What Does TBU Mean on Facebook?

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What Does TBU Mean on Facebook?

TBU” means “To Be Updated” on Facebook. It means that the details of a certain event are not yet confirmed.

Later on, more details will be provided, which will clarify the nature of the event. So, the status of the event will be updated with new information.

Curious about how people use “TBU” on Facebook and whether it has other meanings? Keep reading because I’ll delve deeper into this topic!

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What Does TBU Mean on Facebook?

How Is “TBU” Used on Facebook and Other Social Media?

TBU” means “To Be Updated” and is used in many contexts in social media, such as:

  • Announcing a concert on a group page (“Hey, guys, Slipknot will be performing in Norfolk this year in a concert. I’d like us to get together there, so I’ll ask you to comment if you’re interested. Exact concert date TBU”);
  • Announcing a product launch – Your company is due to launch a new product sometime this year, and you create a post about this on your business page. But you don’t know the exact release date, so you mention it as “TBU,” which means you’ll update it later on;
  • A meet-up between friends – You want to get together with your friends for the weekend, but you haven’t set up an exact time and place. You leave it as “TBU,” letting your friends know you’ll update the info in the future.

You get the idea by now. The “TBU” term is always used in the same context to express that new info about an event will be added in the future.

This isn’t limited to the dates and times specified. It can also refer to other aspects, such as the characteristics of a new mobile app you’re releasing in the future.

Say you haven’t posted the specifications and characteristics of the app yet. But you’ll be doing this in the future, so for now, the product info is “TBU.”

What Else Does ”TBU” Mean on Facebook?

More informal use of “TBU” is “thinking about you,” where the “you” is spelled as “u.”

This is more often used in conversations between friends where grammatical correctness is not a priority.

The “thinking about you” meaning is quite common on Facebook and other social media platforms.

If you’re in a private conversation group and you see someone use “TBU,” it likely means “thinking about you” rather than “to be updated.”

The context of the conversation is what matters the most, though. If you’re unsure what “TBU” means, look at the entire context.

What else was said before this? What is the topic of the conversation? What was the person talking about before that led to them saying “TBU”?

If that person was talking about a certain event/product, then most likely, “TBU” means “to be announced.”

However, if they were talking to someone else and it’s a flirty/romantic situation, it might mean “thinking about you.”

Where Is “TBU” Used?

TBU” is used on Facebook and other social media platforms like:

  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • WhatsApp
  • Telegram
  • TikTok

This abbreviation can be used in formal and informal conversations and posts. That’s because it has a double meaning. It can mean “to be updated” and “thinking about you.”

The context dictates the meaning of the abbreviation at all times.


To summarize, “TBU” means “to be updated” and “thinking about you,” depending on the context.

The abbreviation is used on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many other social media platforms.

It’s pretty easy to understand the meaning of the abbreviation if you pay attention to the context.

If you have any more questions about this, leave them below, and I’ll try to reply as soon as possible!

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