Escape Simulator the Elevator Walkthrough

Are you trying to complete ”The Elevator” escape room in the Omega Corporation Escape Simulator? This guide contains a speed run and a detailed walkthrough of all the puzzles in The Elevator. You’ll find the … Read more

Escape Simulator The Lobby Walkthrough

The Edgewood Mansion is yet another chapter in the Escape Simulator, and The Lobby is the first escape room. This guide contains a fully-detailed walkthrough of The Lobby, a speedrun guide, and a location of … Read more

Escape Simulator Metaverse Walkthrough

Metaverse is the last room of the Omega Corporation Escape Simulator, and it has left many players stumped. You’re in the right place if you still haven’t solved it. This guide will teach you how … Read more

Escape Simulator the Office Walkthrough

Are you trying to solve The Office escape room in the Omega Corporation Escape Simulator? You’re in the right place. This guide will give you all the solutions to safely escaping The Office. We’ve included … Read more

Escape Simulator Santa’s Workshop Walkthrough

Escape Simulator Holiday has been rising in popularity a lot recently. Santa’s Workshop is the first escape room in this highly-acclaimed escape simulator. If you still haven’t figured out the solutions to this escape room, … Read more

Who Are The Top 30 Best Osu Players?

Have you ever heard about Osu? It’s a free-to-play rhythm game developed over 15 years ago. Professional gamers use it to improve their mouse coordination skills. Over the years, some players distinguished themselves through near-perfect … Read more

How to Fix Minecraft Error 0x80131509

Are you having problems with the “0x80131509” error in Minecraft? The full error reads, “Make sure you’re connected. Then try updating again. We weren’t able to update Windows”. This error doesn’t appear mid-game when you’re … Read more

How to Mod the Google Snake Game?

Did you know you can mod the Google Snake game? Not many people would do that, but it’s nice to know there are mods for it. You need to download the Google Snake Menu Mod … Read more

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