X Will Collect Biometric, School, and Job Data From Its Users

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X Will Collect Biometric, School, and Job Data From Its Users

X (formerly Twitter) has recently updated its Privacy Policy to include an array of new data collection stipulations, as follows:

Based on your consent, we may collect and use your biometric information for safety, security, and identification purposes. We may collect and use your personal information (such as your employment history, educational history, employment preferences, skills and abilities, job search activity and engagement, and so on) to recommend potential jobs for you, to share with potential employers when you apply for a job, to enable employers to find potential candidates, and to show you more relevant advertising.”

The new Privacy Policy doesn’t specifically mention what biometric data it will collect. However, it’s common knowledge that biometrics usually include:

  • Facial details
  • Fingerprints
  • Eye details
  • Other physical and biological details that can identify a person

Presumably, they will use this biometric data to keep you safe, secure, and identify you for the purpose of accessing your account and other services.

As for the school and job data, they’re collected to presumably help you access better employment opportunities and to facilitate your professional prospects.

However, it’s not a secret that social media companies have received a lot of flak for collecting an inordinate amount of data, in recent times. Take TikTok, for instance. The app is collecting more data than you can think of.

More Data for Better Advertising?

It’s also not excluded that X will collect this information to optimize their advertisement sector. After all, this is the primary function of user data for all social media companies.

They use the user data to compile personalized profiles of everyone. And then, they send ads that are tailored to that person’s specific needs, interests, and search histories.

We still don’t know what role this biometric, school, and job data will play in advertising, if any at all. For now, we can only assume what might happen.

One thing is clear, though. X might receive some criticism on account of this decision. More data collected is never a good idea, and users generally don’t like it.

Elon Musk had once said that, with X, one of his priorities would be to eliminate spam and inauthentic accounts. This might be a part of his strategy.

Either way, it remains to be seen. Whizcase out!


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