How to Uninstall BetterDiscord from Your Computer

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How to Uninstall BetterDiscord from Your Computer

Do you want to uninstall BetterDiscord because of crashes or bans from Discord?

Many users have resorted to doing this after several crashes and bans.

Fortunately, it’s simple to uninstall BetterDiscord.

You need to download the Better Discord installer, run it, and select “Uninstall BetterDiscord.”

Or download Discord and install it again. It’ll delete the BetterDiscord plugin in the meantime.

In this article, you’ll learn how to uninstall BetterDiscord!

Follow these steps to uninstall Better Discord:

  1. Download Better Discord
  2. Run the BetterDiscord installer from your desktop and select “Uninstall.”
  3. Select Discord
  4. Go to %localappdata% and delete the BetterDiscord configurations

Keep reading to find out how.

How to Uninstall BetterDiscord from Your Computer

How to Uninstall BetterDiscord

Follow these to uninstall BetterDiscord from your device:

  • Download BetterDiscord
Uninstalling Better Discord
Uninstalling Better Discord

Search for “BetterDiscord” on Google and click on the first link.

Downloading BetterDiscord
Downloading BetterDiscord

After you click on “Download,” the app will start downloading.

  • Run the BetterDiscord installer from your desktop and select “Uninstall.”
Uninstall BetterDiscord
Uninstall BetterDiscord

There are three options: Install, Repair, and Uninstall Better Discord.

You must select Uninstall BetterDiscord and click “Next.”

  • Select Discord app
Uninstalling the Discord app
Uninstalling the Discord app

You’ll be asked to select the version of Discord that you want to uninstall.

Select the first option and then click on “Uninstall.”

After you do that, the uninstallation process will begin.

When it finishes, click on “Close” to complete the process.

  • Go to %localappdata% and delete the BetterDiscord configurations

Even though you’ve uninstalled BetterDiscord, some of its configurations will remain and conflict with the Discord app.

To delete them, go to My Computer and use the search bar to look for %localappdata%.

Press Enter after you’ve typed it in.

Go to %localappdata% and delete the BetterDiscord configurations
Go to %localappdata% and delete the BetterDiscord configurations

Now, look for the Discord server.

Deleting the Discord folder
Deleting the Discord folder

Go to it, and inside, you’ll find the folder named “app-0.0.305”. Inside this folder, you’ll find the “Resources” folder.

Delete it to uninstall BetterDiscord completely.

That’s it!

When you start the Discord application again, BetterDiscord will not start.


Technically, Discord doesn’t approve of BetterDiscord. It’s against their Terms of Service.

They’ll ban whoever’s using BetterDiscord if they catch them.

There have been very few bans for this, though. So, you may not get banned if you use it.

But there are constant crashes to worry about.

If you don’t want to use BetterDiscord, uninstall it by downloading the BetterDiscord installer, opening it, and selecting “Uninstall BetterDiscord.”

Finish the uninstallation, go to %localappdata% on My Computer, find the Discord server, go to “app-0.0.305”, and delete the “Resources” folder.


What is BetterDiscord?

BetterDiscord is an unofficial plugin for Discord that adds more functionality and customization to the app.

You can modify your client’s functionality and appearance with many options.

You can also install themes and other plugins to improve your overall experience.

A rhythm bot will add music to the Discord client, for instance.

With custom CSS, you can personalize the platform however you see fit.

BetterDiscord includes emojis and emoticons for you to use.

How do I use BetterDiscord themes?

It’s simple to use themes on BetterDiscord. Go to Settings and look for the “Themes” option.

In there, you’ll be able to drag and drop downloaded themes.

You can download themes that you download from the themes library of BetterDiscord.

To find themes, go to Google, type in “BetterDiscord themes,” and access the first website.

You’ll see countless themes you can download with a button press on the website.

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