What Does “Avow” Mean on TikTok?

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What Does “Avow” Mean on TikTok?

TikTok is the land of the acronyms – lol, omg, gtfo, and others are common occurrences on the platform.

You might be familiar with those, but what about “avow” or “Abow”? They’re the same, but the internet can’t decide which is correct.

Avow” or “Abow” means surprise, something like “wow” or “omg“. The word’s origins are Swedish, and it’s slang in that language.

If you want to know more about “Avow” or “Abow” on TikTok, keep reading!

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What Does "Avow" Mean on TikTok?

Where Does “Avow” Come From?

Unsurprisingly, “Avow” comes from a popular song released this year – “Throw It Back” by ShantiiP and TarioP, two unknown rappers.

In the song, the term ” Abow ” is used, but TikTok users are using both variants. They’re referring to the same feeling of surprise and awe that the rappers are using in the song.

[Verse 1: ShantiiP & TarioP]

“He told me throw it back, abow (Yop, abow)
So I sit this motherf*cker on his lap, abow (Yop, yop, yop)
Boy, come and make this ass fat (Yop, yop)
And no, we can’t talk if you ain’t spendin’ racks (Yop, yop, yop, racks)
And yes, I’m Ms. Nasty From the Back (Yop, abow)
So I jumped on the dick and then I threw it back (Yop, yop, yop)”

[Verse 2: TarioP]

“Throw it back just like that
She a freaky lil’ bitch, she like it nasty from the back, yop
Ooh, throw it back, can you make that ass clap? (Make it clap)
TarioP and Ms. Nasty From the Back (What?)
She like it nasty from the back, but can you make it clap?
Or make it dance, shout out ShantiiP, bitch, throw it back
Hold on, hold on, hold on
I told her throw it back, abow (Abow)
Can you sit this motherf*cker on my lap right now? (Right now)
I’m tryna hit it from the back and make that motherf*cker fat, yop
Why I’m throwin’ big racks if you ain’t throwin’ it back? Abow
I’m like bigger, girl, who? Bitch, that’s me
I’m like, “It’s TarioP,” she threw it back on her knees
She throwin’ it back on her knees and she know she ride it more
Ass so fat, baby, can you shake it on the pole? (Like yop)
She a freak lil’ bitch, can you twerk it on the pole? (On the pole)
Can you take that fire D, no, without pullin’ on my fro? (On my fro)
She a lil’ freaky bitch, I got her screamin’ RTM (RTM)
Bow, bow, bow, bow, bow, bow
If you a loud one, ho, then you gotta hit the floor
Left cheek, right cheek, I’m tryna throw a little more
I’m tryna throw a little more, but can you throw it back, though?
Throw it back, throw it back, she a lil’ freaky ho (Like yop)”

Here are a few examples of how you could use “Avow” or “Abow” on TikTok comments:

  • Lol, for real that happened? Avow I don’t believe it…
  • Abow, you crazy man? What are you gonna do if they find out?
  • Gimme that. Avow, this is great man, where did you get it?

The term “avow” comes from Swedish where it’s used as a slang. It doesn’t have a negative connotation in English, though.

It simply means surprise, and it’s identical to “omg” or “whaaaat” or “damn“. Basically, it shows that you are stumped, and you find something unbelievable.

Are TikTok Users Making Videos With “Avow“?

Yes, they are. TikTok users are indeed making dancing videos where the “Throw It Back” song is playing in the background.

The sequences being played are those where the female singer (ShantiiP) says “Avow“. For some reason, I haven’t seen any TikToker play out sequences of the male singer (TarioP).

People like the voice and the flow of ShantiiP more than those of TarioP, apparently.

There are several types of videos being made with the “Avow” tag:

  • Music/dancing videos where the user is dancing to the “Throw It Back” song
  • Restaurant videos where the users are surprised by the food
  • Achievement videos where the person has achieved something they’re proud of
  • Celebrations with their loved ones

The truth is that TikTok users are using the “Avow” tag indiscriminately. It’s not used with the same meaning all the time.

Sometimes, you don’t even know why the user is using the “Avow” tag, other than it is popular.


Avow” or “Abow” is similar to “omg” or “damn“, used in a surprising way. But you’ll be surprised to find out that TikTok users are posting random videos with the “avow” tag.

This term comes from the rapper song “Throw It Back” by rappers ShantiP and TarioP. The song is catchy, especially the bit sung by ShantiP, the female artist.

If you have any questions, leave a comment down below, and I’ll reply as soon as possible!

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