How to Unlock a Zoom Account?

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How to Unlock a Zoom Account?

Zoom will lock your account for 30 minutes if you enter the wrong password 5 times in a row. If you’re in this situation, you have two options:

  • Change your password
  • Wait for 30 minutes

I recommend changing your password because you must have forgotten it, either way. That’s why you’re in this situation in the first place.

I’ll show you how to change your Zoom password, don’t worry. Check out my guide below!

How to Unlock a Zoom Account?

Why Does Zoom Lock My Account?

Zoom locks your account for 30 minutes
Zoom locks your account for 30 minutes.

The reason Zoom locks your account is to prevent unauthorized third parties from gaining access to your account. In other words, it’s to protect you against hackers.

This feature is impossible to remove, I’m afraid. So, either you wait 30 minutes or you change your password right this instant.

I believe the choice is obvious, so follow my instructions below…

How Can I Reset My Zoom Password?

To reset your Zoom password, go to the official Zoom website, click on “Sign in“, select “Forgot password“, enter your email address, and go to your email inbox.

You’ll receive an email from Zoom with a link inside it. Click on that link to change your Zoom password. Once you change the password, you can log back into your account. Simple, right?

Take a look below to do this:

1. Click on “Sign in

Click on "Sign in"
Click on “Sign in

Begin by opening the official Zoom website and selecting “SIGN IN” in the top-right corner (it’s colored in blue).

This will take you to the login screen where you’ll need to enter your credentials. See below:

2. Select “Forgot password?

Select "Forgot password?"
Select “Forgot password?

Once you’re on the login page, you’ll see the “Forgot password?” button above the “Password” text field. Click on that button and follow the steps below!

3. Enter your email address and select “Send

Enter your email address and select "Send"
Enter your email address and select “Send

On this page, Zoom will ask you to enter the email address associated with your Zoom account. Enter it, check the “I’m not a robot” box, and then click on “Send“.

You’ll then receive a notification from Zoom that you’ve received an email on your email address.

Read the Zoom notification
Read the Zoom notification.

Zoom instructs you to click on the “reset password link” in your inbox. The next step is finding that email in your inbox.

4. Open the email from Zoom

Open the email from Zoom
Open the email from Zoom.

Open your email provider and find the Zoom email. It should be at the top of your inbox. Click on it to open it, and then follow the next steps!

5. Click on the link

Click on the link
Click on the link

Once you open the email from Zoom, you’ll see a blue button that says, “Click here to change your password.” Follow the on-screen instruction and click on that button.

If the button doesn’t work, use the link below the blue button. Both will redirect you to the same password reset page.

6. Reset your password

Reset your password
Reset your password

After you click on the link in the Zoom email, you’ll get sent to a page where you can change your Zoom password (image above).

Enter your new password and then click on “Save” to save your changes. You can then log back into your Zoom account!

Comment down below if you have any questions about a locked Zoom account! I’ll reply as soon as possible, and don’t forget to stay tuned for other solutions to Zoom’s most common issues and errors.

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