How to Use Discord Without the App?

You don’t want to install Discord on your device, but you still want to use it to talk to your friends while gaming? You can do that by using the Discord website to access your … Read more

How to Put Discord on Speaker?

To put Discord on speaker on a mobile phone, you just need to tap on the volume icon while on a call and select “Speaker.” Simple as that. It becomes a bit (just a bit) … Read more

Do You Need a Phone Number for Discord?

Are you considering using Discord for gaming with your friends, but you’re worried about privacy issues? Did you read online that Discord requires your phone number? Discord does not request you to enter a phone … Read more

Can You Send Voice Messages on Discord?

Asking if Discord can send voice messages is like asking if fast food is healthy. No, it’s not. And no, Discord can’t send voice messages (there is no in-built feature to do that). But, you … Read more

How to Change a Discord Token?

Do you want to change your Discord token because you suspect it might have been stolen by someone else? If this happens, your account will become vulnerable to external access. Fortunately, it’s very easy to … Read more

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