How to Turn On or Off “Save Video” on TikTok?

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How to Turn On or Off “Save Video” on TikTok?

Do you want people to be able to save your TikTok videos?

Then, you need to turn on the “Save Video” option on TikTok.

Please turn it off to stop people from saving your TikTok videos to their video galleries.

This guide will teach you how to turn on and off the “Save Video” option on TikTok.

Read below to find out how you can do that!

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How to Turn On or Off “Save Video” on TikTok?

How Can You Turn On or Off “Save Videos” on TikTok?

You’ll need to go to TikTok Settings – Privacy – “Allow your videos to be downloaded.”

Turn that option on or off, and you’re done.

This will let people download your videos by tapping on the share icon or stop them from downloading.

So, if you don’t want others to steal your TikTok videos, keep it off.

Follow the steps below to turn on or off this option on TikTok:

  • Go to Settings
Go to Settings
Go to Settings

When you first open TikTok, you’ll land on the main video page, where you can watch TikToks.

To go to your Settings, you need to open your profile first.

Look at the bottom part of the app, where you’ll see several buttons.

Tap on the one on the far-right – that’s your profile.

When you get to your profile, you should see your profile picture, name, and other details about yourself.

To access the TikTok settings, look in the top-right corner for an icon showing three dashes.

Tap on it to open a new menu at the bottom.

You’ll see two settings – Creator Tools and Settings and Privacy.

Tap on “Settings and Privacy.”

  • Select “Privacy”
Select “Privacy”
Select “Privacy”

After you open the “Settings and Privacy” menu, you’ll see many options.

The “Account” submenu contains “Manage Account,” “Privacy,” “Security and login,” “Balance,” and more.

If you scroll down, you’ll see several submenus like “Content & Activity,” “Cache & Cellular Data,” “Support,” and more.

You don’t need to scroll down. Tap on “Privacy,” the second option from the top.

This will take you to the option you’re looking for.

  • Select “Downloads”
Select “Downloads”
Select “Downloads”

Once you’re in the “Privacy” settings, you should see the option you’re looking for.

Under the “Safety” submenu, you’ll see the “Downloads” setting.

Below it, several options allow you to customize your experience on TikTok.

For instance, you can make it so others can’t see your Following list.

Select “Downloads,” the first option under “Safety.”

  • Toggle the option on or off
Toggle the option on or off
Toggle the option on or off

This is it. The “Video downloads” option allows other people to download your videos.

If you toggle it on, like in the picture above, people can download your TikTok videos and share them on other platforms.

If it’s off or greyed out, no one will be able to download your videos.

It’s up to you and how you want to build your audience whether you keep the option on or off.

To download your videos, someone needs only to tap on Share – Save when looking at one of your videos.

This will save the video to their gallery.

Keeping the “Video downloads” option off makes it harder for people to save your videos, but not impossible.

If someone wants your TikTok video, they can screen-record it manually.

So, when you post something on TikTok, it becomes public, and anyone can interact with it.

After you toggle the “Video downloads” option “On” or “Off,” return to your TikTok homepage and post some videos!


Videos are essential to TikTok, and saving TikTok videos has become a welcomed habit among people.

The option to allow people to save your videos is activated by default on TikTok.

You must turn it off manually if you don’t want others to download your videos.

In the end, it’s up to you. Do you want to build a trustworthy following and keep your magic to yourself?

Then disable the “Video downloads” option and keep the videos on TikTok only.

To disable it, go to Menu – Settings – Privacy – Downloads – Video Downloads.

Toggle the option on or off based on your preferences!

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