window is a full cache. It’s always the cache… Here’s how to clear it:

1. Open your phone settings

Open your phone settings
Open your phone settings

You’ll need to open the phone settings (Gear icon in the bottom-right corner) to access the Spotify settings and clear its cache.

2. Select “Apps

Select "Apps"
Select “Apps

Once the phone settings are opened, look for the “Apps” option somewhere on the list and open it.

3. Select “App Management

Select "App Management"
Select “App Management

Next, you should see the “App management” (it might have another name on your phone) option somewhere here. Open it to access the app list.

4. Find Spotify

Find Spotify
Find Spotify

Proceed by finding Spotify (either through a manual search or the search bar) and open its App Info (settings) page.

5. Select “Storage Usage

Select "Storage Usage"
Select “Storage Usage

The App Info page will show you various settings for for controlling Spotify (notifications, notifications, data usage, etc).

Find the “Storage usage” option (or “Cache” or “Clear data“, depending on your phone), and select it.

6. Select “Clear cache

Select "Clear cache"
Select “Clear cache

The “Clear cache” button should be somewhere on this page, so find it and select it. The cache will be deleted almost immediately.

Restart Snapchat and see if it works properly now. No? Well, read below for more solutions:

Renew Your Credit Card Details or Add More to Your Card

Another reason why Spotify could log you off constantly is that the subscription can’t renew itself. Either you’ve recently renewed your credit card or don’t have money on it.

To fix this, you should either renew your credit card details in your Spotify app or add money to your credit card.

You can do this within your Spotify app or the Spotify website. Go to “Profile.” That’s where you’ll find your subscription information.

Update it, and this should solve your issue immediately. If it doesn’t, then there are two other solutions left:

Check to See if Spotify’s Servers are Down

If Spotify’s servers are offline, it’s no wonder Spotify keeps logging you out. The app isn’t working properly…

There have been times in the past when Spotify had server issues, and in most cases, they announced this on Twitter, their official account.

You can also use the Down Detector to see if there are any reported issues with Spotify. Go to Google and type in “Is Spotify down?“.

And then select the Down Detector link.

Click on the "Down Detector" link
Click on the “Down Detector” link

After you open the Down Detector website, you should see if Spotify is down or not. There’s also a graph on the page that will show you the outages for the Spotify servers (see below).

Spotify server outages
Spotify server outages

This graph will peak when there’s an outage on Spotify. In the image above, there was an outage at around 12:00 AM.

And you can see this from the minimal and regular peaks. If the servers are down when you check Down Detector, you’ll see a peak to the very right, which indicates the current time.

Make Sure Your Spotify Account Wasn’t Hacked

Last but not least, your Spotify account may have been hacked. Someone could have gotten their hands on your credentials, and they’re using your account now.

Spotify has noticed suspicious activity, and it keeps logging you out for damage control.

I recommend changing your password and ensuring your email address remains linked to your account. If it’s not, you won’t be able to change your password.

The other person controls the account email, though, so they’ll know if you want to change the password. And either they can stop you, or they’ll know the new password when you change it.

If the email address to your Spotify account has been changed, I recommend contacting Spotify customer support and telling them about it.

They will want to verify your identity, and then they’ll help you regain access to your account.

After all, is said and done, you should have solved the problem by now. If nothing on this list works, then contact Spotify support and ask them for help.

Let me know in the comments below if you managed to solve your issue!

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