Why Would You Want to Add Someone to a Twitter List on Hootsuite?

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Why Would You Want to Add Someone to a Twitter List on Hootsuite?

Are you wondering why Hootsuite seems to matter so much in the Twitter community and why it’s often said to be THE tool for growing your audience?

That’s what I’ll explain in this guide – what Hootsuite does and why Twitter lists on Hootsuite are a good idea if you’re an influencer or creator.

Here’s how adding a Twitter list on Hootsuite can help you:

  1. It gives you more ways to interact with video content for your followers
  2. You can answer customer questions and interact with your followers much more easily
  3. Easy tweet scheduling – you can schedule daily, weekly, monthly tweets, and anything in-between
  4. It helps you monitor your Twitter interactions in real-time, from anywhere, with various analytic metrics
  5. It provides a suite of performance metrics that let you track the evolution of your Twitter channel
  6. It focuses your Twitter feed on relevant competitors and industry influencers

Interested already? Then go through my guide below to learn more about the way Twitter and Hootsuite merge in one sweet duo!

Why Would You Want to Add Someone to a Twitter List on Hootsuite?

How Can Twitter Lists on Hootsuite Help Me?

A key aspect of a Hootsuite Twitter list is that it shifts your focus on the people who are most important to your channel.

A regular Twitter feed contains content from anyone and everyone with no particular selection. It’s harder to focus on tweets from your clients and people whose opinions you value, as a result.

In other words, a regular Twitter list will distract you from what’s important. However, if you add a Twitter list on Hootsuite, that’ll narrow down your focus to only the people you care about.

You can reply to questions and offer resources much faster if your feed is emptied of extra content that’s irrelevant to you.

Only your clients matter, and that’s what a Hootsuite List does. It puts your clients in the center of your Twitter feed.

But there are other reasons why a Hootsuite Twitter List can help you:

1. More Video-Content Interactions

Hootsuite lets you upload, schedule, and share videos with a select audience on Twitter. It makes the process easier, faster, and much more comfortable.

You can send videos, pictures, and GIFs with more ease, which lets you build social clout and recognition that much faster.

It also lets you build a stronger sense of belonging to your audience.

2. It’s Easier to Communicate With Your Clients

A Hootsuite Twitter List helps you keep your clients’ concerns as the core focus of your Twitter channel.

You can answer their questions faster, organize your customer support team better, assign customer regions individually, and better serve your clients.

And, as we all know, the customer is always right…

You’ll know which clients have received an answer from your team, are still waiting, and are ready for a follow-up.

Hootsuite enriches your Twitter business with top-tier customer support capabilities, to keep it short.

3. Easy Tweet Scheduling

How does it sound to schedule tweets for an entire week or every day individually? Hootsuite lets you do that with a few button presses.

If you’re running a business on Twitter, posting tweets will eventually become time-consuming.

Why not automate it with Hootsuite? Especially when you’re only tweeting about products, service updates, and business-related content.

4. Monitor and Engage Your Twitter Clients from Anywhere

Hootsuite Twitter Lists expand your performative capacity when it comes to monitoring your Twitter channel.

You can monitor the channel’s metrics and engage with clients from anywhere. As long as you have access to a laptop with Hootsuite on it, you’re A-Okay.

You can also assign tasks for your team, approve tweets, and schedule content through Hootsuite.

5. In-Depth Metris for Your Twitter Channel

Hootsuite gives you plenty of in-depth metrics to track any aspect of your Twitter business, from audience insights to custom reports for individual client interactions.

Depending on your business goal, you can define several metrics as more important and follow them closely to improve your performance.

Tracking your progress using the app will give you a granular perspective on your business’ impact and how you can improve its reach!

6. It Focuses Your Twitter Feed

Hootsuite can also be used to create a focused community of entrepreneurs, competitors, and industry influencers to learn from.

If you’re currently in the research phase of your business, Hootsuite can become your greatest asset with its Twitter Lists.

You’ll know what, why, and how the competition does something, how they interact with their clients, and more.

Influencers can help you understand what clients are looking for, and this all comes as a natural follow-up to creating Twitter Lists on Hootsuite!

How Can You Create a Twitter List?

Are you on the edge of your seat thinking about the potential of Hootsuite on your business? Then, let’s not tarry and take you through the steps to building a Twitter list on Hootsuite:

1. Find a tweet and click on the three-dot icon

Find a tweet and click on the three-dot icon

The first step is finding a tweet you like. Then, click on the three-dot icon to the right of the user’s name. This will open a menu with several options…

2. Click on “Add/remove … from lists.”

Click on "Add/remove ... from lists"

Once you click on the three-dot icon next to the tweet, a menu will pop up with multiple options.

Select the second option – “Add/remove … from Lists“. This will take you to the Lists screen, where you can create a new list.

3. Create a new list

Create a new list

If you haven’t created any lists on Twitter, this screen will pop up, requesting you to create a list. Click on the “Create a list” button and continue the process down below:

4. Click on “Next

Click on "Next"

In the List Creation screen, you can choose a background photo, name your list, and add a description. Also, you can choose to make it private, which is recommended for most businesses.

When you’re done, click on the “Next” button in the window’s upper-right corner.

5. Add new members

Add new members

Now, you can add new members to the list. Use the search bar at the top of the window to look for all your clients, entrepreneurs, competitors, and influencers you want to add.

Then, when you create the list, use your Hootsuite account to manage the Twitter list better.

Final summary…

To sum it up, you want to add a Twitter List to Hootsuite because it comprehensively improves how you interact with your clients.

You can obtain a more focused perspective on the competition, watch other influencers deal with issues, and communicate with your clients better.

Hootsuite offers plenty of perks to improve your Twitter channel’s performance vastly.

Got any questions or need help with something else? Let me know in the comments below!

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